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text 2016-02-10 11:03
A Cold-Hearted Phoenix - Episode 2: A Trip to Hell

So, it has been an awfull long time... I have been very busy, making covers for indie authors and preparing new books.


A Cold-Hearted Phoenix - Episode 2: A Trip to Hell is just out! Isn't it cool?


Here is the cover and synopsis:



Parental guidance: 16+

A Cold-Hearted Phoenix is a sweet-and-sour illustrated mini-series in three episodes. It is written in an experimental style, mixing screenwriting with prose.

This book includes 35+ illustrations and a unique layout.

In this second episode: VIKKI, who is out of job and hates summer to the bone, takes a drastic decision to escape the monotony of her life: to go on a trip with Marcus.

Let's watch how VIKKI'S holiday tour becomes a painful and tormented TRIP TO HELL.


You can learn more about it and the first episode here: http://tragicbooks.com/


Source: tragicbooks.com
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review 2015-05-26 18:27
Highly original and relatable characters
The Scientific Method, The Complete Miniseries - Kris Ripper

For me this book was highly original and delved into areas most would shy from. I think most can relate to the emotional roller coaster the main character, Will, felt. He’s not getting what he wants from sex, and he thinks he would enjoy it more if there was some pain involved. Thanks to his brother’s coaxing, he explores his desires. Who hasn’t wanted to try something that they think most would judge them for? If it isn’t normal, it’s wrong, right?

I think that’s why this book works. We can relate to Will. He is straight, but can’t afford a woman dom. So he ends up with a gay dom who is willing to whip him for a few hours, in exchange for yard work. Then Will starts to fall for his gay dom, which I think is natural, since he’s satisfying his dark needs.

The twist at the end of the book is, there is no happily ever after. They don’t end up as a couple. To me, this makes the book all the more real. How often does a sexual relationship end up in a happily ever after? Not often. Instead these characters grow and learn from each other, then move on.

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review 2014-12-21 04:03
The Scientific Method, The Complete Miniseries - Kris Ripper

The Scientific Method was a big disappointment for me. I don't know what I expected but I certainly didn't expect two silly men to stand around and have silly conversations over and over and over again. I mean every time it felt like - yes they're going to start the story, when it was getting hot, when it's going to develop they would start talking about the same thing over again and over again. I was just underwhelmed and let down. When we got to the ending I was so annoyed if it hadn't been on Kindle I would've tossed it across the room. There is a sequel I will definitely pass on.

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review 2014-10-30 00:00
The Scientific Method, The Complete Miniseries
The Scientific Method, The Complete Miniseries - Kris Ripper

FREE ON AMAZON right now

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review 2014-08-24 00:00
The Scientific Method, The Complete Miniseries
The Scientific Method, The Complete Miniseries - Kris Ripper I'm conflicted about this "dude dominatrix" term. It's bad, definitely, but is it so bad it's funny? I don't know if it's quite there. I'd like to get all self-righteous on his ass, like "wow, how stupid and ignorant of you," but on a more objective note, that is the sort of stupid hyperbolic shit people will say and keep saying, even after learning otherwise. It's the playing up the cluelessness for melodrama/humor thing.
Having read far more M/M than het, though, it's a bit odd to see "dominatrix" as a previously recognized term, but not knowing any sort of __ counterpart term.

Slow burn.

And that's about it for comments I made while reading. I actually thought about commenting. Not in a "I should comment" way; literally thought "oh, yeah, commenting." That was...sometime in pt 5? But I dunno, I just wasn't feeling like commenting.

It's...well, it's kind of bleak, isn't it? All of the implied future heartbreak for Hugh.

I dunno, I hate series where there's a new love interest each installment. Like in various thrillers *cough cough* Dan Brown *cough* Robert Langdon *clears throat*. ...and, I dunno, it kind of seems like it might be headed that way. Which is, well, depressing.
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