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review 2016-07-12 20:00
The Diary Of Edward The Hamster (1990-1990)
The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990–1990 - Miriam Elia,Ezra Elia

Edwards diary had the power to touch me way more than I anticipated after I picked it up in the bookstore, thinking a hamster's diary would be funny.


While it is a super quick read, and there are loads of pictures it is so much more than Edward trying to resist the temptations of the running wheel (and utterly failing every single time). In a way it even had philosophical proportions looking at Edward's life as a caged pet and the expectations of the people around him.





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review 2013-11-06 00:00
Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990 to 1990
The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990–1990 - Miriam Elia,Ezra Elia Read the rest of this review at The Reading Obsession

The shortest book I've read in the past few years? This book. One of the of the best books I've read in the past few years? This one.

It took less than ten minutes to finish it, but the emotions and the thought and the brilliance behind it is more than most books. I can barely write a logical review, because it's just so good.
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review 2013-11-03 00:09
A Eulogy for Edward
Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990 - Miriam Elia,Ezra Elia

Dearly beloved, 

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Edward. Though he was but small of stature, he was mighty of spirit. 

I first met him shortly before his untimely passing and though I didn’t know him for long, he made a lasting impression upon me. Edward was a thinker, a philosopher, a poet. He was an artist. He delighted in the possibility of intellectual debate and was a man…er…rodent that held firm to his convictions. 

Many a nights we sat up until the wee hours contemplating the meaning of life. We discussed the monotony that seemed to plague him, the freedom that seemed forever out of his reach. You see, Edward was caged. Both physically and mentally. His mind became his jailor, the wheel his tormentor. 

His human captors mistreated him, the cat misunderstood him, and Wolf, his cagemate, lacked the intellectual fortitude to challenge him. After Wolf passed I began to worry for my friend. He seemed to be waning. He no longer got on his wheel, his writing became erratic and his body slow and lethargic. 

But this is not a story of loss, my friends, this is a story of love. For just a short time after Wolf’s passing, Edward met Camilla. She was a dreamer, a fellow artist, and theirs was a love found once in a lifetime. 

She tragically passed just days before Edward and I truly believe that it was his heartache that led him to do what he did. 

So goodbye dear Edward, I know that you’re in a better place, reunited with your true love. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten.


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text 2013-11-02 21:59
12 of 49
Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990 - Miriam Elia,Ezra Elia

Thursday, May 8th 
The vet came today. He touched me. Apparently, I am a woman. 

Friday, May 9th 
Not a woman. I have checked. 


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review 2013-07-11 00:00
The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990–1990 - Miriam Elia,Ezra Elia This review is based on an ARC of the book.

A very funny book on the musings of a nihilistic hamster.

Edward is very much a "glass half-empty" kind of soul, as he tries to relate to the physical world around him, and when possible other living beings. He decides to keep a journal of his experiences in life, which is the only thing that brings him any solace in the pointlessness of everything.

This book is a *very* quick read, which means if you're looking for a gift for the gloomy artist in your life you can enjoy it yourself while waiting in line at the bookstore. You may even decide to keep it yourself after you buy it.

If course, the length is pretty par for what a hamster would actually write, and kind of fits with the ephemeral theme of the book. Kind of meta.

I'd rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. A little too short for me, but greatly enjoyed.
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