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text 2019-06-25 03:08
Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)


Title: Murder on the Orient Express
Release Date: November 10, 2017
Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench
Length: 1h 54min
Rating: PG-13


Favourite character:

Crush: Biniamino Marquez & Pierre Michel 


Least favourite character: Count Andrenyi


Mini-Review: (Note: I am reviewing this as a movie, not an adaption. Please do not bash it in the comments, as I know it's a terrible adaption.)

First of all I want to address the fact that there are so many amazing actors in this movie: Josh Gad, Judi Dench, Daisy Ridley, Willem Dafoe, Derek Jacobi, and my queen, Michelle Pfeiffer. Not many people know how much I adore Michelle Pfeiffer.

Movie-wise this was good, in my opinion. It was kind of my introduction to Agatha Christie. I had seen a few adaptions, and read a couple of short stories and stand-alones, but I didn't become a die-hard Christie fan until I saw this movie in theatres. It was the first movie I had seen after knee surgery and I had to go up tons of stairs on crutches. But it was worth it. It changed my reading life.

I thought it was well cast, despite the fact that some characters aren't actually in the book, and others switch ages. But like I said, this is a movie review, not an adaption review.

We can also ignore Kenneth Branagh's terrible French accent, but bask in Marwan Kenzari's amazing French accent.

As a movie fan, I enjoyed it and can't wait for "Death on the Nile." As a Christie fan, I'm kind of terrified.


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text 2019-06-24 16:56
Movie Review: Pride & Prejudice


Title: Pride & Prejudice
Release Date: November 23, 2005
Starring: Kiera Knightley, Matthew Macfayden, Brenda Blethyn, Donald Sutherland
Length: 2h 8min
Rating: PG


Favourite character:
 Elizabeth Bennet

Crush: Mr. Darcy
Least favourite character: Mrs. Bennet


Mini-Review: I honestly thought I was going to hate this. I've avoided it for years because of that.

I loved it.

I was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. I haven't read the book (I know, I know, shame on me), but I'm definitely going to now.

My only issues stemmed more from character traits like Mrs. Bennet's nerves/hysterics, Mr. Darcy's meddling, Jane's lack of emotion, Lydia and Kitty's antics. Just little things really.

I wasn't expecting Judi Dench or Penelope Wilton so that was a nice surprise.


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text 2019-06-21 05:08
Movie Review: Aladdin


Title: Aladdin
Release Date: May 24, 2019
Starring: Mena Massoud, Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari
Length: 2h 8min
Rating: PG


Favourite character:
 Aladdin, Genie, Jasmine, Dalia

Crush: Jafar (I'm so uncomfortable about it though)

Least favourite character: Jafar



Mini-Review: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this. When I first saw Will Smith as the Genie in the first trailer I was like please no. 

I loved him.

The feminism, the romance, Marwan Kenzari's face, the CGI companions, Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine,. One thing that bothered me was the fact that Will Smith was cast higher than Mena Massoud, who is the title character. Another thing that bothered me was Jafar. You should read this article as to why.


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text 2019-06-19 00:11
Movie Review: Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure


Title: Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure
Release Date: January 17, 2011
Starring: Lexi Johnson, Hayley Mills, William Yelton, Amanda Waters
Length: 1h 44min
Rating: G


Favourite character:

Crush: N/A
Least favourite character: N/A
Favourite line: Everything that came out of Gaynelle and Bayne's mouths


Mini-Review: This movie is better than the last one hey made, but I still noticed a couple of goofs I'll list below. 

I loved the fact that they got Hayley Mills to play Grandmother Taft, although how a company that small managed to get Hayley Mills to play her is beyond me.



- first scene with Mandie, her mother and Uncle John features Uncle John with long blondish hair. Next scene in the living room, he has short dark brown hair.

- one scene Gaynelle is not wearing a hat, then the next clip she's wearing a hat, and when it cuts to her husband watching her fight, he bites that same hat to keep from screaming.

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text SPOILER ALERT! 2019-06-09 01:03
Movie Review: Jane Eyre


Title: Jane Eyre
Release Date: April 22, 2011
Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Judi Dench, Jamie Bell
Length: 2h
Rating: PG-13


Favourite character:

Crush: St. John Rivers (Jamie Bell duh)
Least favourite character: Rochester
Favourite line: "Am I a machine without feelings? Do you think that because I am poor, plain, obscure and have little that I am souless and heartless? I have as much a soul as you and full as much heart."


Mini-Review: Boy, am I in the minority here. Okay, so except the plot twist of his insane wife being cooped up in a secret room, who tries to murder everyone and commit suicide, I don't honestly see why people like this. My mom is obsessed with the Brontës, particularly Charlotte and particularly Jane Eyre. And I just don't see it... At all. Maybe I need to read the book or something, but of the movie version, I wasn't a fan. I enjoyed the last 20 minutes better because they were mostly Jamie Bell, who is my celeb crush. But the first 1 hour and 40 minutes I was confused, bored and incredulous. I don't see why people worship this story.

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