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text 2018-10-06 11:59
Reading progress update: I've listened to 492 out of 492 minutes.
The Murder at the Vicarage: A Miss Marple Mystery - Agatha Christie,Richard E. Grant

Finished last night.


To the resident Christie (and Miss Marple) fans: Do you recall Christie saying anywhere that Colonel Melchett is a Scot?  Because that's the accent that Richard E. Grant gives him.  I totally wouldn't rule out that he's got a point -- he picked up on Christie's characterization of Lawrence Redding as Irish, too, and that's easy enough to miss as it is -- but if he's right about Melchett, then boy do I have to reread all of the Miss Marple mysteries that are actually set in St. Mary Mead to see what I've been missing about Melchett.

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text 2018-10-03 22:34
Reading progress update: I've listened 70 out of 492 minutes.
The Murder at the Vicarage: A Miss Marple Mystery - Agatha Christie,Richard E. Grant

Much-needed comfort listening.  And Richard E. Grant is doing a very nice job, too.

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review 2018-09-15 17:08
Mardi Gras Murder: Not Your Typical Murder Mystery
Mardi Gras Murder: A Cajun Country Mystery - Ellen Byron

I can’t really give much about this book (without spoiling it, that is) but what I can give you is this set of keywords on what you need to know and expect about the book: murders, traitors, secrets, lies, lineage, Mardi Gras, festivities, celebration, mystery, and issues. (because supposedly everyone has them.)


I haven’t read any book by Ellen Byron yet, or any installment from the Cajun Country mysteries series either so I’m really new with their writing and the setting of Cajun Country. Because I’m a clueless human, the book introduced me to new things such as Mardi Gras and the orphan train to name a few. Her writing is also simply amazing.


By reading the story, I got a small glimpse of the Pelican culture and some snippets on history. The story may be fictional but part of me felt that. :)))


One thing I really really really liked was the flow of the story. The transitioning of each chapter makes me smirk every time. It’s just begging me, inviting me to read the next chapter immediately, and I did.


Most chapters ended in a cliffhanger (spoiler!) which, for me, was frustratingly good (if that makes any sense). I started slow but quickly picked up my pace when the cliffhangers began, continuing one chapter to the next. I just had to.


Onto the characters… (yayyy!) I absolutely, genuinely adore the characters in Mardi Gras Murder. I felt that most of them had character development. You can see how each character is well-rounded and that each one has a different story to tell. You can’t really point out who is good or bad, innocent or guilty, at fault or not.


Here’s one thing I can tell you: We can’t really say who did what because we don’t really know know everyone. We all have our secrets but at some point, they’ll be revealed. Someday, one way or another.


It's a chill book that gives chills. So settle in and ready your little tiny heart for some murder action and mystery in a town where it seems fun and light on the outside but secretly hides quite a lot of darkness on the inside.

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review 2018-09-10 13:29
Wound Up in Murder
Wound Up in Murder (A Yarn Retreat Mystery) - Betty Hechtman

Casey and her Knitting Retreat people are getting together again for another Retreat. This time they are sharing the Inn with a Group called My Favorite Year. They are celebrating the year 1963. When the wife of the My Favorite Year Leader shows up unexpectedly there is a fight between them and the woman takes great pride in destroying Dr. Sammy and his magic. Sammy is so upset, he takes a pitcher of martinis and goes to the beach to drink alone. He then wanders up to Casey's house and she hides him the entire time the police look for him because the woman was found dead on the Inn property, by Casey. 


At the same time, Wanda and Crystal cannot get along and battle over the projects for the Retreat and trying to get people to do the work they want them to do. 


I am reading these stories out of order as I am getting them as I can from the library and my daughters chose this one to listen to in the car while we were "raiding" with the PokemonGo Crowd on Saturday. 

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review 2018-09-05 22:20
4:50 FROM PADDINGTON by Agatha Christie
4:50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie
I forget about Agatha Christie's books and when I read one I remember why they are still being read today.  They are good!  This is one of Miss Marple's books.  Her friend has seen a murder on a train but no one believes her.  It is up to Miss Marple to find the body and the murderer.
I enjoyed this book.  I tried to figure it out but was wrong on the culprit.  I liked how different people were purposed as the culprit, each with a motive.  The story moves rapidly.  I liked Alexander and the women in the book.  The men left much to be desired.  The plot was believable. 
I will be reading more by Agatha Christie.
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