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review 2015-06-25 18:56
Nerves of Steel (Hart and Drake Book 1) by CJ Lyons
Nerves of Steel: Hart and Drake, Book #1: Hart and Drake Series, Book 1 (A Romantic Medical Suspense) - CJ Lyons

I received a free kindle copy of Nerves of Steel (Hart and Drake Book 1) by CJ Lyons in an Amazon promotion in exchange for a fair review.


I absolutely love meeting Hart & Drake. CJ Lyons is my favorite suspense thriller writer. This is another five star read!


"I'm not going to walk out again. I'm not going to abandon you in dark places. I'm not going away like your parents did. I will always be here for you." Drake told Hart.


Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Nerves-Steel-Hart-Drake-Book-ebook/dp/B002WPZUX8

Source: www.facebook.com/notes/injoyful-book-reviews/nerves-of-steel-hart-and-drake-book-1-by-cj-lyons/1601575460124540
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review 2015-01-28 04:14
Red is the color of rage
Crazy Love You - Lisa Unger


This is a book that will make your stomach turn flips as you read it. Unger kept me from trusting that anything would be okay in this book. Quite a journey.

Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine. http://affairedecoeur.com.
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review 2014-07-29 00:00
Self Help for Your Nerves
Self Help for Your Nerves - Claire Weekes


Now I must admit that I sometimes find it very difficult to give a star rating to a self-help book as actually reading the book is only part of the therapy that it provides. In order to give a fully accurate rating the book would have to be read, the constructive ideas written within the pages followed and carried out wholeheartedly and a realistic amount of time left to pass for recovery. As I have only finished reading this book today I have not had time to really go through the processes that are outlined in this book, therefore, I do not know how much this book will actually have an impact on my life BUT I am willing to work my way through the suggestions.

I borrowed this book from the library (I find some self-help books to be over priced and there are just so many out there that you often don't know exactly what you're buying) so I am not able to refer back to this copy time and time again throughout recovery like this book suggests you do (unless I decide to purchase a copy) and so quite a few of the processes will have to be carried out using memory, which I know isn't often advised.

The reason for my high rating is because I found this book to be completely different to any other self help book that I have read in the past. Often these books outline the same sort of processes so you keep being fed the same sort of information but this book seems to have a more relaxed approach to dealing with stress, anxiety and depression...and in some ways a more realistic approach. It teaches you the methods of 'floating' not 'facing', 'accepting' not 'fighting' and 'comfort' not 'conflict'.

I am definitely not a stranger to anxiety and depression and so for a long time I have been actively searching for ways in which these 'illnesses' can be 'cured' or made less intense. This book has definitely helped me in the sense that it has given me a completely different perspective compared to what I had before reading this book. Stress and depression can cause you to be a lot less open minded than you perhaps used to be and being accepting of new ideas and view points may seem very daunting, however, when ideas are presented in this book Dr Weekes gives examples about how the sufferer may be feeling once presented with an idea (personally I found her to be pretty spot on) and so you are given a sense of relief that someone out there knows what you are going through and that she has helped many people in similar situations.

The book also contains numerous 'Case Studies', where Dr Weekes gives examples of some of her clients, their problems, their emotions, their coping strategies and the feedback that she provides for them. The 'life problems' discussed are very broad and so you may find that one might be similar to your current situation, a situation you have been in or perhaps even a situation that you are frightened you might end up in in the near or distant future.

My retraction of 1/2 a star wasn't because this book has any negative aspects but simply because I am yet to fully explore it's full potential and to put it into practice, as mentioned earlier on in my review.

I find that just knowing that someone is there 'talking to you' and 'guiding' you in the right direction is comforting and kind of relaxing in a way...a helping hand, to turn that frown upside down.




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review 2014-07-17 00:48
Drew Hunt – Trapped Nerves
Trapped Nerves - Drew Hunt

Reviewer: Stephen


Mason is trapped in an elevator with his high school lover who - he thinks - is responsible for his gay bashing and disability .

When Doctor Mason Grant is trapped in an elevator with Parker Collins, the football hero/closeted jock that was once his secret high school lover, he flashes back to that time thirteen years ago when Mason's greatest love led to his greatest regret.


Overall, I enjoyed this story and I would recommend it to others, but at times there are some plot points that seem a bit too far fetched. Would YOU not recognize the love of your life when trapped in an elevator with him for 20 minutes just because he's 13 years older & in a wheel chair?


Also there are points where too much plot is crammed into too few pages. The flashback scenes are easily the most fun to read and seem to go on for the proper length but the present day scenes keep interrupting that flow and seem poorly constructed in comparison. The introduction of an HIV theme to the story seemed like an unnecessary afterthought.


If you can read it for the fantasy fulfillment aspects alone, you'll probably enjoy it more.

This was not as much fun as the author's other novel Something About Trevor but I look forward to checking out the author's other work.

Source: heartsonfirereviews.com/?p=27883
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review 2014-06-28 22:48
All the Nerves
Where Nerves End - L.A. Witt Where Nerves End - L.A. Witt

Note: This is a revised second edition, with minor additions, of the first edition originally published elsewhere.


Anybody reading my book posts with any regularity may have noticed that I’ve developed a taste for L.A. Witt and her books. Without fail her stories and characters manage to pull me in, entertain me and leave me happy and fulfilled by the time I reach the end. ‘Where Nerves End’ was no exception to that rule.


From the moment we meet Jason Davis and Michael Whitman it is easy to like the two men with so very much on their individual plates. I had to smile at Jason’s reluctance to see an acupuncturist because he has no faith in all that alternative mumbo jumbo only for the pain in his shoulder to get so excruciating that he feels trying anything has to be better than accepting his suffering as a permanent feature in his life. His doubts about visiting Michael Whitman’s surgery disappear as soon as he sets eyes on the man and his ambivalence about the treatment soon follows.


The relationship between Jason and Michael grows naturally and although it seemed a bit of a stretch that anyone would invite their doctor to move in with them in order to ease the financial burdens both were carrying after only a few visits, it did work for me.

Jason’s conflicting emotions once Michael moves in were fascinating. I enjoyed the way he switched between being delighted to be living with the object of his dreams and feeling deep frustration because the man he was lusting after was not able to return his feelings.


I loved Michael’s relationship with his young son and his need to put the boy first, even if it meant denying himself what he yearned for. And may I just say that young Dylan put a huge smile on my face when he proclaimed that boyfriends are better than girlfriends because ‘girls are gross’.

Overall this was a smooth, fun and easy read with just the right balance between romance and angst to keep me happy. I remain delighted to have discovered L.A. Witt and grateful that there are still so many of her books I haven’t read yet.

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