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review 2019-11-17 22:23
4 Star Night's Kiss
Night's Kiss - Mary Hughes


Kat is a human who hunts vampires, risking death with only her wits, practice, her weapons and her rage in her quest to avenge her parents by destroying every last one of the evil bloodsuckers – starting with their king. Ryker is gorgeous enough to the be the vamp king himself but the devilish arch to his back eyebrow, white unfangy grin and the rocking daytime are good clues that he’s human. He’s the only man that can help Kat locate the king, so she forms an uneasy alliance with him only for them to discover that evil monster are also after their prey…oh and also want Kat and Ryker dead.


The second book in ‘Ancients Series’ is an energetic, thrilling and exciting read full of flying sparks and adrenaline pumping danger. The characters are strong, daring and demand the readers’ attention right from the start and the chemistry between Kat and Ryker sizzles with bright electrical current creating lots of flying sparks to singe the pages as Kat fights their magnetic attraction with some feisty snark and tough as nails attitude. This relationship is balanced on a razor wire that keeps the hero, heroine and the readers on edge throughout as Kay and Ryker, each have the same mission but the their goals are vastly different.


The plot is fast paced with non-stop excitement whether that excitement is coming from clashes between Kat and Ryker, Kat and her long lost family, Kat and her targets, Ryker and the Alliance, or Kat, Ryker and the monsters. With so much action and excitement flowing from the pages, there is never a dull moment to be found and the romance is one where the hero and heroine are the last to know.


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review 2019-11-17 09:05
The Terrors Of The Night
The Terrors of the Night (Little Black Classics #30) - Thomas Nashe

I realize that in a collection of 80 (or 127) works, not everything can stand out. Well, this one did, but unfortunately not in a good way. The blurb, as other reviewers have pointed out, was looking quite good, but doesn't fit the book at all.

I guess if you're into long Elizabethan ramblings about the devil and such things, this might be for you. Otherwise, I'm sure there are better books for you in this collection...

~Little Black Classics #30~

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review 2019-11-10 06:36
Harry Bosch is testifying on a murder trial
A Darkness More Than Night - Michael Connelly


A Hollywood director David Storey was accused of murder of a young actress during sex. 


And Bosch is testifying is the detective of the case. 


The case was solid. 


Terry McCaleb is an ex-FBI profiler who got a heart surgery and has to retire, and now chartering boat for people who want to go fishing. 



He got asked to look at some weird owl thing on a crime scene photo that might lead to something more. 


The something more is a painting done by Hieronymus Bosch. A painter who painted very dark paintings 500 + years ago. One of the main object is owl in his paintings. 


So the name that is the same as Harry Bosch and the owl in the crime scene linked it to Bosch. 


Terry was thinking maybe Bosch has turned evil and killed a person who deserved it. Gunn was a bad cop.


And with all the twists and turned, it also linked to a journalist Jack McEvoy. 


The setup is really good, and all came together quite nicely. Between the detective work of Terry and Bosch being put on trial and drama in court. Fine writing and good story. 


It is unfair to give it just a 5. It is a 5+ stars read. 




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review 2019-11-08 08:05
REVIEW BY MERISSA - The Night House by J.C. McKenzie
The Night House - J. C. McKenzie

@JC_McKenzie, #Action/#Adventure, #AlternateUniverse, #Fantasy #Romance, #Urban, 4 out of 5 (very good)


THE NIGHT HOUSE is a standalone post-apocalyptic fantasy romance that seamlessly blends medieval knights and sword-play from a different planet with current day earth.

This was a fantastic read, ticking most of my boxes. Thane and Taya have sparks flying aplenty when they are meet and these continue throughout the book. I loved not only Thane though, but his whole team. They were all strong characters with a strong sense of duty and loyalty. Once Taya was part of their team, that was it. No stupidity or senseless behaviour, just helping the newbie out where possible.

If I could give out half stars, this would be a four and a half! The reason for that half star being knocked off would be the ending. It felt very quick to me, almost as if the author was running out of available words in her word count. Big build-up followed by events happening very quickly and not taking up much page space. Still, I loved this book anyway, so perhaps that's why it seemed to end too quickly!

If you like fantasy and contemporary genres merged together, then I would definitely recommend this book!

Source: www.theromancereviews.com/viewbooks.php?bookid=28653
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-11-07 06:15
In the Night Wood by Dale Bailey
In the Night Wood - Dale Bailey

TITLE:  In the Night Wood


AUTHOR:  Dale Bailey






"In this contemporary fantasy, the grieving biographer of a Victorian fantasist finds himself slipping inexorably into the supernatural world that consumed his subject.

American Charles Hayden came to England to forget the past.

Failed father, failed husband, and failed scholar, Charles hopes to put his life back together with a biography of Caedmon Hollow, the long-dead author of a legendary Victorian children's book, In the Night Wood. But soon after settling into Hollow's remote Yorkshire home, Charles learns that the past isn't dead.

In the neighboring village, Charles meets a woman he might have loved, a child who could have been his own lost daughter, and the ghost of a self he thought he'd put behind him.

And in the primeval forest surrounding Caedmon Hollow's ancestral home, an ancient power is stirring. The horned figure of a long-forgotten king haunts Charles Hayden's dreams. And every morning the fringe of darkling trees presses closer.

Soon enough, Charles will venture into the night wood.

Soon enough he'll learn that the darkness under the trees is but a shadow of the darkness that waits inside us all."




An entertaining afternoon's diversion, provided you don't mind slow, depressing stories with limited action or plot*.  A bit creepy, but the author just didn't make full use of the semi-mythological forest setting he created.  The forest and Hollow House setting are pretty good, the rest not so much.  The characters were bland and monotonous.  No noticeable character development.  Nothing really happens until the last chapter and that is somewhat vague.  The idea is interesting, but the execution is off and lacks substance. Somehow the novel was just missing something.  A missed opportunity.



I kept hoping the monster in the woods would eat the main character!!

(spoiler show)


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