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review 2015-07-04 04:25
Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran

Two hundred years ago, the village of Clavitt Fields was burned to the ground. It was hoped that what lived there had perished in the fire. But they did not perish. They went underground...

For generations, they lived and bred in darkness, adapting themselves to a subterranean existence. Now they are rising to the surface, and what they've become is a horror beyond belief, a crawling nightmare of evil and bloodthirsty violence bent on destruction.

The night is alive...and it belongs to them.



 Wow....Just Wow.


I feel like i've had my head completely blown off. That Buzz you get after you've read a horror story so good! That i know EVERY true horror Book fan feel's  When they find an author  that just hit's that spot! Tim Curran Is that Author. I just clocked i've read Doll Face and to be honest i Didn't take a feel to that, But Nightcrawlers I did. Let me introduce you to this book a bit.


There's no need for char development's Because the plot is so full on. from page go it's on... Tim pull's you in. Tim Curran is a Mastermind when it comes to creating horrific images of creatures you've never imagined before! Think almost modern day Lovecraft cosmic Horror and you've got my drift..


All in all i absolutely loved this and Mr Curran you have a new fan! thankyou for writing such a fantastic tale one i will remember for a while. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can grab this book! x





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review 2015-03-23 15:56
Nightcrawlers review
Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran

Like most of Curran's works, Nightcrawlers is big on atmosphere, detailed descriptions, Lovecraftian overtones, and gross-out horror. Unlike most of Curran's works, Nightcrawlers is extremely light on memorable characters or their any kind of decent development. Instead, the reader is tasked to deal with a group of almost interchangeable police officers, state troopers and other law enforcement officers. In fact, they're so alike that Curran at one point loses track of which character he is following, dropping in the wrong name mid-way through a chapter. Most of the officers are given one defining characteristic to remember them by, such as Chipney, who had a family at home. (And I bet you can guess what his chances of survival are ...)

What Curran does do well is flesh out his monsters, and Nightcrawlers is no exception. The things hiding beneath Bellac Fields and what drives them to do what they do are both unique and unsettling enough to be remembered. And it's this aspect that saves Nightcrawlers from being a disappointing failure, propping it up into being an okay way to spend 270-odd pages.

In essence, as far as this reader of horror is concerned, Nightcrawlers was a lesser entry into Curran's rapidly growing bibliography. He has far superior works - novels like Dead Sea and novellas such as Blackout - which should serve as better introductions to what he is capable of. But if you're already a Curran-fan looking for something without much investment which might cause you a shudder or two of revulsion, then this one should do the job. If only just adequately.

2.5 to 3 Bad Ways to Go for Nightcrawlers.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1042022964?book_show_action=false
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text 2015-03-02 14:15
Horror After Dark chats with Tim Curran!
Doll Face - Tim Curran
Skull Moon - Tim Curran
Blood, Bones and Bullets - Tim Curran
Graveworm - Tim Curran
Worm - Tim Curran
Sow - Tim Curran
Blackout - Tim Curran
Deadlock - Tim Curran
Skin Medicine - Tim Curran
Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran

My interview with Tim Curran is up at Horror After Dark! While you're there, don't forget to enter the giveaway, if you're a resident of the U.S.A.


Find out what books have influenced one of the most creative imaginations in horror! As a bonus, there is a giveaway of 3, count them-3, autographed books! (U.S. residents only.)


Doll Face, Nightcrawlers, and Long Black Coffin are up for grabs, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Curran!


I hope you horror lovers out there will check it out!

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review 2014-07-27 14:01
{Review} Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran
Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran

I was saving all my Curran reads for some unknown day in the future when I was snowed in and unable to leave the house.

However, a friend recommended I read it pronto.

I did and found it lacking.

The characters were ineffectual when it came down to me, the reader, caring about their outcomes. Where were Tim's normally hated/loved characters you wished would die/live?

That alone pulled this read down for me. It was also lacking in the atmospheric department that I normally brag about. Don't get me wrong, there were moments where I could imagine the darkness, the water surrounded me and creeping up my pant-legs. The noises and feelings of being watched. I just felt like there wasn't enough to make me love it.

The ending was not my favorite. Very dismal for my tastes.

The idea was a good one, the implementation of said idea could have been better.

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review 2014-07-26 13:01
Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran
Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran


Clavitt's field has a dark history as state investigator Kenney finds out when he is sent to oversee the recovery of bodies that have been found there. When two cops go missing during the investigation, Kenney soon comes face to face with the horrific existence that has lived underground for 200 hundred years.

Curran has yet again produced work that ensures readers can vividly experience the story. He manages to create an incredibly tense atmosphere and as a reader his descriptive writing places you right into the story, able to smell, feel and see everything that is going on. The characters were not as strong as some of the other stories I have read by Curran, but there's enough to keep the story moving forward. My favourite character was Elena Blasden, her character was the only one given any proper back story, without the back story it was hard to feel as invested in the characters.

I have mixed feelings about the ending as well, it didn't really fit in with most of the story but at the same time as cosmic, lovecraftian horror it certainly gave you something to think about.

Even when Curran isn't quite ticking all the boxes he still produces work that is highly imaginative and entertaining, I would readily recommend this to other readers.

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