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text 2017-07-27 00:42
Reading progress update: I've read 76 out of 246 pages.
Nightmare Syndrome - William Marshall

I forgot how much I cherish this series, how much fun the books have been over the years. looks like I've got one left after this--Perfect End--to track down, and then: all done (I wish there were 20 more!). these books were not all that easy to find--and I remember that marvellous day when I found hardcovers of Road Show, Frogmouth, War Machine, and Out Of Nowhere, all at one out-of-the-way Used bookstore; that was a big deal for me, and a little expensive, but not as expensive as it could have been (would be worse, now, I guess). surreal, funny, crazy plots that end up making total sense, a surfeit of exclamation points that I'll only condone with this author. this entry seems as good as any of them! 

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text 2017-07-26 14:59
Reading progress update: I've read 23 out of 246 pages.
Nightmare Syndrome - William Marshall

1997, in Hong Kong--after 99 years, the British do the Handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese. at the Yellowthread Street Police Precinct, the cops who have worked there for many years solving murders do the pack-up and clean-up (especially of weapons and stuff from the Evidence Room). down in the tunnels of the sub-basement, the drainage pipes are opened and inspected--that's how thorough the clean-up is to be, to make an good impression on the incoming Chinese. as strange slimy creatures start spilling out of the pipework, a huge, unexploded bomb from World War Two is found in the walls. Spencer is gung-ho to try and defuse it.


I guess the bomb was there during all the earlier books, and never went off. meanwhile, the creatures in the pipes cannot be identified. I'm definitely reading a William Marshall novel!

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text 2017-07-26 02:56
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 246 pages.
Nightmare Syndrome - William Marshall

here we go! William Marshall is one of my favorite Mystery writers, but you're learning that late, because I read almost all of his books years ago. first, for me, was The Hatchet Man; best is probably Thin Air; last one I read was amazing too--Inches, when Marshall suddenly returned to his series set in Hong Kong, and giving us a book set after it was handed back to China by the British (1996, I think that was). it's known as the Yellowthread Street series. it's set in the fictional "Hong Bay" district of Hong Kong. they are Police Procedurals, with multiple detectives sharing the spotlight, and they were always a worthy alternative to Ed McBain's somewhat similar 87th Precinct books. William Marshall also dazzled me by rivaling Fredric Brown, when it comes to weird and macabre crimes. so, a perfect writer for me. more great entries: Out Of Nowhere; Sci Fi; The Far Away Man; Frogmouth; War Machine; Head First; geez...three or four more almost match the ones I've mentioned. I've missed this author; I think this may be the last Yellowthread Street extravaganza I get to read for the first time...so, let's have some fun, shall we!

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review 2017-05-24 19:19
The Nightmare Stacks, Charles Stross
The Nightmare Stacks (A Laundry Files Novel) - Charles Stross

The gazillionth Laundry File confirms that the success of its predecessors depended heavily on the voice of Bob Howard by again not using it. Instead we get Howard-lite in the form of newbie vampire and Laundry recruit, Alex. Alex is the kind of nervous, out of his depth nerd Bob was way back in the mists of time, without the wit or distinctive turns of phrase. This makes the first half of the book a little dull. Circa p200 however, things start to go crazy, the viewpoint widens and war breaks out. After that it's a gallop all the way to the end.

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text 2017-05-01 21:17
Sci-Fi and Scary Coolthulhu Crew 2017 Challenge-April Update
Soles - Kay Brandt
Dark Screams: Volume Six - Stephen King,Norman Prentiss,Richard Chizmar,Brian James Freeman,Joyce Carol Oates
Nightmare Of The Dead - Vincenzo Bilof
Elizabeth: A Novel of the Unnatural - Jonathan Janz,Ken Greenhall,Jessica Hamilton
Ararat: A Novel - Christopher Golden
Garden of Fiends: Tales of Addiction Horror - Johann Thorsson,Max Booth III,Glen Krisch,Jessica McHugh,Kealan Patrick Burke,Mark Matthews,Jack Ketchum
At The Cemetery Gates: Year One - Chad Wehrle,John Brhel,Joseph T. Sullivan
Nightmares and Geezenstacks - Matt Godfrey,Valancourt Books,Fredric Brown
Just Add Water - Hunter Shea


I am participating in a Horror Reading Challenge over at the Sci-Fi and Scary blog. You can sign up yourself at the Sci-Fi and Scary Blog here: Sci-Fi and Scary


This month I've read 9  books towards the challenge this month:


Garden of Fiends (Tales of Addiction Horror)


At the Cemetery Gates: Year One 






Dark Screams: Volume 6


Nightmare of the Dead


Nightmares and Geezenstacks


Just Add Water




April Total: 9

March Total: 4

February Total: 3

January Total: 5


Total: 21




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