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text 2013-10-03 04:38
Super BookLikes! Never doubt!

All right, I admit it! Haven't uploaded my books to BookLikes yet because it's a massive amount (almost 5,000). So imagine my surprise when after 36 minutes I get a notification and see this:


BookLikes in action!

Awed. Yes, that's what I'm feeling. Honestly I thought there would be a huge number of books that wouldn't be there! Now we'll see how the reviews come over!

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text 2013-09-25 06:28
Book Updates and Shelves Love.

Sooo, so far of my 2805 books, 1286 have been imported! I am getting there, let's hope tomorrow I can do some stuff here and re-shelf things. Which will take some time too, but I am kind of looking forward to it. Yeah! For shelves without - or no punctuation allowed or everything is in tiny font. Here I can really do anything. o/


I am also not really used to the site, it is a tiny bit confusing, but I am getting there. I am really happy with the staff here, I send a mail and I got a mail back pretty soon! Good job!


Well I will be going back to reading my book: Secrets, Lies and Locker 62 (really brilliant book).




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text 2013-09-25 03:12
It finally happened...

my import from Goodreads has finally finished! I'm going to delete my Goodreads account tonight and primarily focus on BookLikes and Librarything from now on. I'm actually a bit sad about leaving Goodreads. I've met some lovely people on there and I will definitely miss them.

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text 2013-09-24 12:26
First Posts, Compliments and Importing Books!

Well I just started importing all my books from Goodreads, it will take some time since I have quite a lot of books and reviews. I hope sincerely that everything will go ok, and that my Dutch book will also be imported. Otherwise I will miss about 50% of my books. :( And that would be a shame.


Thanks for having me, and this site looks beautiful! Thanks!


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text 2013-09-24 02:15
Just a little note

Errm so, currently all my reviews are being imported from Goodreads. So yeah, a couple of things:


1) The formatting is a little wacked, because it's taking out all the images, paragraph breaks, and other HTML things I may have used on Goodreads. So, I apologize if a bunch of my reviews are a jumbled mess. Maybe I can fix some of them...? I will try and see.


2) It seems to mostly be importing older reviews first ... and a lot of these reviews are from like 5 years ago when I was basically an idiot and never bothered to capitalize my sentences or anything like that. So UHHH yeah. Just. Don't even look at those.


That's allll!

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