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review 2014-04-01 09:19
Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends - Shannon Hale

I have read several Shannon Hale books, so I was really looking forward to this one, and I can say I am really surprised, this one was really fun.

However, not all characters were good. For instance, I loved Raven and her struggle to fight against her destiny and becoming evil. But I disliked Apple and her lack of empathy and such towards people. She was really rude and mean to Raven, trying to reform her to writing her signature under the story, just so her (Snow White) story will stay alive. I can imagine, she doesn't want her story to disappear or go wrong, but I am sure there are better ways then to change someone's room, to be blunt about a lot of things and just not wanting to understand what Raven is going through.

She gets better later (in the next book), but even there I just wanted to smack her for a big part of the book.

Other than those things I mentioned, it was a good book. I really liked the idea of a boarding school for fairy tale/legend stories. It was also great to see the brothers Grimm and also various smaller and less known story figures. I didn't always get who they were, but mostly I did and I had really much fun seeing their modern personalities in this book.

I can't wait to see what will happen in the further books, I do hope Raven will get her wish, and won't need to be evil or bad.

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review 2014-03-28 10:15
Monster High: Who's That Ghoulfriend?: Number 3 in series (Monster High: Ghoulfriends Forever) - Gitty Daneshvari

I am slightly disappointed. This book was good, yes it was. But sadly it was just like the second book, cut off in the middle of the story. However in this story it is even more so. We get to the alarm and bang story over. So yeah, that makes me reduce 1 star.

The characters were once again really fun and interesting. I loved Rochelle and her whole I have to tell the truth at any time, no matter if it is appropriate or not.
Robecca, well I am still hoping see and Cy will get together, they would make a cute couple.
Venus, well I hope she learns to deal with her attitude a bit. She is a fun girl, but I am just sad that she is always so fierce and all about nature and such. It gets a bit boring, and also silly to see someone snap at people because they used 1 thing too much.

We also have a new character, who is a spider girl. I really liked her, though I am kind of curious as to what her story is. Why is she here? Who is she working for? Does she know more?

I do hope the whole headmistress is missing thing gets solved in the next book, and I hope we then get to have just normal stories. It would be a shame if this series was just about one thing. :(

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review 2014-03-19 09:56
Destined: A Fates Story - Lanie Bross

I have been wanting to read the Fates series for a bit of time, so when I saw this one, I had to read it. :)

Now I can honestly say, I am quite confused. So Corinthe seals fates from people? Making them either die or find true love or something like that? I felt like I was thrown head first in the middle of a story. Which is a shame. :(

Corinthe was a nice character though, a bit strange at times, and I wonder how she got to do the job she has to do now. Nate was a prick, Ava was really nice and I felt sad for her. And then Owen. Ah Owen. <3 And that ending. <3

All in all a fun short book, but again, very confusing, not sure if you would want to read this before you read book 1.

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review 2014-03-07 10:35
Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3) - Marissa Meyer

Thank Lord I finally finished! This won't be a very long review.

Why it took me almost a month to read this? Because it started out terribly slow. Not only that, but the multiple POVs were highly confusing at times.

On to that part of POVs. Nice and all that you want to let every effing character speak a part, but it gets confusing. We had POVs for Cinder, Cress, Thorne, Scarlet, Erland, Kai, Iko and maybe some others. And sorry, but that is just too much, at one point I just started skipping POVs that weren't by Cress or Cinder or Scarlet. Some of those POVs get all the attention (Cress and Cinder), while the kick-ass girl from the last book, Scarlet, barely gets any attention, and that is what made me pissed off too. We only get snippets of what happens to our dear Scarlet at Luna, and most snippets are quite short. Poor thing, lead girl in the previous book, and now dumped to nothing. :( I can only imagine how it will go in the next book when we get, yet again, another girl to the mix. I don't even want to know how confusing that will get.

The story was quite great, but at times a bit too cliché. [ Satellite falls out of the sky and our dear great leader Thorne becomes blind? Hold on? What? Wolf snaps and goes in almost mental breakdown because conveniently Scarlet gets taken hostage, Cress is the daughter of a certain person... Urgh. (hide spoiler)]

I did love the cover, I did love the fact we got ourself Rapunzel. I did love the name Cress, and I also liked that we finally had a girl for Thorne (yes cliché again, every lead girl has her own knight in shining armour).

Will I read/buy the next book? No. I will probably see if I can find it somewhere, try it out and see if it is any good. 

Actual rating:2.5 stars.

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review 2014-02-28 12:11
The Purple Girl - Audrey Kane,Tory & Norman Taber

Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wow this is creative, a purple girl. Now I hear you say purple? Yes, purple from top to toe. The poor thing was born like this and has been shunned by people because of that. Oh and probably because everything she touches turns purple for a little bit too. 

Can I say, I loved her parents, they never once were mean (though her dad was at times a bit unfair), and they cared for even though they were scared out of their wits when she was born, but they kept her, even though everyone else thought they should have dumped her at birth.

I loved the boy, how he didn’t care about Violet’s colour, he found her rather refreshing. :) Loved that they became friends pretty soon. Sadly it is of course not meant to be and he leaves. 
Violet decides to go after him (after a fight with her dad, never a good way to leave the house though).

We also have the occasional illustrations, sadly it was really only occasional. I would have loved more of those illustrations, they really liven up the book.

I loved the book’s setting, loved the scenes that rolled through the book. From fields to woods, to towns and little cities. It was gorgeous.

Best of all? I loved the ending, I won’t spoil anything, but believe me it is perfect.

This book was gorgeous, and I really enjoyed it. It was a beautiful tale of a purple girl, about discrimination but also about acceptation. I would really recommend it to everyone!

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