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photo 2018-10-21 11:30
A Dance of Water and Air, by Antonia Aquilante

TBR for Netgalley

A Dance of Water and Air, by Antonia Aquilante



Edmund is heir to the throne of Thalassa and a wielder of Water magic. Devoted to his kingdom and his duty to it, Edmund can do nothing but acquiesce to an arranged marriage with the queen of a neighboring kingdom. The marriage and the child it is required to produce will seal an alliance between Thalassa and Aither that is vital to Thalassa’s safety, and far more important than Edmund’s personal misgivings.

Arden is the younger brother of Aither’s queen and a wielder of Air magic. Raised in the politics of the court to support his sister’s rule, he understands the alliance is important to Aither, even as he worries about his sister marrying someone she’s never met. When Edmund arrives in Aither to prepare for the wedding, Arden is tasked with helping him settle in at court. As they spend more time together, Edmund and Arden develop a close friendship, then stronger feelings, but with Edmund’s wedding approaching, they must hide their feelings, even from themselves.

When someone tries to assassinate the queen, Edmund is blamed, and Arden rescues him before he can be executed for a crime he didn’t commit. To prevent a war between their kingdoms and protect them from a dangerous enemy, Edmund and Arden will have to discover who wants to pit Aither and Thalassa against each other and mend relations between the two kingdoms as they evade those searching for them—all while finding a way to be together.



Source: www.goodreads.com/book/show/41927948-a-dance-of-water-and-air
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text 2018-10-20 08:30
Top Tips from Australian Assignment Help Services for International Students

Being home to several good universities, many students land up in Australia to pursue higher studies. However, studying in a country away from home can be quite a challenging task. If students need academic assistance, they can hire Australian assignment help services to cope with new educational standards.


Along with the homesickness, it can be very different for an international student to adapt to the new rules of another country. The lifestyle and the academic norms of Australia are quite different from other countries. Apart from the time differences, there are many other differences than an international student has to adjust oneself with.


Assignment help services of Australia have these few tips for international students that can make their academic life easier for them.


#1. A difference in Language and Diction


For Asian and American students, it can be quite challenging to understand the colloquial vocabulary of the Australians. They have their own way of saying and spelling words. In addition, the daily words they use can be quite different from the words used in other countries. For example, Australians use the word lollies for candies. Students must remember to make sure that they use the correct spellings according to the Australian standards. To get better at this, they can watch Australian TV series and listen to the radio to get the hang of their language.


#2. Simplified paperwork procedures


The Australian government has a simple procedure when it comes to student visas. However simple may it be, students can face problem while drafting all the required documents while applying for a student visa. So, if they have any queries, they can visit the official website of the university or can directly approach the staff and ask for clarifications regarding the procedures.


#3. Different Studying Methods


It becomes tough for an international student to settle into the Australian culture of education. As compared to the austere Asian methods or the formal UK educational methods, the Australian academic norms are quite liberal. The people of Australia are known for their helpful nature, and quite like them, their studying styles provide study guides so that international students can adjust faster to their ways of education. Students can simply ask for help from past students or the local students who have a better grasp of the subject.


#4. Different Gradation System


The most important thing that international students must keep in mind is the way of marking that most Australian universities use to grade the students. Unlike the numerical scores of Asian schools and universities, the universities in Australia use letters to rank the work of a student. Although similar to the American gradation system, the letters used by Australian universities and schools have a different interpretation. The assignment writing services of Australia know precisely how the grades are deciphered. In contrast to the A-B-C gradations of USA, Australians use grades like HD, which stands for high distinction, and D for distinction. CR stands for credit while P means Pass and F stands for Fail.


#5. Work and study together


If allowed by the student visa, an international student pursuing higher studies in Australia can work for a certain period of time to control their expenses. In case of not being able to cope with all the coursework and assignments, students can avail services from the various online essay assignment help websites who deliver excellent papers.


Life can be hard for international students. However, with these tips and the myriad of assignment writing services available online, students can take a break and enjoy their stay in Australia.




Adjusting to new educational norms in Australia can be very difficult for an international student. In this article, we provide a few tips that can help these students to cope with their academic life better.

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review 2018-10-19 16:14
Bound Gods, Book 6 - The Claiming
The Claiming - Adrienne Wilder

So damn good...but I eagerly await the day Leo does this to Alton. Because yes...I believe it WILL happen. 



and Taurus...


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quote 2018-10-19 11:30
Rory never was any good at keeping Bradley from his thoughts. And damned if he wouldn't do anything – even give him up for good – that Bradley wanted. He had no self control, no care to how it would affect himself or how it would make him feel. If Bradley said jump, he wouldn't even stop to ask how high. He'd just do it. A snap of the fingers and his will shredded to pieces. Because Bradley held the string that tugged at his heart and controlled him. All he had to do was use it.

Never Let Me Go, by Elaine White

What if...is a whole other story.


Read the #1 LGBT Teen Fiction novel, now!

#neverletmego #theonethatgotaway #lgbtq #indieauthor #mmromance #authorsofig


Source: smarturl.it/NeverLetMeGo.Amazon
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text 2018-10-18 21:05
On crutches

Writer's Digest, February 1983.


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