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review 2020-09-28 06:45
The Original by Brandon Sanderson & Mary Robinette Kowal
The Original - Mary Robinette Kowal,Brandon Sanderson

TITLE:  The Original


AUTHORS:  Brandon Sanderson & Mary Robinette Kowal 


NARRATOR:  Julia Whelan



"Hugo Award-winning authors Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal team up in this exclusive audio-first production of The Original, a sci-fi thriller set in a world where one woman fights to know her true identity and survive the forces that threaten her very existence.

In the near future, humans choose life - for a price. Injectable nanite technology is the lifeblood that flows through every individual wishing to experience the world through the lens of their own theme. While death from mortal wounds is still possible, life is made easier in a socially liberated society where automation and income equality allow passion pursuits to flourish over traditional work. Renewal stations are provided to every law-abiding citizen for weekly check-ins, which issue life-sustaining repairs in exchange for personal privacy. But what becomes of those who check out, of those who dare to resist immortality and risk being edited under the gaze of an identity-extracting government surveillance system?

When Holly Winseed wakes up in a hospital room, her memory compromised and a new identity imposed on her, a team of government agents wastes no time stating their objective. With intent to infiltrate and defeat the terrorist group ICON, the agents tell Holly that she is now a Provisional Replica and has one week to hunt down and kill her Original for the murder of her husband, Jonathan. If she succeeds, she’ll assume her Original’s place in society. If she fails, her life will end. Holly’s progress is monitored by an assigned contact that feeds her information as she confronts the blank, robotic world around her, discovering that others view life through the theme of their own choosing.

With her newly implanted combat and deduction skills, Holly fends off both attacks by terrorists and doubts about her own trustworthiness as clues lead her to her Original - and to the truth about Jonathan. In the end, one body remains and one walks away. Although questions persist, one thing is certain: Life will never be the same.




An entertaining romp through a possible future world.

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review 2020-06-29 16:53
Great Read
John Henry: The Steam Age Original Graphic Novel - Dwayne Harris

I picked up the first issue of this limited series because it was free.  And it still is free on Kindle, at the least. 


I think I first heard about John Henry because of a cartoon short.  At any rate, before I saw John Henry the horse, I knew who John Henry was and, therefore, knew who the horse was named after (he lived up to the name).


Harris' reimagining of the story places Henry in a steampunk universe.  It is long the lines of the Clockwork Century (though it is different.  No zombies for one).  The story does tie into the origin John Henry myth and then moves forward while using the myth/legend.


What is particularly enjoyable about this series is the role that Polly, John Henry's wife plays.  Some people may not know that Polly had her own set of stories and songs.  Harris does, apparently, and what Polly does is great.  Her role is great.  I really hope that Harris writes a graphic novel about her, and considering the closing panels of this book, a follow up to this book as well.


Harris does address the issues of racism and slavery, not just in terms of John Henry (a Black man) but also in the use of other characters and settings.  He confronts the racism that existed (and still does) against the Chinese population whose labor was used to build the railroads.


Highly recommended.

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review 2020-04-28 20:13
A beautiful, informative and entertaining present for all ages
Churchill. A Graphic Biography - Vincent Delmas,Ivanka Hahnenberger,C. Regnault

Thanks to Rosie Croft from Pen & Sword for sending me an early paperback copy of this book, which I freely chose to review.

I am not a big reader of graphic novels and books (I used to read them when I was younger but not that much in recent years), but this title caught my attention due to the subject matter and to the authors and contributors. The book, which was first published in French in 2018, had some excellent reviews, and although I’m not an expert, in my opinion they are well deserved.

The book is not a full biography (we don’t see the great man die), but we follow him from early childhood until the end of World War II, and especial attention is given to the war period. The book also includes a foreword by Andrew Roberts —an expert on Churchill who has written about him and about WWII— endorsing the book, and an introduction (with B&W and colour photographs) and brief biography of Churchill by François Kersaudy, historical consultant of the volume, which further enhances the content.

The illustrations are beautiful and well-executed, in a classical style, with an interesting use of colours and shadows. Although they are in full colour, green, ochre, brown, and dark hues predominate from the beginning, as if foreshadowing the coming war, and the last part of the book (approximately the last fifty pages) are dedicated fully to World War II. There is a predominance of illustrations about his public life (as a war reporter, in the military, and later as a politician), but there are also some about his personal life, where we get to see Churchill, the man. The moments of action are interspersed with some quieter ones, although the illustrations dealing with the war, attacks, and action, are particularly fine and impressive. The text complements the images perfectly, and the writer has chosen the materials well, highlighting snippets of speeches and expressions he is well known for. That does not mean the book paints an unrealistic picture of Churchill, showing him as heroic and always right, without flaws or foibles. The man emerges from the picture as well, with his stubbornness, his recklessness at times, and his determination to do whatever necessary (not always the most suitable attitude for a politician, although the opposite isn’t particularly desirable either).

This is a great book to introduce Churchill to people of all ages who might not be too familiar with his biography, or know very little about him, who like to experiment with other formats rather than the standard book or are fans of graphic novels and books, and who enjoy their history in bite-size and visual format. The book is larger than a standard paperback, and it would make a beautiful present for anybody interested in the subject, in WWII, or just fans of graphic novels.  It’s also particularly appealing at this time of crisis, when the role of politicians has come to the fore, and it’s impossible not to compare our current leaders with some memorable figures from the past and wonder how they might have dealt with the situation.

(There are, of course, action scenes depicting the war, although not particularly gross or explicitly gore, although parents of very young children might want to check the book themselves beforehand).

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review 2019-12-28 03:01
Review: Little Women (An Audible Original Drama)
Little Women: An Audible Original Drama - Louisa May Alcott,Laura Dern

I have seen a few not-so-great reviews about this audiodrama. Some hated the voice cast, while others were bothered that it's an abridged dramatization rather than the novel verbatim.  I do not have those complaints.  I enjoyed the voice work and the dramatization. 


This was a wonderful story and I loved listening to it.  I feel like I got the full story even though it was a dramatization. And the cast brought the characters to life for me.  

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review 2019-10-07 08:39
Keto Original Chile - RevisiĆ³n, Estafa, Funciona, Costo u Ordena


Keto Original Chile: Keto Original dieta las píldoras de son un producto completamente natural y libre de químicos que ya ha sido probado en tantos laboratorios de renombre en la FDA. Keto Original Chile es el suplemento que ha sido muy famoso ahora. La gente está comprando esto regularmente. Pero la compañía se asegura de que nunca se limite en stock.


Esto se desarrolla en el mercado para que las personas conozcan el suplemento para bajar de peso. Keto Original Chile, este suplemento hace que una persona sea saludable y delgada. No contiene calorías, que son el factor más importante de este suplemento.


Se compone de ingredientes que solo eliminan la grasa del cuerpo. Este suplemento proporcionará una nutrición adecuada, ya que constituye tantos minerales y vitaminas que solo satisfacen las deficiencias del cuerpo, pero también queman las células que almacenan grasa de los alimentos que ingiere.


Este suplemento para bajar de peso es perfecto para cumplir tus deseos de usar ropa ajustada con un buen calce. A veces acostumbrado al sobrepeso, no lo hace, pero a los pocos días de tomarlo, se sentirá liviano y delgado. Reducirá la pesadez y la hinchazón del cuerpo causadas por el exceso de alimentación.


Keto Original Chile es el mejor suplemento que se ha hecho usando muchos y diferentes ingredientes. Estos ingredientes satisfacen la necesidad del cuerpo. Están hechos de hierbas naturales que son muy efectivas y útiles. Keto Original Chile Estos ingredientes han sido utilizados por muchas instituciones médicas y de Ayurveda para curar los problemas de las personas.


Hará que una persona se ajuste al reducir la hinchazón. Son los ingredientes importantes que mejorarán la estructura y el tamaño del cuerpo en solo unos días después de tomar esto. Para obtener más información visite aquí : http://ecuadortransparente.org/keto-original-chile/

Source: ecuadortransparente.org/keto-original-chile
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