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review 2017-01-03 18:17
Review: "The Persistence of Memory" (Mnevermind, #1) by Jordan Castillo Price
The Persistence of Memory - Jordan Castillo Price

"I like you, and I think you like me."


What a great kick-off for a trilogy. Though there were too many technical details and too little romance and steam for my taste (there was just a tiny little hand job at the end, blink and you'll miss it), I can't help but admire Jordan Castillo Price's compelling and fantastic writing and how she constantly delivers well-developed and believable characters, refreshing new concepts and ideas and an imaginative world-building.


I can't wait to see what happens next.


PS: I just LOVED the character of goofy, but loyal Larry. Everyone should have a friend like Larry.

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text 2016-12-01 16:01
Silver Belles: An Over-40 Holiday Anthology by Sarah M. Anderson, Ros Clarke, Laura K. Curtis, Yasmine Galenorn, Suleikha Snyder $3.99
Silver Belles: An Over-40 Holiday Anthology - Sarah M. Anderson,Ros Clarke,Laura K. Curtis,Yasmine Galenorn,Suleikha Snyder

Modern women can have it all, they say. But "they" don't ever explain how. All too often, love gets sacrificed to careers, to children, to art. In these five brand new stories, women from all walks of life discover love long after having given it up for lost.

This anthology contains:

“The Christmas Pony” by Sarah M. Anderson:
What’s Alice supposed to do with a pony? The teacher only knows the animal was left on her porch right before Christmas. Then handsome Animal Control Officer Kirk Douglas shows up, asking questions that Alice prefers not to answer. But even the mystery surrounding the animal’s origins can’t stop the holiday spark that ignites between Alice and Kirk. Can their attraction survive ugly-sweater parties, well-meaning relatives and the Christmas pony?

“Midnight Clear” by Ros Clarke
A year ago, Alison had it all: a husband, a family, and a purpose in life. But now, following a painful divorce, everything’s changed. She doesn’t know where her life is going, and her faith is as wobbly as her lopsided Christmas tree.

When she’s bowled over by an enthusiastic Irish setter in the park, and the rather gorgeous older man on the end of his lead, she’s not expecting more than a quick coffee and the mud brushed off her coat. Certainly not a Christmas like she’s never had before, full of peace, joy, and maybe even love?

“Sparks” by Laura K. Curtis
Kate Bellows has no room for weakness if she’s going to pull JanCo Moving out of the hole its in and create a solid career for herself. Her carefully-laid plans, however, are no match for the fire that burns her house to the ground. With few options, she accepts an offer to spend Christmas with the volunteer firefighter who’d injured himself trying to save her house.

But there are two major problems with staying in Adam Miller’s spare room over the holidays. First, he works and JanCo and there’s a good chance she will have to fire him. Second, he’s entirely too attractive, and Kate Bellows has neither time nor taste for romance.

“The Longest Night” by Yasmine Galenorn
The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year, and the past few years have been dark for Merilee Johansson. After an acerbic divorce, Merilee moved to Starwood, a small mountain town devoted to the arts. Here, she hopes to heal from the wounds life has left on her heart and her self-esteem. What she doesn’t expect is for Chris Hunter to enter her life, bringing the promise of love on the darkest night of the year.

“A Taste of Blessings” by Suleikha Snyder
For Tiya Chatterjee, coming home for one of her community’s most joyous celebrations, Durga Puja, means coming home to her mom’s disapproval, nosy aunties…and a crush on a man who shouldn’t even be on her radar.

For divorced father-of-two Arnav Biswas, the three-day festival is a chance to keep his culture alive for his kids — not an opportunity to flirt with a beautiful woman who isn’t meant for him.

Fortunately, fate has other plans for Arnav and Tiya, who must learn that giving thanks to a powerful goddess means acknowledging the unstoppable power of love.

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review 2016-08-24 19:11
Review: "Not Safe For Work" by L.A. Witt
Not Safe for Work - L.A. Witt

"In the office, he was miles above me. In the bedroom, he was on his knees below me. And afterward, when the work day was over and the dust had settled, we landed on level ground."



First of all, I want to say how AWESOME it was to have a book about two guys in their 40s. Nothing hotter than two mature hunks with a lot of life experience getting down and dirty with each other.


And as hot as the cover is, that guy doesn't exactly strike me as being in his 40s. So I'm more than happy with the cast that Julie and I decided on for our MCs the very moment we've read the blurb (which was months ago!).





...and Rick.



Now having said that, this was probably the most vanilla BDSM book that I've read so far.


In fact, I wouldn't call this a BDSM book at all, since the sex between Jon and Rick was more vanilla than anything and only marginally touched the subject of a D/s relationship.


Sure, they talked A LOT about BDSM and what they want to do with each other. But nothing really came of it. There was no spanking, no flogging, no subspace, no aftercare etc. All there was was a little wax play, a fuck machine (yeah, baby!), a Wartenberg pinwheel, a little rope play and a cock cage. That's it. Practically sex with some toys involved, but no real power exchange. Hell, even I have done more kinky stuff in my bedroom than these two.



So the BDSM theme was a fairly light one. Personally, I have no problem with that, but if you pick up this book expecting a dark and heavy BDSM fuckfest, you'll probably end up disappointed.


What you CAN expect though is a lot of kissing. So much kissing. And then some more kissing. And guess who's not complaining about that either?



The story is told in Jon's first-person POV. Unfortunately, we don't get Rick's POV too, which is a shame. The first-person POV is the most intimate one for me, because I'm directly in the head of the character, witnessing all his thoughts and feelings. So if I only get to see those things from one MC, the other one automatically remains superficial and shallow. Rick came across as the perfect boyfriend with no edges or faults. Which I'm pretty sure he wasn't but I'll never know.


Authors, if possible, please only decide on the first-person POV when it's also dual POV!



As for the rest of the story, I really liked it. Thanks to their maturity, Jon and Rick were pros in the communication department (yay!) and they made a really nice and sweet couple. A couple that loved Golden Girls marathons and frozen pizzas! What's not to love?




There was a little (unnecessary) drama at the end which pretty annoyed me at first. But it was resolved quite quickly in the course of a day, and the glorious epilogue also made up for it.


Would recommend this, though more for its sweetness factor than for its kink factor.


Thanks to Julie for another great BR!


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text 2016-08-06 23:59
LOVE OVER 40 by J.A. Fielding 99 cents
Love Over 40: A Billionaire Single Parent Widower Love Story - J A Fielding

An exciting romance, brought to you by bestselling author J A Fielding of BWWM Club.

Andrew is a recent widower, his wife having passed away just over a year ago.

He and his daughter Lory are very close, and have been getting over their grief together.

Andrew wasn’t expecting to fall for someone so soon after the loss of his wife, but then Nia comes running into his life.

Nia is a talented trauma surgeon, and she meets Andrew after a lunch gone wrong.

Andrew takes a liking to Nia and asks her out on a date.

But after getting to know each other, he soon finds out she's hiding a lot of insecurities beneath her tough surgeon exterior.

Not only that, but even if Andrew thinks he might be ready for a new woman in his life, Lory might not be.

Will their little family be able to open up their hearts to someone new in the long-term?

Or are Andrew and Nia destined for only a short fling?

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review 2016-08-04 15:30
Review: "Tough Love" (Special Delivery, #3) by Heidi Cullinan
Tough Love - Heidi Cullinan

"Sadism wasn't about taking people too far. It was about taking them ALMOST too far. It was about not asking for but assuming control. It was about being strong and sure, a huge wall of absolute his sub crumbled against. It was about getting another human being to voluntarily submit to his will, knowing they could trust him with it. It was about, for an hour or two, playing God."



Well, it looks like I found my hard limits with this book, reading-wise.


While I do enjoy me some BDSM in my stories every now and then, clearly I am not cut out for the heavy BDSM. Meaning sadism and pain play.


The warning in the blurb should be taken seriously! There's a lot to stomach in here, and not just the mentioned watersports.



Maybe I would have liked this book better if I would have been more connected to Chenco and Steve. But somehow I never really cared about them as much as I did about Sam & Mitch or Randy & Ethan.


I also wasn't really able to relate to Chenco's transition from being a complete BDSM virgin to being a sub for a sadist like Steve. How he went from


"If anyone was this cruel to me, this humiliating, I’d kick them in the face."


"Please pierce me, Papi."



Yes, you read that right. There's some serious needle play at the end of the book and it made me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth.


"They went back and forth for hours, one needle, two, three into Steve, then as many or more into Chenco, until their bodies were pincushions."


And of course this very scene had to end with


a fucking proposal!


“I need to take care of you,” Chenco slurred, gesturing to the needles between them, all around them in Steve’s skin.

“In a minute. I want to wear you a little longer.” Steve kissed his brow. “I love you. I love you more than anything in the world, anything or anyone I ever thought I could love. Stay with me, please. Marry me, live with me—here, Texas, on the moon, wherever you want.”


As much as I love Heidi Cullinan, I don't know why she has to end all her books with a proposal and under the most awkward circumstances at that.


(spoiler show)


So as much as it pains me (see what I did there?) to give a Heidi Cullinan book such a low rating, this really wasn't for me. At all.


Not even Sam, Mitch, Randy or Ethan could save this book for me.


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