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review 2017-05-27 19:21
A Matter of Time, Vol. I by Mary Calmes
A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (#1-2) - Mary Calmes



I've been meaning to read this book forever.  It's a  - I hesitate to say classic, maybe foundational work? - in the M/M genre, and people get fanatical about it.  It gets referenced all the time.


On the other hand, I've picked up over the years that it has all the Mary Calmes' flaws in spades, so I knew it would probably irritate me. And I knew it ended in a cliffhanger so you have to immediately buy Vol. II. So I kept putting off reading it.  


Then I saw it was out as an audiobook. This seemed like.a painless way to absorb the book, so onward!  It was ... not great. I did listen to the whole thing, but I won't bother with Volume II.


At the beginning of the book, Jory says that he got a D in his logic class, and that only because his teacher felt sorry for him.  I'm glad that came up, because thereafter whenever he did something birdbrained I said to myself "D in Logic" and carried on.  I also decided to myself that he was an unbeknownst Veela, and that helped me make sense of the constant fawning he received from everyone. It is also how I explained to myself how Sam found Jory out and about in Chicago over and over (at least five or six times).  Drawn by Veela aura! (Dane must be a secret Veela too.  Maybe they are related!!)


But still - the repetition.  The endless new people who end up having nothing to do with the story.  The cursory treatment the thriller aspect received.  I wondered if this was once an online serial - maybe even fan fiction?  A good editor could have made this awesome, because there really is a lot of charm and humor in parts, and the thriller part could have been really good if it was interweaved with the story instead of dropped in like an anvil here and there.


I wish I had read this when I started reading M/M.  In 2010. I might have felt the magic that so many people did.  I am too picky now.

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text 2016-03-18 19:10
Chasing Tomorrow by Tilly Bagshawe
Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow - Sidney Sheldon,Tilly Bagshawe

DNF after 179 pages! I should have done this months ago, but I have thought that one day will I be brave enough to finish this book. But seriously, if I do will it not be soon. And I'm doubtful that I will give this book more than 1 star. I love the original book by Sidney Sheldon, but this one is not even worthy of being called a sequel...

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review 2016-03-13 18:28
The Gray Ghost Murders by Keith McCafferty
The Gray Ghost Murders - Keith McCafferty

Two graves are found on the Sphinx Moutain and Sheriff Martha Ettinger suspects murder. But, the only evidence is a hole in a skull that could be a bullet hole. So, she calls in private investigator Sean Stranahan for hep. Sean already has a case, trying to find a valuable fly that has been stolen from The Madison River Liars and Fly Tiers Club. But, he agrees to help Martha out with the dead bodies case.

I was delighted to discover The Sean Stranahan series when I ran out of Longmire books to read. (Check up Craig Johnsons Longmire books, they are great). Sean Stranahan moved to Montana after a failed marriage and he is now a painter, fly fisherman and private investigator. In the first book, The Royal Wulff Murders did he help out Martha Ettinger with a case and they have an easy-going relationship with banter and quite a lot of chemistry between them. Unfortunately, they are also seeing other people, but that doesn't stop the sparks between them.

I do like these kinds of books. There is just something about Montana, the mountains, sheriffs and strange crimes that just floats my boat. As I wrote above did I start to read this series when I didn't have more Longmire books to read, and I recommend this series to Longmire fans. For one thing, Keith McCafferty has created some really good characters. Sean Stranahan is great, and I love that it's a female Sheriff in charge and Martha Ettinger is one hell of a woman. They make a great team!

The story in this book is good, and the dead body case took an interesting turn when the circumstances for the deaths were revealed, although I was not surprised when it came to whom was involved in it. Well, I did not figure out the whole plot, there were still some tings that happened that I didn't see coming. Still it was an interesting case. The missing fly case felt a little like a second case, not that important and not that big a mystery. Still, it served it purpose in the end.

I did, however, feel that the book becomes a bit slow now and then in the middle, but it picked up speed towards the end and it ended on a high note. There were, however, one part of the book that really got to me and that was Sean and his new "girlfriend" dealing with her dying cat. I have a serious problem reading and watching anything that deals with animals getting hurt or dies. But, at the same time, it dealt with really beautiful in this book because the cat was really loved.

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text 2015-12-31 07:47
Reading progress update: I've read 179 out of 400 pages.
Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow - Sidney Sheldon,Tilly Bagshawe

Last night I finally got back to this book. I mean I started it back in October/November and took a break because it pissed me off. But, I don't want to have it following me into 2016 and giving me bad conscious for not finishing it. So, I started to read it, and it still sucks.


I mean if you're going to pick up and write books based on another author, shouldn't you, at least, make oh let's see the characters act like they did in the first book by the original author. Instead of turning them into completely new characters. And, the jump from the 80's to present time is driving me nuts. I mean Jeff called Tracey baby in the beginning of the book. Baby? What is this, a chick lit? 


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text 2015-12-30 22:22
Reading progress update: I've read 132 out of 400 pages.
Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow - Sidney Sheldon,Tilly Bagshawe

Page 130: Thomas Bowers, aka Jeff Stevens

Page 132: Jeff Stevens, aka Thomas Bowers


What? Does the author think that the reader has forgotten that Jeff goes by another name and need to remind the the reader again? 2 pages later?


I so regret buying this book! 

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