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review 2015-06-25 21:57
Princesses Redeemed
Adventure Time 2: Pixel Princesses - Danielle Corsetto,Zack Sterling,Tessa Stone,Corey Lewis,Chrystin Garland,Pendleton Ward

For a twist on my typical Adventure Time review, this time I'm reading a comic dedicated to the lovely (or creepy or syrupy) princesses of Ooo.


In order to hang with all her fellow princesses, Lumpy Space Princess throws a surprise birthday party for herself.  When a few unenthusiastic princesses show up, she's less than thrilled and decides to give up princessing forever.


Seeing LSP's discarded star shaped jewel, BMO wishes to be a princess and Magic Man says, "Meh, why not?"


Trapped within BMO's game world, LSP, Turtle Princess, Skeleton Princess (my favorite), Embryo Princess, Muscle Princess, and finally, my least favorite princess of the day, Breakfast Princess, must defeat each level and save the princesses (pixilated versions of themselves) in order to escape. 


As with most AT comics there is a ton of humor, mixed in with nice messages about sharing, respecting others and not being a butt.  


Does AT hold up without Finn and Jake?  Yes.  Yes it does.  Applying the Bechdel Test to this and it's off the charts, we have very few dudes involved, all the challenges, whether they require brain, brawn, teamwork etc. are passed without any help from our usual heroes, the Princesses can easily hold their own.  They don't whine about broken nails or wait to be rescued.  They do fight and each Princess has her own personality and idea of what's best, but their conversation doesn't focus around men, in fact, I don't think any dude was even mentioned.  LSP and Bfast Princess both develop over the course of the comic and come to a better understanding of each other and none of the Princesses seem to have any thoughts of dudes coming to save them.


If only more authors would take a look at what AT creators are doing and take some notes.

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review 2014-01-20 00:33
Adventure Time - Pixel Princesses by Danielle Corsetto and Zack Sterling
Pixel Princesses - Danielle Corsetto

Lumpy Space Princess makes it just in time for the Princesses-only surprise party she planned for herself, but LSP is in for a huge drama-bomb...

Out of all the Princesses of Ooo, only five of them showed up:

 Breakfast Princess, the co-ruler of the Breakfast kingdom.


Muscle Princess!


Embryo Princess!


Skeleton Princess, the ruler of the Boneyard Kingdom.


Turtle Princess, LSP's bff.

Confronted by these events, LSP  decides she doesn't want to even be a Princess any more, and her star gem slides out of her forehead.
Little do they know, as this drama unfolds inside the party, outside BMO is heartbroken for not having been invited. He wishes with all his heart that he could be a Princess, too!
Unfortunately, BMO is overheard by Magic Man who decides to make his wish come true, materializing the Princesses inside of BMO.

Now the Princesses need to work together and discover their strengths to defeat five levels in a game inside BMO before his batteries run out. And, in doing so, come to terms with what really means to be a Princess of Ooo.

Bonus story:

Danielle Corsetto's Girls With Slingshots

Zack Sterling's official page

Buy Pixel Princesses
@ The Book Depository (with free worldwide delivery!)

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url 2013-05-13 16:02
Lançamento do PIXEL 3
PIXEL 3: Happy Xmas: Concurso de pequenas histórias lgbt (Portuguese Edition) - vários
"O espírito de Natal, sempre tão controverso, foi o mote para o Pixel 3, cujo tema teve inspiração na música Happy Xmas de John Lennon. Tal como nas anteriores edições do concurso, a vertente de histórias verídicas teve um peso relevante, e desta feita com um significado especial, por documentar um lado menos “feliz” do Natal. Esta edição contou com a participação de 27 autores, com 32 histórias (em prosa, em poesia e em vídeo/desenho), cumprindo o objetivo de ter histórias para além da forma escrita em prosa. Pela primeira vez o concurso foi ganho por uma história de ficção e isso deveu-se ao facto de as histórias de ficção terem atingido uma qualidade excecional, confirmando como excelentes escritores alguns dos participantes." Sad Eyes (blogue "good friends are hard to find")
Página no site da INDEX ebooks dedicada aos PIXELs:
Links diretos para download/encomenda:
(versão ebook)
(versão em papel, print-on-demand)
Source: index-books.blogspot.pt/2013/05/lancamento-do-pixel-3.html
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