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text 2017-07-27 04:19
4 Easy Steps in Painting Recommended by Commercial Painters Sydney

While some opt to hire commercial painters sydney because they are much skilled in interior and exterior paintings, as well as they, are aware of the trick which ensures their client a perfect finish that will last. Obviously, they get the best work, however, if you have lots of spare time and you are managing yourself to complete the job done, here we provide you with few steps. These steps are quite simple even you are not an expert painter you can finish the job as best as you can without spending much time and money.


Start with the basic preparation


Usually, the most basic are the things that most of us forget. So, try to imprints in your mind that when it comes to the painting of residential room or even in the big establishments – the commercial painters Sydney gives importance of cleaning the walls and the ceilings which can’t be understated. This professional always recommends a thorough cleaning because it can actually make a big difference between satisfactory and best one! So first thing first, sponges down the walls as well as the ceilings with water. You may use the detergent to remove the dust and dirt that has built up for too long. Clean up the residue at the same time collate all the sheets and begin the first painting.


Paint the Trim before the walls


In most scenarios, a painting company in Sydney suggest that when starting to paint the trim should be first before getting onto the walls and ceilings. Why? Because of it simply much easier to tape offs the trim compares to the walls. You may use a two-inch brush to get a perfect finish on the moulding, window and door frames. However, don’t stress much yourself if you get paint on the walls first. Subsequently, you have to wait for the next day waiting the paint try at this point you can tape it off and proceed onto the ceiling.


Rolling the Ceiling


When you paint the ceiling before you proceed to the walls you have to cut-in the perimeter of the ceiling using a painting brush. A cut of 3.5 inches is ideal! When rolling the ceiling use the roller paint in W shape when applying the paint perfectly as well as use roller strokes if the paint is applied excessively. Do it by starting at the corner and paint across the width of the ceiling.


Get busy with the walls


If the ceiling has already dried, proceed to the walls to get yourself busy. If you are working with the bedroom or living room it is best to go with the flat acrylic paint of low-sheen for the best finish. You can start painting at the edges using a brush, afterwards grab a roller and paint in M shape – a metre below the ceiling where you can apply perfect strokes. Likewise, you can move down a metre below for the next area and apply it all over until you have the best finish.


Check out some painting inspiration online, so you may have a vivid idea where to start and how to do it properly. So enjoy your DIY homework!


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review 2016-11-04 10:45
Optical Illusion (Paint #1) by Emma Jaye
Optical Illusion: An m/m romance (Paint Book 1) - Emma Jaye
I’ve always loved books where everything is totally not as it looks like. Well, Chris is definitely the one who can’t be cracked easily. Having a great deal of issues he keeps smiling, drawing and making the people around him happy, right till the moment anybody wants to get too close.
In the other hand there is Jase, who probably hates secrets more the anything and who would love to keep that pretty ass of Chris to himself.
What happens when ex-military who specialized on cracking hard nuts meets the natural liar? The hell of a mix of hot fights, great sex, that even hotter, and piece of information about what really could be hidden behind that cheerful smile we see on people’s faces.
Optical Illusion is hot, painful, definitely dark and the criminal tone adds to the main impression.
But keep your pity to yourselves, cuz Chris is definitely not the one who likes to receive it, maybe only after the hard spanking?
Source: www.goodreads.com/book/show/31417087-optical-illusion
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review 2016-11-03 15:32
Optical Illusion: An m/m romance (Paint Book 1) - Emma Jaye

***DNF 14%***

I had a problem with this book since the very beginning. I wasn’t horrified right away but the writing style doesn’t agree with me, and it made it complicated for me to focus on the story, because it was damn distracting and formulaic.

What do I mean with this?

The author tells things. Facts. Info. Then she tells more things. Facts. Info. Then some more. And more.

I’m reading a chain of events, but with no real meat beneath. It’s like: I wake up, I brush my teeth, I go to work, I come back home, I sleep. Maybe I eat 5 times a day.

But no soul, no emotion.

Jason is in love with his BFF, Matt. Matt rejects him. Jason goes into the Army. 10 years later, he survives an explosion. He is kicked out of the Army. He meets Chris Bacon in Matt’s wedding (oh, my heart, that hurts!), who is a reflection of Matt.

We are told several times how alike they are.

It sounds so sad and pathetic: Matt doesn’t want Jason, but no problem, because Chris is there to replace him. 10 years younger.

Such a coincidence! Such good luck! Win-win!

Needless to say, I was wary ever since.

Chris is sick. Chris is poor. Chris is awesome. Suddenly, everybody wants to have him in his house.

The envy of every abandoned dog.

He needs to go to the doctor, to Matt’s exgirlfriend, Sarah, who is a GP.

I’d have paid to see that doctor interview.

The medical stuff sounded so weird to my ears. Maybe it’s because of the language barrier, maybe it’s because the health system is different from the one in the place I live in. But things are not clear for me in this matter. It seems Chris only spends a little while in the consultation but then he has to have been for a longer while, because, he is given prescriptions for two antibiotics, vitamins, iron, and sleep pills. As simple as that.

The space-time sphere is so surreal in this book.

We are never told how Chris feels. Dizzy? Feverish? Does he cough anyhow? Does he suffers from fatigue? Malaise? Does breathing takes him a huge effort? Does he have any pain, in the chest, in the stomach, wherever? Questions, questions, questions!

Matt gets him and takes him to the doctor.

Out of the blue.

I mean, I had no hint Chris was sick until they go to the pharmacy, because we are never explained how Chris feels.

Describing how a MC feels in a romantic novel is so basic I have no idea why the narrator didn’t mention any of this. I’m not even talking about the feelings for another person but about the most elemental of sensations. Yourself, your body, your inner voice.

We only get to see how he runs super fast and gets into the nursering home to see Matt’s father. BAM. And how fierce and snarky he is. BAM. And how pitiful he is. BAM. Just because.

The character development was superficial at least.

Then they mention the blood transfusion.

“How he keeps up the pace when he’s still so anaemic I don’t know. Sarah said that when she first saw him, if she’d thought he would stay in hospital, she would have admitted him, stuck him on an antibiotic drip and given him a blood transfusion.”

That’s serious, it means the hemoglobin is very low, less than 8g/dl (in some cases, they are recommended with less than 10g/dl). If he needs to be admitted, then admit him. Period. And if he needs the transfusion, you give him the damn transfusion, you don’t dance around complaining to your exboyfriend about doing it or not because oh-so-poor Chris suffers so much and he is so pitiful and oh-my-god, how the hell did he do this all alone!

He ended up giving his own address, and the name ‘Chris Bacon’ but the lack of a date of birth and previous doctor details were a problem for the receptionist.

I don’t understand this. Why has Matt to talk with the receptionist? Wouldn’t it be more logical to be Chris the one who gives his own data (I take for granted that in the UK in the 21st century, people have a tendency to know)? When Chris goes out of the consultation, he gets out immediately, instead of going to reception in order go give such information.

Oh no, he doesn’t. Let’s keep the doctors (and the administration) in the dark.

We are ninjas, hey!


Everything is so DRAMA-DRAMA-DRAMA. I needed all of this to be proved, not to be magnified simply for a dramatic feel.

The scene that made me realize I wasn’t sure if I was reading romance or a children book was the vomit scene after the wedding celebration.

“Fucking wonderful. Consider my previous offer of a blowjob rescinded.”

“Aw fuck Tigger, do you have to say stuff like that?” Mike moaned.

Chris grinned to himself. Payback was a bitch. “You should try it sometime mate, it tastes a bit salty, bit slimy, like uncooked egg white with extra salt. If you swallow quick when it hits the back of your throat, you hardly...” The sound of an electric window motor came from the back, followed by retching.

“You caused it, you get to clean it in the morning,” Jase said as if he was discussing the weather.

“I’ll do it when we get home if you like.”

“When we get home, you are going to bed,” Jase said firmly.

“So do you guys want some real live bacon baguette for breakfast, while I get my runny eggs?” The sound of another window opening and two stomachs emptying was music to his ears.

1. I don’t get which is the topic of the conversation here.
2. It’s ridiculous how puerile jokes are still present in adult romances.
3. Why is Chris Bacon considered so cool by them all? He’s such a stupid arrogant brat.

I just that I have the feeling the author doesn’t read his own words twice. Doesn’t consider them first. I get the impression she just writes without stopping for a short while in order to wonder: “Does it make sense at all? Maybe this one sentence is distracting for the reader? Does this paragraph sound absurd anyhow in the big scheme of things? Do I really want to portray the characters this way? Can it be I’m taking it all too fast, or maybe too far away in the dramatic sense? Should I write this or that with more depth so that it doesn’t strike as too rushed and nonsensical?”. IDK, certain details give me red flags constantly and distract me from the main story.

We can’t like them all…


Review with Chelsea!

***Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***

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text 2016-10-25 21:07
Cut Down Your Utility Bills with Light Paint Colours

Every year, a large number of homeowners spend thousands of euros on home improvement. The most common and worthwhile home improvements till date has been a fresh layer of paint colour in your home. According to experts, a fresh paint job in your home can significantly increase the value of your home as compared to other home renovation projects. While a new layer of paint may increase the beauty of your home, it also helps to curb your utility bills, provided you choose the right wall paint colours. Here are some of the colours that beautify your home and help you save some green in your pocket:

Creams and Whites


Whites, creams, off-whites, ivory-white and other shades in the white family are light; they make a space look spacious and bright. Use these light shades for walls and especially ceilings to make minimum use of artificial light. They do not absorb light so keep the space well lit for longer without the need for artificial lighting.


Soft Pastels


Soft pastels paints such as; peach, aqua blue, mint, lemon yellow, etc give your home a cosy yet energetic to your home and simultaneously keeps your electricity bills low as light colours welcome natural light. To balance the brightness in the room, add furnishings in slightly darker colours such as earthy brown, wood brown, terracotta, etc.


Neutral Shades


When you’re confused with the type of colour you want to choose for your room or home, play it safe with a neutral shade such as browns, greys and whites (mentioned above). Neutral shades are light, not too tacky, are multipurpose, allow you more room to experiment with the interior and keep the temperature indoors cool.


Tips to Make the Most of Light Wall Paint Colours


1. Use softer shades of colours with an accent colour to tone down the brightness in the room. Too much light can be bad for the eyes; the glare can cause fatigue and be irritating for the eyes.


2. Use furnishings in darker shade of the same colour or a soft contrasting colour of the paint that will lift the ambience and aesthetic look of the room.


3. Preferably use colours such a blues and greens on the walls to keep the temperature indoors low. Dark colours aren’t reflective like lighter shades, so keep the heat trapped inside.


These paint colour tricks and tips are extremely helpful for homes in areas that face hot climates. So make clever use of colours; pick light paints, make your home beautiful and save some on your utility bills.


Visit www.ottawahomepros.com  and Find the best Home Painting Company Ottawa.

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review 2016-10-04 23:47
Somehow I feel like I missed something with this one...
Optical Illusion: An m/m romance (Paint Book 1) - Emma Jaye

If I was rating this book based strictly on Chris this would probably be at least a 4 star rating because I really liked Chris. Chris is a young man whose education came from the school of hard knocks and I think he may have repeated a year or two but in spite of all that he's a pretty upbeat and resilient young man. Along with a laundry list of medical issues Chris has been through some pretty spectacularly bad life events. So the fact that this young man keeps going, keeps trying and putting himself out there for the world to trample is pretty impressive.


Unfortunately my rating is for the book in it's entirety and  that didn't go as well. I had a bit of an issue with the fact that his half-brother Matt and Matt's best friend Jase who also ended up being Chris's boyfriend, not one but two of the people who were suppose to be looking out for Chris's best interest were also two of the people who drugged him. Yes, it was 'just a sleeping pill' and yes, it had been prescribed for Chris because on his laundry list of medical issues is insomnia and I have to admit I don't know about anywhere else in the world but where I'm from if you drug someone without their consent and they are conscious and you don't have medical PoA for them it's illegal. It doesn't matter how good your intentions or what your reasons were, so now we have 2 of the people that Chris is suppose to be able to trust that have not only betrayed his trust but I'm betting they've broken the law to do it.


I actually started out liking Jase but as the story progressed I felt like he shifted from being attracted to the Chris he met, to wanting to help Chris be 'the best person he could be' which not a bad thing until it started to feel like Chris being the best person he could be meant that he had to change and be the person that Jase wanted him to be, which meant no more GoGo dancing, no more wearing make-up. Really? Jase pick your battles in the scheme of things why does a little make-up matter? To me this felt totally like a control issue on Jase's part and this may well be my issue I'll take ownership of it but sometimes there's a fine line between helping someone and trying to control them and Jase crossed it on more than one occasion so his white knight armor got a little tarnished in my eyes.


The ending of this book is one humongous cliffie...I mean serious vertigo inducing, hang on to your stomach as you look over the edge of that cliff and I have to admit I'm not sure if I'm going to make the leap on this one or if I'll just cut my losses and walk away from the edge. i guess I'll need to think about it.


Optical Illusion was a story that should have pulled at my heartstrings, made me cry for all that Chris had been through. I should have been wrecked and yet filled with happiness that he found a good place. He found family, friends and a good man who was falling in love with him. I get that but you see the problem was I didn't "GET IT"...I didn't feel it. I saw the words and I understood the story, but I didn't feel the connection. I'm not going to say it was me but neither will I say it wasn't me. There are a lot of reviews out there from people who got it. They got the story and they made the connection but there are also ones who like me didn't.


I think it comes down to sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. In the end all we can each do is decide for ourselves.



A review copy of 'Optical Illusion' was graciously provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing in exchange for an honest review.


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