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review 2015-07-21 00:00
Try Me
Try Me - Parker Blue internalized mysogyny disguised as baddassery. not ok. made it to about 20% and just couldn't force myself any further. life is too short to read bad books. book three will have to sit on my kindle, unread, as a reminder against impulse buys.
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review 2015-07-20 00:00
Bite Me
Bite Me - Parker Blue 1.5 stars. Really bad but there's just not enough of it there to actually hate. It is a bad Buffy rip off. so much so that I'm not entirely sure why Warner isn't suing for copyright. Except Buffy at least had other females who helped Buffy. This book definitely suffers from the lone female problem.
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review 2015-05-20 15:14
Review: Catch Me
Catch Me (The Demon Underground Series) - Parker Blue

Once again, I really enjoy this series. It’s so much fun to read and to see the adventures that Val and her faithful hellhound get into.

This series is so underplayed that it saddens me. I want more people to read and know this series! It’s so awesome that I don’t understand why it isn’t promoted more! It’s is such a great series that I simply can not stop raving about it.

Plot: So as before, Val is in for another adventure and this time the vampires leader is missing. Not just missing but vanish into thin air. What?! Of course Val is on the mission and gets pulled into so much more. The plot os very detailed when it comes to action, characters and emotions. The reader is never left unfulfilled and if anything, if leaves you wanting more. I really enjoyed the movement of this series.

Val: Val’s position as the Palladin helps mold and shape Val’s character. She is becoming so much more mature with time and experience. I can safely say that I adore the way Val handles things. She doesn’t just do things on a whim but she thinks about it. She looks at both sides. Even when the decisions is tough, Val always does the right thing.

Love: FINALLY! I’m hoping that after reading all the jerk wads that just treat Val poorly, I’m happy to report that she finally has someone worthy of her. Just please cowboy, don’t mess this up. I like that there relationship is quite different. It’s feels more permanent. Like they get into arguments/fights but they still need each other. I can totally see them not only working together well but their love is blossoming.

Friends: After all the people that have abandon Val just because she is different or have used her, Val finally has some trust worthy friends! I adore that she is has people whom she can speak too and trust. Val does have a hurtful past and I’m glad that things are looking up for her.

End: Please tell me there is another book?? I can not bare it if it ends. There needs to be more. I can see Val growing and maturing so I think it will end soon but still, I want more.

If you love Richelle Mead (VA Series) or Jennifer Estep (Mytho’s Academy) you will definitely enjoy this series. Please give it a try!!

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review 2014-03-15 00:00
Magick Rising
Magick Rising - Parker Blue,Jodi Anderson,P.J. Bishop,Karen Fox,Evelyn Vaughn,Laura Hayden A received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.

I posted my review for this book a little late because somehow the file I downloaded was corrupted so I had to wait until I was sent an additional copy.

I have no idea why short stories get bashed so much for being short stories. That's why they are called short stories to begin with. I thought all the authors that collaborated in this anthology did a great job with the availability they had to create their stories. A mix of spellbound paranormal stories each author includes a taste of romance, comedy, excitement and intrigue all packing ten pounds of sugar into a five pound bag.
I really enjoyed the read and I look forward to reading more from all of them. Thank you Parker Blue, Jodi Anderson, P.J. Bishop, Karen Fox, Evelyn Vaughn, Laura Hayden for sharing your fabulous worlds with us.
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review 2013-12-19 00:00
Make Me
Make Me - Parker Blue Naaaa, me estás jodiendo? No puede terminar así. Pobre Val, no pega una u.u
Dios, Shade T_T
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