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review 2015-05-20 16:54
Perfectly Good White Boy by Carrie Mesrobian
Perfectly Good White Boy - Carrie Mesrobian


On Friday I remembered that I had book club on Sunday and that the author, Carrie Mesrobian was invited to talk about the book. I had a super busy weekend planned and knew that it would probably be near impossible to finish the book but I gave it a try because you're supposed to actually read the books for book club. I didn't finish the entire book by Sunday but the book was such a fast read that I made it far enough to fake it. I however, was honest to my fellow book club members and the author admitting that I was still reading the book (even though I peeked at the last couple pages so I knew the ending).

This is a book in a teenage boy's voice about having sex for the first time, figuring out what he's going to do after high school and just dealing with the day-to-day problems with family, work, girls and school like almost any other kid in this screwed up world.

My favorite parts of the book was when Sean was working at the Thrift Bin and looking for things to put on the breakroom shelf of weird donated items; million-year-old condom, crucifix made of wire hangers etc. I should do that with the things I find inside of books at the library (yikes). My other favorite scene was the first time he had sex with Hallie; oh the awkwardness of the condom. I also loved all the scenes with Otis - all of them.

The title of the book comes from the movie 'Better Off Dead' After Lane falls into a dump truck when trying to commit suicide off of a bridge; "Man, that's a real shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good white boy like that." I love that movie! Just not necessarily the title of this book. Did you know that authors aren't the ones that necessarily come up with the titles but that editors weigh in on the titles? Authors also don't have a lot of control when it comes to the cover art and I honestly said that I would have chosen the breakroom shelf as the cover.

I have given an honest review and rating of this book based on the superb writing of this story, even though I met the author Carrie Mesrobian at my book club and that she resides in my community. I recommend this book for older teens that are mature enough to handle the sex, drugs/drinking and swearing parts of the book.
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review 2015-03-12 09:45
Perfectly Good White Boy by Carrie Mesrobian
Perfectly Good White Boy - Carrie Mesrobian

I won this book in a Giveaway!


I liked this book...It was an easy read and really well written.  I don't know what it is really like to be a teenage boy so I'm not sure if it is accurate.  


It was and interesting story though.

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review 2015-03-03 21:12
Perfectly Good White Boy
Perfectly Good White Boy - Carrie Mesrobian

I loved Mesrobian’s debut, so I was looking forward to her second (unconnected) book. Sean is a fascinating character, and it’s a quick, tight read that doesn’t sacrifice depth. I liked the portrayal of Sean’s decision to go into the military, which seemed thoughtful and nuanced from my outsider’s perspective. I think Sex & Violence hit me harder emotionally, but this one is very good.

Source: bysinginglight.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/february-2015-round-up
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review 2014-12-05 23:31
Teen Tensions
Perfectly Good White Boy - Carrie Mesrobian

Pitch-perfect dialogue and narrative prose reveal teen culture and the journey of self-discovery.


Few adults have the spot-on sense of teenage culture that novelist Carrie Mesrobian has. Critically acclaimed for her candid young-adult novel, Sex & Violence, Mesrobian continues to study the late adolescent’s mind in Perfectly Good White Boy, another frank and unflinching book that looks inside the cars, bedrooms, and hallways where high-school seniors make some of their most important decisions.


The senior in question is Sean Norwhalt, stuck in the only wreck of a rental his post-divorce mother can afford and plagued by puzzles about girls, his family, his future, and, oh yeah, girls.


Sex is front and center in Mesrobian’s world, and Sean’s encounters are relayed in the authentically blunt voice of a boy who will suffer any indignity to satisfy the needs of what he calls “The Horn.” Much of the book is sexually explicit but never needlessly so. One of Mesrobian’s strengths is her clear understanding of teenage hookup culture, its excesses, and its limits.


For Foreword Magazine, November 27, 2014


Teen culture comes through most clearly in the pitch-perfect dialogue—including texting—that infuses everything from setting to character to plot. Teens talk, even when they don’t want to.


For instance, while Sean is feeling smug about seeing his ex-girlfriend on the sly, he finds himself telling a possible new love interest, Neecie, all about it. “I was dying to say something. Do my blurting thing … To explain why I jumped up and left her house like I had. To write it off like a booty call. Which it had been. Only I hadn’t known it, I guess. God.”


Sean’s story doesn’t follow a conventional dramatic story arc. While there are moving scenes, like when Sean reveals a buried memory to Neecie and she comforts him all night, no sex involved, most of the big growth moments—Sean’s decision to join the Marines, for instance—feel distant from the day-to-day world of text messages and beer parties. No doubt the effect is intentional in a story devoted to the disconnected feeling many teens have about the changes in their lives.


Perfectly Good White Boy does contain a few fairly violent scenes and emotionally mature discussions that might not be appropriate for young teens, but older high-school students won’t be shocked by anything that comes up here.

Source: www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/perfectly-good-white-boy
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url 2014-12-05 22:55
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