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text 2021-09-21 12:21
Enhance The Store Performance With Magento 2 Extension


Need Magento 2 Extensions?


Functionalities help to identify the opportunities. These opportunities enable the store owners to compete and win this rat race of numerous companies. Numerous organizations have been continuously looking for and waiting for opportunities like this. Store owners can understand today's trends and learn about the importance of Magento 2 extensions.


Magento 2 extensions are not just addons that can help you bring clients but they can also make your store technologically advanced that help you to build a strong relationship with the clients.


These help the store owners to achieve their dreams of cracking a plethora of sales. These open a plethora of new ways of doing business efficiently. But first, you have to decide if you want it or not. These can definitely help the store owners to lure internet users.


These are capable enough to bring some extraordinary results. Some great Magento brains came together and applied their knowledge and strategies to build these addons.


Here, you just need to have patience and try to find the most suitable company for you such as Webkul. Webkul is the most experienced and recommended company online for e-commerce software services such as Magento 2 extensions


Our experts help the store owners to add numerous new, unique and effective functionalities in the store. Store experience matters for both clients and stores. Store owners spend a lot of money to make their store more compatible with clients.


They want to spend any amount of money to give an amazing look and feel to clients So clients can get the motivation to buy the items and become loyal clients of the store. In order to offer an excellent experience store owners can try Magento 2 extensions that perform and manage entire operations excellently.


In this modern world, people have become more creative and businesses have become smart. These addons help the stores to offer superior quality services to their potential clients.   


Due to these functionalities, stores have become capable of encouraging people to think about buying services or items from your store. These make the environment so convenient for making a buying decision in your store visitors.


These addons are able to help store because some great Magento brains have made them capable of doing it by using smart and advanced coding and test the addons numerous times to make sure these work as expected.



Source: store.webkul.com/Magento-2.html
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photo 2021-04-24 07:47
When You Should Use A Plugin On Your WordPress Website

A WordPress plugin is a pre-written piece of code that adds new functionality to your site. Plugins can add a variety of small and enormous features to your site, from improving your page speed to transforming your site into an eCommerce platform. Use a plugin when there’s a reputable, well-maintained option that meets your needs. When it comes to building your site, you want to use trusted, vetted plugins. A good plugin should be well-maintained. With the proper development team, custom code can be a great solution to niche problems since it can solve your unique issue without adding bloat to your site. To get further insights, it is best to connect with the expert website designers in Salt Lake City, UT to get an idea about revamping your website. 

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photo 2021-04-07 06:56

WordPress’s extremely active community has produced an extensive library of plugins to easily extend WordPress’s functionality. Gravity forms allow for complex calculation forms and common form builds like contact us and employment applications. Yoast is one of the foremost popular SEO-management plugins. Elementor makes it simple to make attractive designs with a drag-and-drop interface. WooCommerce is intuitive and cost-effective for our small to medium e-commerce clients. WP Rocket is a must for optimizing cache management and therefore loading speed. Want to know more about these WordPress plugins? If yes then it is propounded to connect with the experts of a web development company in Westminster, CO

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text 2020-12-31 11:01
4 Features of SuiteCRM WordPress Customer Portal

We know the importance of portals in a business. The endless self-service options, integrations, and features simplify the business operations and keep the communication with the customers going. 


If you want to give your customers an enhanced experience, integrating a SuiteCRM WordPress Customer Portal would be a good trick. However, it is overwhelming to identify the features of a customer portal. There would be a list of must-have features, whereas the one that might be required but not mandatory. Also, the system would have some standard features. You might choose to customize the standard features or add additional customized features. Overall, you need to consider a lot of things before finalizing a customer portal, or you can go with a SuiteCRM WordPress Plugin that allows easy customization of features along with a set of quality integrated features.  


Below, we have explored a few SuiteCRM WordPress Customer Portal features and why your business needs them.


  • Organized Communication Channel


To keep the communication intact, you might have to consider customers, vendors, and partners. Besides, it could be one-to-one and one-to-many. Thus, if you integrate a portal, you will likely have to configure it for relationship settings. It has to be in a way that communication remains seamless. There are customer portals that are dynamic in terms of code. It means you can communicate without configuring the relationships with the contacts. The advantage is you won’t have to invest your time in handling the backend work or in discussion with the tech partner. 


  • Custom Module Support


SuiteCRM WordPress Plugin provides numerous modules. You can customize the modules as per your specifications or leave it as it is. Some SuiteCRM customer portals consist of all the required CRM modules. You only need to enable them to use it. To simplify it further, the portal provides an easy configuration method. You can directly configure the modules from the portal without the help of a technical person. The custom module will automatically be in sync with contacts and other data modules in the CRM. It means everything would be effortless. Also, you can update the front-end quicker with the WordPress admin. 


  • Case Deflection


Case deflection feature in SuiteCRM WordPress Customer Portal would allow your customers to self handle their queries. It will help customers to look for queries before generating a new ticket or case into the system. On the other side, your support team will be free of repetitive work instead can focus on more productive work. The feature would eliminate the need to solve repetitive questions. As for you, it would be easier to track your team’s performance.


You can enable the case deflection feature from the backend of your SuiteCRM WordPress Plugin. 


  • Dynamic User Accessibility


With all the configurable modules, you would want to provide your customers with accessibility. But for that, you would need a feature that allows you to give access rights dynamically to all the modules. It would be required for custom modules too. 


Not only access, but also you will have to restrict the access for specific modules for specific customers. Thus, a role-based access feature would be of more use. It will help you share the data with necessary users by setting the user group. The security will further strengthen the trust in the customer relationship.




These features are a must-have for your customer portal. It gives you the freedom to improve the SuiteCRM customer portal services without any configurations. However, the features of the portal should align with your business requirements. They should be in addition to other features like sign-in, notifications, contacts, etc. 


While choosing your customer portal features, make sure they are in accordance with your customers’ and employees’ needs. The satisfaction of both is mandatory for a successful outcome.

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text 2020-12-31 10:55
5 Features Every Real Estate Web Portal Should Have

Are you looking for a house? Google it. 


People are so used to the idea of the internet that they look for everything on it, whether it's searching for a website, product, real estate agent, broker, dealer, etc. The search doesn't stop here. In terms of the real estate business, the prospects even look for properties online. (In fact, NAR's statistics reveal that 95% of home buyers search online.) They don't feel like visiting 50 houses to confirm one. They rather prefer you having a real estate web portal development. A virtual space that shows them images, virtual tours, comprehensive study with ratings and reviews of the properties to create a final list or probably make a deal. 


And a SuiteCRM WordPress Plugin would be quite profitable.  Further, you can partner with a development company to help you in the customization. 


With the portal, you can easily advertise your properties and listings. Users can search for properties, book appointments, etc. Your team can focus on providing the users with the best possible properties. You will have a complete business flow process in front of you, in numbers and graphs. There's more to it. The CRM plugin will help you develop organized communication with the team and customers. You can access CRM data, provide customers with role-based access, and simplify the entire process.


And this is the right time to proceed with the development. The real estate industry's revenue is expected to be $4263.7 billion by 2025


So, what features should you incorporate in your real estate portal? 


  • Listing Comparison and Detailed Feature


After finding potential properties, customers want to compare the listings to confirm a suitable one. Make sure you include a feature that lets them compare the listings. It will also help agents to view the listings' statistics. 


Besides, a detailed listing page will further give agents an idea about places near the property, like schools, parks, grocery stores etc. Customers can view if they have all the specifications required nearby the property. You can add images and videos to provide a better description of the properties. 


  • Bookings and Calendar Synchronization


Let your customers book a visit or inquiry through the portal. Make sure you have a booking feature that allows customers to book directly. It will help you view all the bookings and plan your schedules accordingly. 



If you integrate the SuiteCRM WordPress plugin, you will be able to access the CRM data and sync it with your website.It will help you avoid double booking and miscommunication.


  • Alerts, Notifications, and Live Chats


Some customers might have shortlisted a few properties or booked a visit. You can send them notifications and reminder alerts about the same. Emails about the property sale, details of the property, or other news would be better for conversion. 


Also, ask your real estate web portal development to provide a live chat feature. It will enable your visitors to get answers to their questions. To make it more efficient and reduce the support team's work, you can integrate chatbots into messaging. It would automate customer service. 


  • VR Integration


What could be better than 3D property visualization? By integrating VR and 3D images, you can let your customers have a virtual tour of the property, right from their home. It will increase the chances of buying and the rating of the property. If customers know what they are buying, they will review it honestly. They might even refer you to others. 


  • Mortgage Calculators


It's time to free your agents of manual calculations. Automate the calculations. Let customers know the monthly payment, number of installments, and interest rate without contacting the agent. 


You can choose to go with a readily available solution. Or, you can choose to go with a solution as the WordPress CRM plugin that has a whole set of features and still allows customization. 


Bottom Line 


The feature list doesn't end here. You need to integrate marketing tools, rating and review, admin features, agents related, customer-related, and extras. A real estate web portal development company can guide you. 

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