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review 2018-08-19 05:33
A Nanny For Christmas: A Harper's Corner Series Novella by Christina George
A Nanny For Christmas: A Harper's Corner Novella - Christina George


In the court of public opinion, Willa has found herself in some serious hot water. In a world where image is everything, this small town girl has landed herself in the middle of a firestorm. All for trying to do the right thing. What do you do when the glamorous becomes too hot to handle? Reexamine the life you left behind. A Nanny for Christmas takes a look at the grass is greener theory. Life is tricky. Sometimes the dreams we thought we wanted are not the ones we need and happily ever after has been within reach all along. Short, sweet read.

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review 2018-08-19 04:27
Montana Wild (Small Town Romance Book 4) by Vanessa Vale
Montana Wild - Vanessa Vale


Even the most orderly person can need some housekeeping every now and then. Violet thought she had her world all figured out, until she received a distress call from a friend. Mike is the one that got away. The man her heart can't seem to forget. A doctor in need of a little TLC instead of a match he'll regret. From fun in the sun to temptation in the wild, Mike and Violet reconnect. If only he could move on from the past then their future might be set. Vanessa Vale takes a detour into wide open spaces with a helping of bruised and battered hearts. Montana Wild is a second chance that proves to be an adventure of the heart.

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review 2018-08-19 00:50
Going Down Easy (Boys of the Big Easy, #1) by Erin Nicholas
Going Down Easy - Erin Nicholas


Are they permanently in lust or accidentally in love? With a steamy backdrop like New Orleans Nicholas' works her magic. Going Down Easy is meant to be memorable and with a duo like Gabe and Addison, it certainly is. When a booty call becomes the real deal, there are tough choices to be made and long withheld truths to be revealed. If the spice of life serves as the food of the heart, Erin Nicholas' has cooked up a tempting treat.

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review 2018-08-18 21:52
Big Talking Man (Kings of Castle Beach #2) by Marquita Valentine
Big Talking Man - Marquita Valentine


A picture is worth a thousand words, but that picture isn't always a beautiful one. How is it that Ms. Valentine can break a heart in one breath and piece it back together in the next? Tate and Quinn are love at it's purest and it's most heartbreaking. Brought together by love, torn apart part by grief and given a second chance by hope. Big Talking Man is a complicated story that thrives on an abundance of emotion. What once was pure becomes unbearable after tragedy enters the equation. Now it's up to these lovebirds to stay the course or go their separate ways. With a hint at another precious love and a devotion that quickly envelops Marquita Valentine continues to be a must have on my bookshelf.

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review 2018-08-18 19:53
Billionaire Unchallenged: Carter (The Billionaire's Obsession #13) by J.S. Scott
Billionaire Unchallenged: Carter - J.S. Scott


Brynn and Carter are perfectly imperfect. They know how to put on a show for the world, but not how to be true to themselves. Billionaire Unchallenged is a masquerade. A hiding of the heart's desires, but a feast of sensual delight. Scott takes us beyond the jerk that tried to break up Jett and Ruby. Carter is full of love to give, yet afraid to let anyone get too close. Brynn wants to be happy, but is afraid of what that means. From the first eye link to the ensuing heartache, Carter and Brynn had me hooked on falling in love. J. S. Scott is not afraid of showing that in love, we have to expose ourselves to the pain in order to get to a happy ending. 

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