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review 2017-05-14 16:22
Zadri (Dragons of Preor, #5) by Erin Tate/Celia Kyle
Zadri (Scifi Alien Weredragon Romance) (Dragons of Preor Book 5) - Celia Kyle,Erin Tate

Delaney Cole found her mate among the Preor only to watch him die—through his own eyes thanks to the Knowing. Now, what’s she supposed to do when she discovers that her second mate is the male who’d killed her first? It doesn’t matter that he’s gorgeous, that his peach scales invite her touch, and his thick muscles make her fingers tingle with the need to caress him. She shouldn’t want such a violent, deadly male, but… she does.

Zadri was born a son of Syh, orphaned and unwanted, and he never imagined actually having a mate. Yet, Delaney is his. Yes, he was the one to rip out her first mate’s throat, but now that he has experienced the Knowing with her, he will not let her go. Her lush curves, inner strength, and unborn young belong to him—wholly and until he takes his final flight.

When others attempt to rip her from his life, he will explain the gravity of their error. Slowly. Painfully. He only hopes he can reach her before they escape.





I enjoy this series and this book is a very good addition. There is a nice build to the romance.


The hero is a sweetie. The heroine's back story is sad so it is especially lovely to see her get a happily ever after.


We get lots of couple time. Fun!

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review 2016-12-01 17:48
A Doctor In Her Stocking by Elizabeth Bevarly 4 Stars!
A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity) - Elizabeth Bevarly

This week's favorite romance pick will kick off a a count down till Christmas with Christmas/Hanukah/Festivus of all kinds reviews for the rest of the month. 


Elizabeth Bevarly writer fun, funny books. I like a lot of that around the holidays. 


I love a grumpy hero and here we have one who just adores our heroine. And why shouldn't he? She is great.


I have a soft spot for books where the heroine is pregnant but not with the hero's baby. Beverly gives me a romance I can believe in this lovely Christmas miracle love story. 




Single and pregnant, diner waitress Mindy Harmon might have been a little down on her luck, yet she'd still managed to keep her holiday spirit. But she was more than a little surprised when she opened her door on Christmas Eve to find ...Reed Atchison, M.D.--her gorgeous-but-grumpy customer--declaring himself her own personal Christmas present!

Reed had never been big on Christmas, but when he met Mindy--the beautiful mother-to-be who had so little yet gave so much--he became a believer. In roles he never thought he'd take on--like Dr. Husband. And Dr. Daddy?

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review 2016-08-07 04:42
Calm: Ice Planet Barbarians: A Slice of Life Short Story Ruby Dixon Review
Calm: Ice Planet Barbarians: A Slice of Life Short Story - Ruby Dixon

One morning, gentle Maylak wakes up and feels a sense of oncoming dread. As the tribe's healer, it is her job to ensure that everyone is safe, happy, and healthy...and they are.

So what can be threatening her people? 





A must read for fans of the series. We get a check in with all the couples and all the babies.


It is a nice peek at married love as well. Good stuff. 

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review 2016-07-03 19:24
The Alien King's Baby by Juno Wells, Shea Malloy Review
The Alien King's Baby: Sci-fi Alien Romance (Bonus Story: Trouble) - Juno Wells,Shea Malloy

He's tall, arrogant and sexy. He's an alien king who saved her life one moment then abducted her the next.

Oh, yeah, and she's pregnant with his baby.

Wait. What?

A receptionist at a straw supply company, Megan Landay is content with her ordinary life. Sure she still harbours some resentment toward her asshole ex, but that's normal. What's not normal is the sudden appearance of the skilled alien warrior, Mikaal Ahrisi. Even worse is his arrogant demand she stay on his planet long enough to give birth to his child.

The petite human female isn't Mikaal’s ideal choice as a mother to his offspring, but he no longer has a choice in the matter. Feisty and stubborn beyond reason, she's not like any of the women on his planet. Her presence in his life should be temporary, but as time passes he becomes uncertain if he should ever let her go.




The concept of this book was interesting but as soon as the actual romance gets going the book ends. No bueno. 

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review 2016-07-03 00:19
His Pretend Baby: 50 Loving States, Oregon by Theodora Taylor Review
His Pretend Baby: His Pretend Baby: 50 Loving States, Oregon - Theodora Taylor

So I was pretty sure my dead ex-boyfriend’s brother hated me…until he asked me to marry him.

And pretend his brother’s baby—which I’m carrying, BTW—is really his.

So now I’m suddenly the wife of a quirky tech billionaire, and falling in like with him so fast, it’s beginning to feel an awful lot like love. But we both have issues, and there are shadows creeping around the edges of our fledgling relationship. Can two people as different as we are make a pretend relationship real?

Find out if the Freak and the Geek can find their way to a happy ending in this unique standalone interracial romance. Perfect for those who prefer their heroines off-beat and their alphas super geeky. One-click now to discover why real heroes wear glasses





This is a really, really odd book. In some ways, those odd parts are great. I love the heroine. Her inner dialogue is great. The situation is crazy. She acts crazy.


Then, pour on the Harlequin Presents elements--the hero is a tech millionaire who is aloof. Marriage of Con.


Next, add race, gender, class, and ability into the swirl.


There is a lot of fun to be had but there are some glitches in the writing and some unexamined presentation of ability, race, class and gender which make the book go sour in place.


However, I did enjoy the crazy over the top of it all.


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