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text 2017-08-31 07:55
Princess Diana's Wedding Day Perfume: Everything You Need to Know


No wedding day is complete without a few spritzes of a bride's signature scent. Princess Diana did just that as she topped off her beauty look with a Houbigant fragrance before walking down the aisle at St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1981. While all eyes were on the bride's stunning dress, there was a beauty mishap that flew under the radar—until now.

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According to her wedding makeup artist, Barbara Daly, 20-year-old Diana wore her favorite perfume, Quelques Fleurs, on the big day. The makeup artist recalls the beautiful floral scent—which features notes of jasmine, rose, and tuberose—and the small accident that happened right before the bride stepped into the carriage to be escorted to the ceremony. Daly reveals that the young princess accidentally spilled the perfume on her dress after trying to apply it to her wrists. Daly quickly advised Diana to hold the spot where she spilled to make it seem like she was lifting her dress to avoid stepping on it. In one photo where the royal is approaching the altar, the makeup artist points out that you can see the very spot where the spill occurred because Diana's hand is over it.

The minor mishap went unnoticed by millions of viewers around the world, and her groom Prince Charles, as all eyes were on Princess Diana as she stepped out of her carriage and into the cathedral. According to People, Houbigant has launched that very fragrance within the brand's Quelques Fleurs collection—and if you want to get your hands on it, get ready to splurge. A 3.3-ounce bottle of the exquisite, royal-approved fragrance will cost you a whopping $600. And believe it or not, it's already sold out! Now that's what we call a perfume fit for a royal wedding.

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review 2011-08-08 00:00
Diana: Story of a Princess - Tim Clayton,Phil Craig I'm normally not one for biographies. I find most of the boring and hard to follow. This one wasn't boring, but it was hard to follow. There were too many name thrown out that half the time I felt like I needed to flip through the earlier pages just to see if this person had been mentioned before.

Not much new was revealed in this, I think mostly because it's not a new book anymore and most of Diana's life has been thrown out into the public, especially with the recent wedding of William.
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review 2011-08-03 00:00
Diana: Story of a Princess
Diana: Story of a Princess - Tim Clayton,Phil Craig I read this during a time when my fascination with Diana was at an all time high, right around the time of her untimely death.
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review 2011-06-07 08:41
Princess Diana
Diana: 1961-1997 Her True Story - Andrew Morton

Nothing new really, telling the truth I was disappointed. Well, it is reader-friendly, it has nice pictures and easy-to-read construction. But it doesn't give any new perspective or more comprehensive insight into what, why and how happened. All of the things and facts written in this book are know for years. It seems that Princess Diana is a kind-of-lucrative-theme-to-write-a-book-about. It's true that it's we'll written for younger adults but I don't think that it is worth to lose your time on this very book. Just omit it and pick another one.

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review 2010-01-30 00:00
Diana, Her Life In Fashion - Georgina Howell This is an good book to look at if you are interested in the beautiful clothing that Diana wore. There are many good color pictures, along with information about where/when they were worn, who designed, etc.The narrative, which follows the contention that one could see in later days how Diana dressed with intention to play for sympathy, or show her independence, etc., is a little much for me. I have a problem with the idea that dressing in pastels, etc., shows her play for sympathy as a wronged woman. I will go along with the dresses in her later life, esp. the little black "up yours" dress she wore on the night of Charles' famous TV interview and the shorter tighter and more flattering and adult dresses she wore after the divorce.An interesting read with great photographs.
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