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review 2017-11-11 16:32
Promises in Death by J.D. Robb
Promises in Death - J.D. Robb

A police detective is found dead in the basement of her apartment building and it looks like the killer used her own weapon on her. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called onto the scene as primary, and while all cases involving killed cops are personal, this one is even more so. The victim was Chief ME Li Morris's girlfriend.

I loved this book from first page to the very last. It was also tough reading it, but not because there was anything wrong with it, but because it was personal for me as well. I've come to know, respect and love these characters throughout the course of the series, so the bigger the impact of this murder, this case, was on them the bigger was on me.

It was a tricky one with no apparent motive or suspects, although I suspected who did it (not the why, though) from the very first scene the killer appeared in. It was tricky, it was tough, it was twisty, it was hard, and it packed an emotional punch for the characters and for the reader.
Especially in the end, when the motive turned out to be petty revenge...And an innocent woman lost her life (and her future with the man she loved) for basically nothing.

I loved how everybody came together to help when one of them needed it, I loved reading about how they intersect, how their relationships merge and mix together, and how they're there for each other no matter what.
And how drama and sadness was balanced by the lighter theme of Charles and Louise wedding preparations in the forms of their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. Those lighter scenes, complete with Eve's panicked fretting about having to spend some time mingling without the added buffer of her job, provided some much needed levity.

Well-written, emotional and dramatic with a wonderful cast of characters and the ties that bind them together. Loved it.

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review 2017-10-24 23:05
Different take on the fake relationship romance
Dark Promises - Winter Renshaw

Once again, Winter Renshaw gives us a beautifully written tale and characters that drive us crazy even as we can't help but root for them. Dark Promises is a different take on the fake relationship and the back and forth between Keir and Rowan kept the story moving along. There were times during this one that I honestly didn't care for either character and other times when I liked one more than the other, but they were certainly scorching hot together. I did find myself chuckling more than once with how Rowan kept bad boy, Keir, on his toes. Overall, the story did hold my interest and it was refreshing to get this different look at a fake relationship romance.


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review 2017-09-20 08:20
Promises - A.E. Via

This is A.E. Via as we know her. And that is a good thing!

The Bounty Hunters are all a bunch of big, strong, tough-guy alphas and when they pair up outside of work things get hot and explosive. Dana and Ford are no exception. They’ve been dancing around each other for years before the current between them finally gets to too strong to ignore and they jump in with both feet.

Of course, this is the Bounty Hunters, so there are also bad guys and plenty of gun power. The usual highly entertaining action-movie-in-a-book which I happen to like a lot.

However - apologies to Dana and Ford – but the very best part of this book were the hints/glimpses of Brian’s story which I so want to have. Like right now....

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review 2017-08-18 20:15
Much Better Example of Rule's Writing
Empty Promises - Ann Rule

I am starting to wind down with my true crime kick. I think I need to mix it up a bit, because reading about cases like this so much is a bit much for me right now.


These volumes always have a longer story that Rule focuses on and then some shorter true crime stories. The long one in this one is "Empty Promises" that follows the disappearance of Jami Hagel Sherer. Rule gives us great insight into a woman who is abused and what a toll it takes on her and those around her over time. She also gives us insight into Jami's husband Steve that stands accused of being behind her disappearance. I have to say that this one had a lot of things that I wish that Rule had went more into such as why in the world so many people kept covering for Steve. What about the other women that Steve abused. There also seemed to be some allusion that possibly Steve's father's suicide may not have been one and that he may have been involved with it.


I did love the look at the police and lawyers in this one since it was more organic how they were introduced in this book in this one. Usually Rule just throws out facts about these people and I find it just boring. 


The other stories in this volume really do get into love gone wrong. I thought that in each story there was a cautionary tale.


I thought that "Young Love," "Love and Insurance," and "The Gentler Sex" were the best of the shorter true crime stories. 


"Young Love" revolves around a boyfriend that is not willing to let his high school girlfriend go when she moves on to college. I am glad that this one had a somewhat happy ending.

"Love and Insurance" as really sad to me. A man we follow in this one we find out has cried wolf too many times to be believed when he should have been. I thought the backstory on this one was weird as well.

"The Gentler Sex" was messed up. Reading about two women who plan one of the women's husband's death in order to get his insurance would have been sad if it wasn't for the parts where Rule gets into what their ideas were for on how to murder. 


All together I think there were 10 stories, so definitely enough there and worth the price. 

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review 2017-07-23 03:32
Promise 3
Promises Part 3 (Bounty Hunters) (Volume 3) - A.E. Via

Nothing like an action packed novel with tender love peppered throughout. This book is perfect for a hot steamy night. Much like what we are having here in St. Louis, MO. For this book, we are heading 8 hours south to Atlanta.


The writing is solid, the plot is full to the brim with car chases, fights, and with enough of the sexy bits to please. The characters are well developed and they maintain their depth. I have enjoyed this series and it makes for fine rereading. There are only a handful of contemporary books that I can say that about.  


We are back with the Bounty Hunters, and as always they are in full swing. Ready to kick some bad guy ass. What can I say? I am a sucker for action. Let’s get some of the easy questions out of the way. Yes, Day and God make an appearance. I always like seeing old friends, even if it is briefly.


Dana. My sweet, goofy, shy Dana. He has some of the worst taste in women (there will be more about this later). He is a doll though. For me, he is the kind of character that fades in and out. I like him when I see him, and when he is not around, he fades to the background. I don’t think he means it. It is just part of his personality. His background is interesting compared to the rest of the group. While he doesn’t have post-secondary or a military background, he holds his own. It isn’t forced. I like the way he is. The development is good.

Dana is bisexual. The girlfriend (Jess) was a complete disaster. In fact she reminds me of a cousin. Whiney, high maintenance, sneaky, self-centered, greedy, snobby, etc. I could spend 30 minutes listing this woman’s (and my cousin’s personality flaws). On top of all of that, she was a bad lay. (I’d use a different word, but after all, I am a lady. She was not.) Oh, I forgot manipulative, that is one trait that is completely appalling. She was an albatross around Dana. Goodness. I was not sad to see her get what she deserved.



Dana has the biggest crush on Bradford (Ford) King. While I adore Ford, he is such a hard ass. I have never met a SEAL who wasn’t. Even the really old ones. He is the quintessential “daddy bear”. He is gruff, rough, tough, and above all, loving. Loyal and daring are as well. Those are qualities that, on occasion can be in short supply. He has it bad for Dana. Who wouldn’t though?


While I enjoyed reading about Dana and Ford, Brian (Ford’s brother) and Sway (Dana’s best friend) were so damn interesting. Brian has been a favorite since he was first introduced. I want to talk about him.  Selective mutism is very fascinating. His playful manner is intriguing. The fact that he goes from playful to soldier in an instant is completely swoon worthy. Sway is just a complete doll. She always includes a character that has a touch etherealness. This, I feel is where Ms. Via works her magic.


Ah, the next bit of magic is the end. It was so damn good. It was just what I enjoy in her books. Comradery, love, loyalty, and of course, the set-up. She gets me every time. Honestly I would not mind seeing this live action. Oh how I wish I could draw. I would settle for manga. This book is that much fun.  


Ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for action, love, tenderness, and big bear men. This is perfect. If you are looking for tall, dark, and mysterious; the side story is perfect. I am waiting with anticipation for the next installment.

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