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review 2018-11-22 19:43
Murder, She Wrote A Question of Murder
A Question of Murder - Donald Bain,Jessica Fletcher

Jessica and two other authors have been invited to a murder mystery interactive play. During the play, one of the characters is murdered, but he is murdered for real. Jessica is asked to help by the authors, friends of hers, and the detective from town who has been trapped with his men at the hotel. There is a freak snowstorm that closes the road up the mountain. 


I did enjoy the show, "Murder, She Wrote" and still watch whenever it shows on tv and I am awake (a rarity) and so these books are fun for me. 

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review 2018-10-26 11:12
1/0: "A Beautiful Question - Finding Nature's Deep Design" by Frank Wilczek
A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design - Frank Wilczek

(Original Review, 2015)

Just this morning my Chi Kung teacher at the Sheraton Hotel (I’m doing classes over there at lunch time), a Daoist (Taoist) monk, said virtually the same thing whilst quoting the Yi Jing (I Ching). In fact, the philosophy of movement underlying the entire system (often translated as Great Ultimate Fist) is based upon this principle. One might presume this aspect of human awareness reflects a primordial knowledge that precedes any particular culture's intellectual/philosophical continuum. Such primordial knowledge would inform and find expression in any sufficiently refined intellectual/philosophical cultural continuum. In fact, because this is so, this is where things get interesting. For example, I might speak of "the impossible contradiction of the infinite and the finite faced by Spinoza, theology and all previous idealist philosophies." And I might also say, "the integral components of a single unity within which the two opposites reside together in active unity and opposition, and hence in a logical contradiction."



If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

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text 2018-09-21 08:00
How to Crack an SAP BW Interview?

If you are planning to give an interview related to SAP BW interview question for any kind of job, then it is recommended that you do a little homework before you finally step out. You must give yourself a 'mock' interview. Your friends could perhaps help you with that. You need to be careful with the timings. Do not reach the spot at the last minute, as you may land up feeling nervous. Dress up appropriately, talk gently and walk confidently and needless to say, smile!


The first round of the interview will be made up of technical questions and these could be challenging. This may be divided into several rounds, and different lineups may be hard-hitting and lengthy too.


Make sure you have put in substantial efforts in your resume and it would be very closely examined. You may like to be a little crafty and customize it a bit also. You ought to be well aware of the content of the first few pages of your resume.


You must present yourself and your merits in an appropriate manner. Make sure you offer yourself exactly as per the needs and type of the job. In case of a junior level job, you should look keen and fervent. If you go for an interview for a higher-level job, showcase your experience, familiarity, and command over things. You may be given a specific situation, and then asked about your approach in resolving it.


Some interviewers will even base their questions on your resume, some on the present scheme status quo, and few on the management type practical questions.


Don’t project yourself as 'Mr. Perfect'. Tell them about your weaker points. This will also increase their confidence regarding you. Don’t give a hint that you have very limited grasp over customization.


In the subsequent round, the interviewer can test your caliber with the management related questions. Depending on how well you perceive these, could be easy to crack. They may be keen to know how well you will be able to cope up the team-work, besides knowing about your forthcoming objectives to be defined precisely. This is generally conducted by Venture supervisors/ Program directors, Project promoters, Patrons and other individuals. Some organizations even like to be a part of this interview on the same days and others may like to be kept on another day.


Only if you are applying as a full-time employee, that’s when HR round will test you. This is the final round. This is mainly designed to get a sneak peek into the background and life-history of the interviewee the dealing is finalized in this round generally, such as the working procedures, remuneration, plusses etc.

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text 2018-08-30 13:58
Quick Question

I post all my blog tours here as well but I was thinking about just leaving hem at my main page and just come here for updates and reviews and other book fun.

The reason is, that I don't want to bore or spam you full with all the blog tours, if that is not what you interested in .

So YAY or NAY on the tours...........


I mainly post them on here as well to keep my feed "busy" because we all know how I can be a flake and not post or read and update for weeks and than there would be huge gaps.

So either way be fine with me , I do whatever you guys like better ;) 

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text 2018-07-11 15:21
Parenting/baby question

This is a more personal post, but also related to my current reading.


Babies make me nervous. I'm not sure what it is about them, exactly, but I don't react to them the way nearly everyone else seems to - when there is a baby in the vicinity, I don't feel an urge to rush over, admire it, and ask if I can touch it. I didn't even feel this way about my sister's children when they were babies, although I was more willing to give fighting it a shot with them. My feeling about babies is one of many reasons I decided that I should probably never have children. Okay, so they grow up, but you have to get through the baby stage first before you can get to the rest of it.


However, the author of the book I'm currently reading seems to have felt the same way about babies and yet still wanted children so badly that she eventually tried in vitro fertilization. To me, there is a disconnect here, but the author doesn't seem to think there's anything odd about, on the one hand, wanting children really badly and, on the other hand, not really wanting to be around babies (in her words, she was "scared" of them). So I'm wondering, is the disconnect on my end? Does having kids even though babies freak you out make sense to other people?


Not that this will change my mind about my own decision not to have kids (I'm seriously fine just living with pets), but I'm curious.

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