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text 2018-07-03 13:24
Where to Apply for Personal Loan in Bangalore?

Bangalore or Bengaluru, also acknowledged as the "garden city" of India, is a historic center of India where people would find enchanting and beautiful places like Lalbagh Garden, Bannerghatta National Park, Cubbon Park, Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace, etc. Not only concerning history but Bangalore has been a leading city concerning public sector companies, software companies, telecommunication, aerospace and defence organizations. 


The demand for Personal Loan is growing day by day. A Personal loan is readily available and usually based on the borrower's ability to pay back. Personal Loan in Bangalore can be availed easily if an applicant is seeking for a loan in Bangalore and wants an Instant Personal Loan the Rupee Station can fulfill the need.


Why do I Require Personal Loan?


Instant Personal Loan in Bangalore can be availed for various reasons. People need a Personal Loan for critical use like:


  • Moving to Bangalore
  • Wedding in the family
  • Medical crisis
  • Education
  • Home renovation
  • Small business management
  • Debt consolidation
  • Holiday


Documentation and Criteria to get Personal Loans in Bangalore:


To apply for the personal loan less interest rate Bangalore, the applicant has to fulfill primary documentation and criteria. The guidelines which the user should follow are:


  • The age of the candidate should be 21 to 60 year of age
  • An applicant who is a salaried individual with a minimum income of Rs 15,000 is eligible.
  • The applicant should stay in the city for at least 1 Year
  • The total experience in work should be at least 2 Years
  • Documents containing address evidence, identity verification, latest bank statements, etc
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Pan Card copy
  • Passport, drivers license, school certificate or Adhaar card


At Rupee Station we offer:


  • The lowest interest rates on Personal Loan
  • Affordable EMIs
  • A secure and simple documentation process
  • Simple and effective method
  • Quick and fast documentation with prompt approval
  • No hidden charges
  • Collateral free
  • If the applicant has a low cibil score then also they can apply for Personal Loans in Bangalore


The applicants need to be applying for the loans online with Rupee Station, which they can easily do in less than 2 minutes. It is important for them to fill up an online form and then submit the required documents. We would also recommend you to check your CIBIL score and eligibility criteria before you apply for personal Loan in Bangalore today. Just after you have applied for it, there would be a quick verification of the documents. Rupee Station would review the application and will give a decision within a few minutes. The loan is then disbursed within two working days.

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review 2018-06-27 13:57
Instant Pot Recipes
Freestyle 2018 Instant Pot Cookbook: Quick and Easy Freestyle 2018 Instant Pot Recipes - Donna Maria

I was not thrilled with this book and was not happy with the way it was set up. It provided recipes to make to help with weight loss using an instant pot (another item I am not thrilled with). 

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review 2018-06-22 15:59
Mystique by Amanda Quick
Mystique - Amanda Quick

Hugh the Relentless wants to become Hugh of Scarcliffe. To accomplish that, he needs to appease his superstitious villages by finding a green crystal that's been recently stolen from the Scarcliffe convent.

The green crystal was briefly in possession of Lady Alice, a sharp-tongued beauty that's determined to strike a bargain with Hugh. She'll help him locate the stone, if he helps her and her brother leave their uncle's manor.

This was almost an exact copy of Desire with the long-suffering, knightly hero becoming saddled with an opinionated, rather spoiled, and entitled heroine with a sharp tongue, reckless impulses, and (at least from what I've seen) not much wit.

The romance between Hugh the Relentless and Alice the Relentless Pain in his Butt left much to be desired, since the heroine was so bloody annoying, I couldn't comprehend what drew Hugh to her and Hugh being so goddamn bland, I couldn't comprehend what drew her to him.

The suspense was the saving grace of this story with motives and suspects galore, and the mystery involving past sins and the Stones of Scarcliffe was nicely intriguing. Unfortunately, it couldn't compensate for the lack in all other "departments".

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review 2018-06-21 16:11
Desire by Amanda Quick
Desire - Amanda Quick

Clare, lady of the Isle of Desire, has no other choice but wed. What little choice she does have, will be spent on choosing the right husband, following a specific "recipe". All she needs are suitable candidates; they must not be big, they must be kind and have a pleasant disposition, and they must read.

Her liege lord sends her only two possible candidates. Sir Nicholas is out of the question, since he's an idiot, while Sir Gareth, the knight they call the Hellhound of Wyckmere, will not do either. He's huge, too serious and appears emotionless...But at least he can read.

I like medievals; the pageantry, the hulking knights on huge warhorses, the swords, the damsels in their girdles and wimples...This one only had the hulking knight on a huge warhorse and his sword.

I liked Gareth. He was the incarnation of a still water running deep. He was honorable, protective, smart and cunning...And unfortunately saddled with an idiot for heroine.
I couldn't stand Clare. For someone who prided herself on her intelligence, she sure could act stupid and shrewish. I'm sure she was supposed to be a feminist, but her "smart, strong willed" tantrums landed her in the entitled and opinionated bitch territory. She was impulsive, she never thought before she spoke, and her stereotypical view of knights (even the one who has sworn to protect her), coupled with her idiotic fantasy of the "dream man" got old really fast.

The resulting romance between the poor guy and the somewhat TSTL shrew made me wince, the "suspense" was predictable (you could see the villain and his "accomplice" from a mile away) and too short-lived...The majority of the story was spent on the two protagonists getting to know each other and Clare being Clare. With a different heroine, it might've been entertaining; with this one, it was just painful.

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review 2018-06-14 18:51
Beyond Bored
The Girl Who Knew Too Much - Amanda Quick

I don't have much to say here. This book took me almost three days to get through because that's how boring it was. Taking place in the 1930s, I was expecting to see some language/slang from that era. You don't get that at all and just have a woman on the run (who decides to reinvent herself as a reporter) and a former magician (yeah I know) getting caught up in murder and mayhem.


Irene (formerly Anna) is pulled into investigating when a woman turns up dead in Burning Cove, CA. The woman is found dead at an exclusive hotel run by Oliver Ward. Oliver is angry that someone dared to murder someone on his grounds. Irene is hoping for a story that is going to launch her career. 


Irene and Oliver felt like cardboard cutouts when compared to Quick's Regency heroines and heroes. We get I think one love scene with them and I think after that everything is just a fade to black type thing. I don't even get why they were attracted to each other. Oliver being an ex-magician should have been more interesting than what we got. 


There are also too many secondary characters to keep track of while reading this book. You have Nick Tremayne (up and coming Hollywood actor), his assistant, Irene's boss, a hired killer, the hired killer's father, Oliver's close associates (who I refuse to look up) and at a certain point I ceased to care about keeping people straight in my head.


The writing was not typical 1930s. I was hoping for a screwball comedy type writing (think His Girl Friday) or some typical noir mystery book that would have fit in perfectly.


The pacing was awful from beginning to end. When you think one mystery is over, the second mystery jumps in and it goes back and forth. I still don't know what happened and who did what to who except in one of the plot-lines. Maybe that was the issue, we had too much going on in the first book in this series.


Burning Cove, CA is the setting of this book and it did not come to life to me at all. You would think there would be some hint of the Great Depression or the second World War. The whole book felt weirdly out of touch with the time period being depicted.


Hard pass. 

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