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photo 2016-07-21 03:41

A Portuguese online bookstore was asking people on FB for the prettiest book cover that we have on our shelf's.

As in one book cover -_- LOL

Ah! Are you kidding me?

Just now I am thinking about Mercedes Lackey "Five Hundred Kingdoms" series.

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photo 2015-03-25 20:16

I normally don't make any plans regarding what I will be reading _ or attempting to _ in the next few days, or weeks, because I tend to fail those plans big time :/

However since I am currently in a really bad reading phase, in which mostly everything that I read through netgalley or edelweiss sucks, I decided it was about time to pull the big guns, and start re-reading favourite books.

As such, I've started with Lisa Kleypas, Hathaway series, and I also intend to re-read my favourite book of last year, Radiant.

The fact that I caved and downloaded an arc of the sequel through Edelweiss also has something to do with it. But unless the world collapses, I don't see how the sequel can be a disaster, because for me Radiant is on the same level as Susan Ee's Angelfall.


The only negative point is that I don't have anyone else to gush over the book with o_O

That is weird.


Then despite all the drama and insanity, I have Kim Harrison's book to read _ I really want to know how the series ended _ so I better hurry with the next volumes.

Seanan Mcguire's book was a birthday gift from a friend _ I have it since July! _ and I don't know why I still haven't read it...oh, I know, I have been wasting my time with crappy books.


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photo 2015-02-05 20:15
Kevin Hearne's book
And because the horse's (?) face is priceless

Book pictures! :D

Kevin Hearne's book is the first of a series that I've been meaning to start for awhile now.

As things are, maybe I'll be able to start it next year...

Mercedes Lackey book is part of a series that I have been following _more or less, The Five Hundred Kingdoms _ some are favourites, like the first, "The Fairy Godmother" or the one about Sleeping Beauty _can't remember its name now _ others were okay like "One Good Knight", and others were a little: ???? (the third of the series).

Then because I requested the third of Sharon Lee's book I thought it probably made some sense, to you know, read the first two o.O

On the positives, I think I may have found a favourite new series: because let's face it, I still don't have enough of them! lol

On the negatives: MORE SERIES TO FOLLOW!


Carla M. Soares book has been getting a lot of positive comments _ okay, mostly by Portuguese people, because its actually written in my own language and I don't think there's any translation to English _ so I have big expectations for it, mainly because with the exception of Portuguese classics, I normally don't read Portuguese contemporary books .since they tend to get on my nerves with their: "we are sad, and bleak, and deep...and literary, and you'll have no pleasure while reading us, because WE ARE THAT GOOD."


As a side-note, I only bought it because it was half the price...also the writer who is on Gr's _ a teacher _ seems actually like a nice person.


p.s. Yes, I am a book snob when it comes to Portuguese literature. :/




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photo 2014-06-24 20:37

Ugh, the moment one realizes that quite a number of people have been replaced by aliens with the substance of clouds... and pastries.

Stop with the JG references!!

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photo 2014-04-15 05:22

So I made this…wrote this poem tonight. It sort of just came out, not sure if I actually feel this way or not…I think I’m a little bit depressed or disappointed with life I guess. 

Anyways the artistic border is not of my doing…I found it on google images and thought it made the poem look less depressing. I don’t even know if the poem makes any sense. 

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