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review 2017-11-23 20:56
A haunting we will go, a haunting we will go...
Love Wanted - John Inman

What I thought would be a sweet and different story for me just turned out to be a train wreck.  I thought the concept for this one sounded different and interesting but when I got to it...for me this just didn't work. I really couldn't buy into the whole concept of why Mr. Stanhope was doing what he did...even suspending my disbelief my brain still said..."Nope, not a chance...this is so bogus." I just couldn't get my brain around it and then there was the ghost...I've read a few books with ghost in them and I knew there was one in this book but damned if I could buy into all the stuff that this ghost could do and quite honestly I really didn't care for him...nor did really care for most of the characters in this story...so in a nutshell, this one just wasn't working for me on a whole lot of levels.


What it comes down to for me is that sometimes a story can be hit or miss and this time around it was definitely a miss but on the upside I got to listen to a new narrator and....


Truthfully for me the best part of this book and probably the reason I finished it was that I listened to the audiobook which was narrated by new to me narrator Eziekiel Robison who did an awesome job with the narration on this one and I honestly enjoyed listening to him as he read this book. I liked his voices and the fact that he kept them unique, clear, expressive and consistent all combined to give me an enjoyable listening experience and even thought the story didn't work well for me...the narrator did just fine and I look forward to enjoying future books narrated by Mr. Robison.



An audio book of 'Love Wanted' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-11-23 20:06
'Love in Laguna' has definitely been a hit and miss series for me...
Fool of Main Beach - Tara Lain

The first four books have garnered anything between 2 and even 5 stars as a rating from me.

'Fool of Main Beach' just had too many things that appealed to me, so when the chance came along to check out the audio book and the narrator was an 'almost' new to me narrator...K. C. Kelly, whom I've only heard narrate one other audio book. I decided I needed to go for it...so we're heading for Laguna Beach and the men who live there.

So let's start with what I love...

First off this is one of those series where we get a different couple for each book but we also get to re-visit the men from the previous books so the new and the familiar...one of my favorite things.

Dogs...lots and lots of dogs...come on we all know dogs make everything better and this one has dogs in spades.

Totally unlikely MCs...I love it when an author takes 2 characters who on paper are just never going to happen...they have nothing in common, their connection defies the obvious. 

Diverse and interesting secondary characters...this one has those in spades from the collection of acting industry people to Merle's family to Tom's family and let's not forget the men from the previous stories. 

Most of all I quickly discovered that what I loved the most about this book was Merle and Tom...but especially Tom. I'm not even sure how to explain Tom and all the feelz I have for him. Truly we would all be better people for having a Tom in our lives. Tom is sweet and honest....so guileless and absolutely so much more than he appeared to be. Tom would be the kind of friend that anyone with a brain would treasure and that any parent worthy of the name would cherish and be humbled for having played a part in gifting the world with.

Ok, let's move on to Merle because honestly I could probably wax poetic about Tom and why I love him all day but I think I've made my point Tom is awesome but in his own way so was Merle.

Merle is the star of a television show and he aspires to star in movies but more importantly Merle is at his heart an sweet and gentle soul looking for the right person to love him. It just takes him a bit of time to realize that finding the right person to love him means looking not at the package but at what lies inside...although it might not hurt that Tom is also very nicely packaged...he's big...as in tall with all kinds of lovely ripped muscles and the face of an angel and he thinks that Merle is so beautiful and talented. 

I loved that no matter where things were at between these two men if one of them needed help the other one dropped everything to get to them as soon as possible. I loved how Merle saw and never lost site of Tom...not the superficial that people saw at first glance but the man who saw the world just a little differently from others and whose honesty is both guileless and refreshing. 

Merle and Tom are in many ways as unlikely a pairing as a person could imagine and their story from when they are brought together when Tom first rescues Merle from an act of bigotry and hatred. As they become friends then friends with benefits continuing to rescue each other, Tom and Merle find their lives becoming increasingly entangled and yet in spite of the fact that both claim a relationship between them would never work, neither of them is willing to truly give up the other. 

I really enjoyed listening to this story on audio. K.C. Kelly's narration was well done and really added to my enjoyment of the characters and the story in general and easily ticked off those boxes in my 'things I look for from an audio book' list. 

'Fool of Main Beach' is a sweet, feel good, hurt/comfort romance that at times had me laughing and there may have been a tear or two as well and without a doubt this is one of my favorites from this series.



An audio book of 'Thief of Main Street' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-11-23 19:46
Have you ever wondered what would happen if an elf, a vampire, a wizard and a werewolf met...
Out of the Ashes - Ari McKay

...while I can't honestly say that I have...I can say that it was hella' good fun finding out.

The last thing alpha werewolf expected to find when he returned home was 5 dead pack members and the rest of the pack missing. In need of help to find his missing pack Eli heads to the pack in Asheville and the supernatural community located there. When the supernatural council turns down Eli's plea for help...all except for one person...half-elf, Arden Gilmarin. 

As soon as they shake hands Eli knows he's met his mate...something he neither wants nor believes he needs. As Arden and his friends, the vampire Julian and a wizard named Whimsey work with Eli to figure out what's happened to Eli's pack, Eli begins to find it harder and harder to ignore his inner wolf's demands to be with it's mate. 

While Arden knows that he wants Eli as soon as they meet what he doesn't realize is that they're mates. 

I really enjoyed this story. It held my interest from start to finish. Both the storyline and the characters. The pace was fast but not excessively and the mystery and romance were woven together seamlessly. But even more than the story I loved these characters. Arden with his sweet caregiver ways, Eli with his gruff, alpha behavior and determination to keep Arden at arms length, Julian the mysterious vampire who keeps his past a secret and while he's not as open about his feelings as Arden or Whimsy it's still abundantly clear how much he cares about his two friends and the wizard, Whimsy. Whimsy is absolutely adorable and totally a spitfire...seriously don't mess with his friends because he will curse your sorry behind.

This was only my second time listening to an audio book narrated by Andrew McFerrin. I have to admit I was to say the least impressed by this narrator and the challenge he had narrating this story seriously there were a lot of speaking parts in this with a lot of different characters and Mr. McFerrin did a pretty impressive job giving them all their own unique voice and just keeping it straight as to which voice belonged to who and in how wonderfully expressive they were and this all combined to make one of the funnest audio books I've listened to in a while. I can definitely see me listening to this one again. 

Best of all 'Out of the Ashes' as well as being one of the books in Dreamspinner's 'Dreamspun Beyond' series, this is the first book in Ari McKay's 'Asheville Aracana' series and I'm definitely looking forward to whatever comes next whether it's Julian or Whimsy or even someone new, I'm on board for what comes next from 'Asheville'.



An audio book of 'Out of the Ashes' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-11-23 19:43
And the G-man is back...
Nobody Rides For Free - Neil Plakcy
'Nobody Rides For Free' is the second book in Neil S. Plakcy's 'Angus Green' series and I have to admit this one was a tough go for me. Try as I might I just couldn't get into the story and for the first 60ish per cent of this book I was on the edge of calling it quits and probably would have if it wasn't for the fact that I like the author's writing style.

Truthfully once I picked up the book and got reading it was ok. The real problem came whenever I tried to go back to reading after having to set my e-reader aside. A lot of the time I found that going back to the story took more effort than it should have, but once I got there things moved along and I found myself wanting to read...just a little bit more.

I have to admit if this had been a book that I bought rather than one that I'd requested for review I very well might have DNF'd or at least entertained the idea a bit more strongly but in all fairness when an author and/or a publisher is willing to provide me with a copy of an e-book or an audio book I feel compelled to do two things...one is to at least read or listen to the story from start to finish, the second is to be as fair and unbiased in my review as I can...so having said that let's go back to this story.

While I found the first part of this story to be a bit dry at times, it was also necessary. We're given an update on Angus from where we left him at the end of 'The Next One Will Kill You' as well as a lot of background for the current story. We meet some new characters and get a glimpse of some characters we met in the first book...so all in all in spite of the fact that for me the first part of the book was dry and at times a tiny bit boring...definitely necessary and in all fairness to this story not everyone is going to share my feelings about the first part of the book...hell, maybe not anyone will and that's ok, it's just happened that for me it didn't go so well...but let's move on from there and talk about....

The reason that I'm glad I stayed with it and finished the book and that reason would be the last 30 to 40 percent of the story. For me things picked up...like seriously picked up. The mystery which I was already a bit invested in started to get even better and really come together...there was a hella' lot going on here and while it may not have seemed possible initially...in the end everything pulled together and there were some surprising connections to be made. Best of all Lester and Felix...these two made my day. One returned and the other survived and ended up in a far better place...yeah, that's right if you want to know more you'll need to read the story because I'm not telling.

I only had one small niggle with events of the second part of this book and to be honest it's something that struck me as not being quite right but maybe, it was ok...so, I'm not willing to let it spoil the last part of the story for me and on the other end of things while it isn't a part of my overall rating of this book I strongly recommend taking a moment to admire the cover of this book and actually the first book as well. Book covers are a thing for me and whether it's a DTB or an e-book I love indulging in taking the time to admire or possibly despair over. 

By the end Angus had once again won me over and I have to admit if I'd done a DNF on this one not only would I probably not be continuing with this series but I would have missed out on the best part of the story.


A copy of 'Nobody Rides For Free' was graciously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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review 2017-11-23 19:37
Ok, it's official... 
Michael, Reinvented - Diana Copland,Michael Pauley
I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to re-reading it's not something I'm prone to doing but let me read a book and then listen to it on audio and I'ma happy, happy girl. 

Normally for me to want to re-read a book it's got to be something that's totally beyond even 5 stars and while there have been a few...it's truly something that's far and few between. However, what I have discovered since I've started listening to audio books is that if I've read a book I love being able to enjoy the story over again through the audio version and truthfully I've listened to more than a few of them more than once. It's become a pretty routine thing for me if I'm going to be quilting or doing some other craft to get myself set up and then pick an audio book to listen to. It's like having the best of all possible worlds since I love to do crafts but I also really love my books and 'Michael Reinvented' is going to be another one of those books that I can happily see myself enjoying over and over again as I indulge my creative side with one of my needlework projects.

I loved reading this story and finding seeing how Michael and Gil move from friendly antagonist to friends and lovers. Michael Pauley is once again the narrator for this installment in the 'Delta Restorations' series and I really enjoyed listening to his narration...to the point that when it got to that part in the story that had my in tears when I read it once again I had to pause and reach for a tissue because there the tears were there and I was every bit as moved as I had been the first time around. Of course I also found myself laughing out loud when Michael met Gil's cat.

My thoughts on this story really haven't changed from when I originally reviewed the book back in April of this year...so if you'd like to check out my original review, here's the link...
Original Review

I've listened to a fairly wide range of books on audio over the past year or so and one of the things that I've come to enjoy are stories such as this...sweet, romances, with a bit of mystery, no real angst and just some really enjoyable banter between the characters. For me these stories are fun, relaxing and just so easy to let my mind sink into and I'm really looking forward to seeing who's story comes next and what's in store for all of the men of Delta Restorations.


An audio book of 'Michael Reinvented' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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