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review 2019-01-24 01:32
Voltron v3
Voltron Legendary Defender volume 3: Absolution - Mitch Iverson




The art in these volumes never ceases to amaze me. So brilliant and accurate.

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review 2019-01-23 18:36
It's a dragon thing...
Falkrag - Jaye McKenna

It's taken my dragon read buddy Josy and I since last August to get to this story but anything worth having is worth the wait or at least it was this time around...


'Falkrag' is the fifth book in Jaye McKenna's 'Wytch Kings series and while I have thoroughly enjoyed the first 4 books this one definitely moved things up a notch. In Falkrag the war with the Wytch's Council is heating up and Prince Shaine, who's only recently been freed from their control is desperate to show his loyalty to his family and friends...to those who would see the Wytch Council's Reign brought to an end. It's this need to prove himself that pushes Shaine to head out looking for a weapon to give his brother and their allies an advantage.


When Shaine gets attacked by a wild Rhyx (think wolf version 2.0) and succumbs to his injuries it's up to Vorri, a Rhyx shifter to save him but Vorri has his own mission to find his brother, sister and the other missing hunters from his pack. But it's not in Vorri to just ignore someone in need of help...someone who's life hangs in the balance. 


As Shaine begins to heal he and Vorri get to know each other and a bargain is struck to help each other...a bargain that could mean the success or failure of both their goals. 


This one was just so, so good. I loved Shaine and Vorri they were an excellent pairing and I loved how they worked together. From saving lives to trying to find weapons to win a war they worked as a team caring for and helping each other no matter what the cost. 


As Vorri and Shaine find success in their separate missions it also becomes clear that their task are woven together and that success for one for one of them will bring success to them both.


'Falkrag' is a pivotal point  for the war against the Wytch Kings and while there's a lot happening that's crucial to the war each story has contained a solid and strong and very enjoyable story about finding love and it's all woven together to create an excellent adventure filled with DRAGONS!!! Sorry but dragons!!! They're like my kryptonite!!! and these dragons are some of the best that I've found in a while.  There's a new alliance forming with a common goal to see the fall of the Wytch Council.


If you love fantasy and enjoy dragons you'll want to check this series our if you haven't already but start at the beginning because you won't want to miss any of this it's all to connected and just way too good.


Hey Josy, thanks for sharing yet another dragon adventure with me. I can't wait until the next one by the way and we hopefully get to see what happens when the dragons and rhyx go to war against the Wytch's Council..



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review 2019-01-23 17:07
My first buddy read for 2019...
Suspicion - Eden Winters

It's always good to start the year of right and that's what me and my buddy read group did. We started our buddy read adventures for this year with Lucky and Bo.


'Suspicion' is the seventh book in Eden Winters 'Diversion' series and it is every bit if not even better than the first book. I've been reading this series since it first came out back in 2012 and I have every intention of being there until the end...which hopefully won't be any time soon. 


I love Lucky and Bo, they are absolutely one of my favorite book couples and like good wine they've only improved with time. I love their banter and snark. I love how they know each other and how things work between them and that's only gotten better with each story.


There was a lot going on in this one as is usually the case with these men and I really can't stress that if you haven't read the first 6 books in this series I strongly encourage doing that before getting into this one.


So now here's where I get lazy because I see that some of my buddy read friends have already done all the hard work and written awesome reviews for this one so I'm just going to say that I really, really loved it and reading it with my besties who also loved this series only made it that much better so here the links to some already written awesome reviews by my friends...Christelle, Josy and Simone...

Christelle's Review

Josy's Review

Simone's Review


My recommendation:  Read the books all the books!

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review 2019-01-23 15:12
'Don't Let Go' had me holding on until the end and then...
Don't Let Go - Jeff Gelder,Andrew Grey

things went sideways on me and letting go just seemed like the best thing to do...


I really enjoyed most of this story it was hella' good...so let's talk about the good and we'll get to the sideways in a bit...


Avery Rivers is a star in the country music industry. He's hot and everyone wants a piece of him. The problem is he's only got so many pieces to give and he's running low. If he doesn't catch a break soon, he's pretty sure he's going to become so broken there won't be any putting him back together again. So Avery decides it's time to man up and take control of things and he does. His concert tours done and people are talking about adding dates but Avery knows what his deal is for and he say 'no' just a big fat no, takes care of business, buys himself a pick-up truck and says 'I'll see  ya all in six months.' and hits the road. Along the way he meets Hy Whitely on for him he's just plain old Zeke because Hy Whitely's a top performer on the pro rodeo circuit and if anyone knows how Avery's feeling it's Hy Whitely.


Zeke and Avery hook up for a night of good times and then they go their separate ways only to have their paths cross again when Avery's dad unknowingly gives the country star a job working on his ranch...the same ranch that Zeke's heading to for a much needed break.


Turns out that for both Avery and Zeke the ranch is just the break that they both need. Things start out good for the two as they work the ranch and get to know each other spending their days out on the range fixing fences, caring for the cattle and horses and their nights wrapped up in each other and sharing a passion that seems incendiary and feels even hotter. As the days pass each man comes to realize that sure the sex it great but they just really, genuinely like and care for the other.


So basically this as the gist of everything that I really liked about this book Zeke, Avery and their relationship as well there's a side story going on between Zeke and his father that's good and adds to the overall story and I enjoyed seeing Zeke and his dad work through their issues as the real world creeps back into the comfortable bubble that they've all been surrounding themselves with.


When word gets out as to where  country music's hottest ticket Avery Rivers has slipped away to...well sh*t gets real and Avery and Zeke have to face not only their feelings but what the demands of real life will mean to their fledgling relationship and decisions need to be made if they're going to find a way through this.


If you plan on reading this book than you may want to stop here because this next part is a bit spoilerish but I'm going to try and keep it as vague as possible so the decisions up to you if you want to finish reading this review...


Ok, so far I have to say I was loving this one...it was coming in at a very solid 4 stars and then we got the the ending and I do mean the ending as in 'the epilogue'...it was too much. Here I've been reading this lovely story about two men with successful lives falling in love and struggling to keep their relationship solid and discreet even though they not hiding in the closet, neither are they out, proud and marching in any pride parades and yet when we get to the end we get an over oh so freakin' over the top public declaration. Now I realize that for some this is cool and they really love this kind of thing and to that I say 'cool' but for me it was just a big "No...no, no, no."


Things just made no sense since they've been keeping things on the down low and then suddenly this? and no I'm not saying what this was. If you've read the book you'll know and if not well I really don't want to spoil things too much. So in the end my 4 stars went down to 3.5 stars and while I liked most of the story the ending turned out to be a big wet blanket for me. 


Jeff Gelder was the narrator for this story and while it's not my first time at the dance with this narrator and for the most part he did a solid job with the narration and certainly I had no problem in terms of understanding and when it came to the character voices things were good. However, when it came to the narration portion at times I found his voice to be a bit stilted and lacking the smooth tone that he had when voicing the characters. It wasn't an overwhelming issue and while it didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the story it was a bit of a minor niggle that was enough to catch my attention. 


'Don't Let Go' for the most part was a 4 star listen for me with the ending being such a subjective issue. Unfortunately for me it was a detracting factor from my overall enjoyment of things but for others it could be the reason to add stars not take away...it's all about the personal preferences.



An audio book of 'Don't Let Go' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-01-23 05:14
Some ingredients are harder to substitute than others...
The Missing Ingredient - Brian Lancaster,Seb Yarrick

Marcus Vine is on the cusp of success as a chef, but finds that having only investors  interested in him leaves him with time to spare and following the loss of his best friend Raine, Marcus turns to helping Raine's husband Tom as he struggles to come to grips with losing his wife and the mother of his children...Marcus's godchildren, trying to rebuild their lives to a new normal.


Marcus days become filled with childcare and he finds himself becoming a part of a family as little by little Tom and his godchildren begin to rely on him for the stability he brings to their lives. 


For Marcus what starts as simply helping his deceased best friend's husband care for his daughters and get back to being a family again puts him and Tom in close proximity to each other on a regular basis and Marcus is faced with his feelings for Tom becoming more than just that of a family friend and ultimately Tom also begins to realize that he has an attraction for Marcus that has nothing to do with friendship or gratitude but he's also not willing to step out of the safety of the closet he's been hiding in.


I liked the dynamics between Marcus and Tom. Marcus has an established career and he's confident about his choices. In general I liked Marcus and the fact that while he didn't push Tom nor did he just hide in the closet and hope that things would change. He kept his promises in regards to helping with the children and while he was willing to give Tom time...he wasn't willing to give forever. So while I may not have liked him quite as much as Marcus I did have a lot of empathy for Tom.


While I liked Marcus I wasn't quite as overly taken with Tom.  I think he was trying but sometimes pride goes before the fall and that's what happened with Tom. He was so determined to care for his children without anyone's help that he let his pride get in toe way and lost sight of what was truly important...the well being of his children, but I don't think it was because he didn't love them...I think maybe he was just a little misguided about the fact that needing help and being weak aren't the same thing.


One of the best parts of this story for me was that so often in a story like this one MC or the other losses themselves in the life of the other as they try to help but that wasn't the case with Marcus. He didn't lose himself and we were shown more than one side of  him as he helped take care of his godchildren, tried to be a friend to Tom and worked to pursue his own career goals.


I liked the story but for the most part it was just a case of like i wasn't until the last 10 or 20% that I really got enchanted by the story...especially the epilogue...it was freaking adorable and definitely added to the overall story for me...seriously cute stuff at the end.


'The Missing Ingredient' is only the second book that I've listened to by Seb Yarrick and once again he's done a solid job of creating an enjoyable audio book making a solid contribution to my enjoyment of this story and certainly keeping him on my radar as a narrator that I'll enjoy hearing more from in the future. 



An audio book of 'The Missing Ingredient' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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