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review 2014-05-01 03:39
Reaper's Legacy - Joanna Wylde


  I don't know how I'm feeling after reading this book. I like certain elements of this series, but others bother me, like really bother me. The characters always seem so over the top. Like every sentence they say probably doesn't have to be as riddled with profanity. I have a wicked mouth, I can swear as comfortably and as frequently as any trucker, but even I was like enough already, tone it down!


I also wish that Sophie would have been a little stronger than she was. It's like every time she even pretended at having a back bone she looked at all Ruger's drool worthy bits and completely lost any semblance of a thought. We get it, he's hot, but damn girl keep it together!



  I did really like how great Ruger was with his nephew, Noah. Even though he could be a real prick sometimes, he was always there for Noah and Sophie too. He clearly cared for both deeply, even though it took him a long time to finally admit it, with Sophie anyway. I always really melt for the guys that step up and be such a big part of kid's lives. He was really trying to step in and be a strong male influence in Noah's life and that was admirable.


   The Reaper drama, as per usual, was 5 alarm. They always seem to have a bunch of crazy stuff happening all at once, never a dull day in that club. I will definitely be checking out the next book, because it's Em's book and I actually really like Em. I have some higher expectations for her book. I hope that it can bring some different elements to this series, I'd really like to see the female lead have a little more spine, and I think Em could be the one to bring that.

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review 2014-04-06 20:03
Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde
Reaper's Legacy - Joanna Wylde

 Sophie is a struggling single mother. When Noah's temporary babysitter turns out to be a pothead with a pedophile boyfriend, her only choice is to move to Ruger's house. Ruger is Noah's uncle and belongs to a motoclub. Sophie is not sure what to think about the world she has stumbled into. It's wild and dangerous but also very seductive with friends and family she has been missing so much.

I wasn't quite sure what to think of Sophie. She was annoying at times. I guess, she knew what she wanted, but her heart and brain were constantly fighting and so she changed her mind all the time. And then she told Ruger the truth and I couldn't believe how smart she really was. The end was even better. I didn't see it coming and I know it sounds weird but I was proud of her.
Ruger was such a jerk, however to my surprise I immensely enjoyed every minute of it. He actually thought he couldn't be faithful and refused to lie. It was so obvious how much he cared about Sophie and Noah and still he acted like the biggest man whore in the history.
The story was humorous, hot, and exciting with colorful characters and interesting twists. I'm looking forward to the third book.

Oh, Marie and Horse got married in this book and it was hilarious.

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text 2014-02-27 19:09
February - A look back
Written in Red - Anne Bishop
Grave Intentions - Lori Sjoberg
Reaper's Legacy - Joanna Wylde
The Luckiest Lady in London - Sherry Thomas

Ah February... the month to celebrate Groundhogs, Romance, Presidents, and Black History


In looking back over my reading for the month I realized with dismay that I did not branch out genre-wise as much as I had intended.  Will need to remedy that in upcoming months.  I pretty much stuck solidly with romance.


I read sixteen books in February which is a bit low for me in a normal year, but is in keeping with my slumpiness from last year. 


I averaged a 3.09 rating for the books I read in February.




While I had no five-star reads this month, a couple of books really stood out as my favorites for the month Written In Red: A Novel of the Others - Anne Bishop and Grave Intentions - Lori Sjoberg .  Sjoberg is a new-to-me author and the only reason I picked up her book was because it was .99 and I saw an intriguing review.  I like it when out of the blue a good book just happens to me.


Bishop, otoh, is a known quantity, I loved her Dark Jewels series but hadn't had an opportunity to revisit her until now.  This book was a stealth book.  I slipped into reading it and didn't stop til I finished it and closed it with a happy sigh.



Meanwhile on the other end of the scale, I have to say my two least favorite books of the month were Reaper's Legacy (Reapers Motorcycle Club) - Joanna Wylde   and The Laughing Assassin [Assassin's Diary] (Siren Publishing Classic) - Jennifer Willows .  The Wylde book illustrated to me all that I find uncomfortable in the recent slew of MC romances that I have been picking up.  While the Willows book started out great it fell apart spectacularly under cheesy prose and a 'quick let's add some BDSM!" element of the story.




And although I did not review them, two other books kind of leap to my mind this month.  I read The Luckiest Lady in London - Sherry Thomas  and Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - Sarah MacLean  in close proximity with each other.  The Thomas book was a 4-star read while the MacLean book was a rather tepid 3-star.  Of the two, the Thomas book worked better for me because the writing was wonderful and the characters of Felix and Luisa were excellently realized.  I enjoyed their sparring and that very crystal clear 'I see who you really are' thing they had going on.  Meanwhile, the MacLean book felt like it simply connected a bunch of dots.  I frankly rather forgot the plot and had to remind myself what it was about.  It wasn't terrible, but I think it did suffer being read so close to the Thomas book.  Honestly, both books include all the same things that are in every other historical romance -- Dukes, parties, marriage etc.  They both live squarely in what I feel is the very stagnant state of historical romance.  But the Thomas book is elevated by her narrative choices and some very good characterizations.  While the MacLean book kind of disappears in the conventions of the subgenre.

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review 2014-02-22 12:14
Feeds my Biker Love!
Reaper's Legacy - Joanna Wylde

** spoiler alert ** 5 SUPER ALPHA MALE STARS

Goodness did I love Ruger. I was concerned that Joanna had done it so well with Horse and Marie , but she didn't. I couldn't get enough of Ruger and Sophie's rocky and sometimes confusing relationship. I mean how can you reconcile the fact that you gave your virginity to the wrong brother, or that you never would have known the man you are in love with if you hadn't been with his brother, even if he was an abusive jerk.

And Ruger loves Sophie's and her son, Noah. He just never wanted to be tied down to one woman and the feeling thatSophie's bring out in him he wants to deny. He will do anything for his nephew, whom he considers his kid. 

I know a lot of reviewer didn't like how Sophie's put down the Reapers and their women. I don't agree with her, but I get where she's coming from. They are an unknown and so different from her upbringing though she shouldn't prejudge. And she's spent the past seven years not only trying to get away from Zach but to make a life for her son with no help from family, friends and really any guidance in how to do any of it.

I loved the dynamic betweenRuger and Sophie's. He didn't want to want her, but he couldn't help himself. Sophie's wanted him and loved how she let him know even when he was being all alpha and telling her she wasn't to let any guy know she was available. My favorite was when he lost his mind when she showed off her boob. I fell out laughing.

I can't wait for Em and Hunter's story. I she is going to be more than he bargained for. She's not some outsider like the others. She's from this world and I can only imagine how she will rock his world.

The best biker series I've read so far. 
Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3)

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/642689332
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-02-06 22:29
Finally, my real ramble.
Reaper's Legacy - Joanna Wylde

Letting in ALL THE SPOILERS. Beware if you don't want to know. Adult review for erotic content. My pre-review thoughts can be found here.

If I'd read this before book 1, I might have gone higher on the rating. Why, you ask? 

I think a good part of why I'm so upset with book 2 is not having to do with any sort of magnitude of awfulness regarding the story, but more so the fact that I was hoping to see a HUGE improvement over book 1 in character smarts. In some ways, Sophie was more responsible than Marie (and you could tell that she wanted to do right by her son), but because her decision making skills were only marginally better than Marie's and not massively better, I felt disappointed. 

"You're a very frustrating person, Ruger," I said, torn between bitching at him for being such a giant whore and jumping over the counter, ripping off his pants, and riding his cock. Not the best way to handle the situation. I knew this.

No, she really didn't know this, or I wouldn't have seen the same scene played out in her head OVER AND OVER.

FFS, if she'd just owned her shameless lust, I would have respected her more. I just realllllly hate when people can't get their head on straight, and we have to watch them go through the same indecision over and over again.

They obviously had to pass some sort of minimum hotness test to join up.

I'm still waiting to lock eyes on this magical, mythical MC in real life because (not counting the one hot biker guy who takes his kid to my kid's school) I'm pretty sure a club of "all hot" bikers doesn't exist in the real world. Yes, it's the world of romance novels. Got it. I know I shouldn't bring reality into this review, but it's hard not to when statements like that make me laugh hard. O.o

Some of you might have seen where I'd mentioned in my book 1 the instance of wanting to weep for humanity, if women are going to be reduced to nothing but walking, talking vaginas. Maybe I didn't think it could happen again in book 2 - after all, women are vastly different. Experiences and opinions may vary, right?

Ruger was over six feet tall, roped with muscle and annoyingly handsome in an I'm-probably-a-murderer-but-I've-got-dimples-and-a-tight-ass-so-you'll-still-lust-after-me kind of way.

Okay, so I'll give that one to Sophie. I've lusted after guys who were trouble. I've gotten into trouble with guys who were trouble. The thing about lust is that you don't actually have to keep acting on it, if you're not seeing improvement in the man. Right?

It seems to always come back to my issues with the female's behavior. The guys are pieces of work. At least we're going to half-expect that with this type of story. I was just hoping to see Sophie be a more evolved version of Marie - and she wasn't. So much of her hesitancy had to do with not wanting to traumatize her child, which actually was good. But underneath, if she hadn't had Noah to stabilize her, she wouldn't have been all that different from Marie. And I absolutely hated that.

WHY can't we have smarter women being represented in romance books? WHY do I feel like I know how to relate to these characters, yet still want to see them drive off a cliff? 

WHY was Ruger the voice of reason in this instance? 

"Really? You don't like it? Personally, I don't like the idea of the next kid getting raped just because he isn't smart enough to hide on the fire escape."

WHY was Sophie trying to sexually antagonize Ruger in front of her kid? Dear lord, I know...women can dress and act however they'd like and we aren't supposed to slut shame them for it, but honestly mom? Way to set the learning bar high for your kid and show him how mom likes to tease men into sexual frustration. 

Then I spotted the super-tight, super low-cut "Barbie is a Slut" tank top. I pulled the tank out with a smile. I'd let him perv on my boobs. 

All day. Publicly.

Uh, did you forget your kid was going on this trip with you? How about this t-shirt instead?

(I'm so buying this)

Never mind how a good portion of the conversation happening while Sophie and Ruger were in the truck probably shouldn't have happened in front of kid, if for reasons that...oh...I don't know...rape and torture probably aren't "child friendly" conversations? Oh wait, but Noah was laughing at his video in the backseat. Because kids NEVER pick up conversation that they shouldn't hear.

"You're a cocksucking bastard," Noah repeated like a damned parrot.

Oh right. This is the same woman who left her kid with a neighbor she didn't really know, which almost resulted in the kid getting raped. Got it.

Apparently, women losing their mind is just par for the course in these books. After all, even a friend of Sophie's who wasn't in the MC world realized that life might just be easier by going along with what her man wanted.

I swear, I fell for him on the spot. He didn't like the idea of sharing me with any other guys, so I quit the next day. I didn't want to fuck things up between us, you know?

No. No, I don't believe I know. I know one night stands. I don't know "quitting my job for a man after only knowing him for twelve hours."

It's not that I didn't have moments of being able to relate to Sophie. Being too broke to buy a damn vibrator made me laugh. Single mom problems can be a bitch. Like I'd put in my initial thoughts comments, it was the back and forth which wore me down. I would have loved to have seen her feelings for Ruger be noted more as sentimentality for what he'd done for her and Noah. Then we could have watched her give him the middle finger while HE SCRAMBLED to figure out how to win her affection. Instead, she cleans his house, finds copious amounts of underwear, then later discovers him with a naked female, and she STILL debates her feelings back and forth.

Predictably, my body wasn't listening to my brain again, because I had the urge to spread my legs and wrap them around his waist.

This was about 2 paragraphs after he called her a "fucking idiot." Have some self-respect, woman. Fantasize about him in private if you must (or preferably...don't), then show him a steel resolve as you keep him at a distance (running away down the street felt more like a half-assed move done simply out of reason for not knowing what else to do). I hated that Ruger got to continue to be a bastard and deny his feelings to her, then when he decided he was ready to start being a grown-up, it didn't take all that long for him to win her back. What is it with these men who get to have their cake and eat it too? Why DON'T THE WOMEN GET CAKE?!?

I want cake, dammit. Cake. Not heroin.

This isn't the first, or one-hundreth, time I've mentioned the love-sex-drug reference from a book. Should I even be surprised anymore when it shows up?

The man was like heroin - seductive, addictive, and a damned good way to wake up dead.

At least it was heroin and not heroine...

What I did like :

The female comaraderie. The sisterhood of old ladies is fun to read about.

Picnic. Again. I do want to see how his story turns out.

This author does a better job of showing the balance of both the good and bad of MC life than a lot of authors seem to. I can tell she's put a lot of time into researching what she's writing about, instead of just making it all up as she goes along. 

There were a few moments which were funny. She needs to not get cut with a knife in the first place. Women are finicky that way - we like not getting cut.

Ruger's tattoo explanation. That was a very sweet and swoon-worthy moment.

What I lost interest in :

Em's story. I was interested in her back when reading book 1. Now that I see the potential love triangle (and both of the guys seem to have issues), I'm sort of over it. I would have preferred to have seen Painter man up and risk it all for Em. Now, we're supposed to be feeling some sort of sympathy for the kidnapper Hunter.

Oh yeah - which reminds me - I'm offically tired of kidnapping scenes in MC books. New conflict starter, please.

Just give me a smarter chick next book, and I'll probably like the story fine. 

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