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review 2016-12-04 00:00
Backstage Pass: The Complete Series
Backstage Pass: The Complete Series - Ophelia London,Lisa Burstein,Rebekah L. Purdy,Suze Winegardner,Erin Butler It's been a while since my teenage years but the Backstage Pass series took me back there for a brief visit. First crush, first love, first heartbreak are all relived though the pages of this awesome series. Talk about living vicariously. I'm not ashamed to admit Aimee, Mia, Daisy, Anya and Abby had me wishing for those days of carefree fun.
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review 2015-09-22 17:08
The Summer Marked
Summer Marked - Rebekah L. Purdy

I truly enjoy this series! I loved The Winter People and I love this sequel just as much! The author creates characters that are so complex and so realistic. Even as dark as the story is, it is beautiful with its weaving of our own reality and the dark reality of the Fae world. It is a far cry from the Disneyfied version of faeries and that is something I look for in fae novels.


The Summer Marked picks up not long after The Winter People ends. Salome, Gareth, and Nevin have returned to the Fae realm and it quickly becomes obvious that it is not going to be the eternal bliss that Salome had believed it would be. This is compounded by the fact that she is struggling to find her place as a transplanted human in a faerie world that most don't even believe exists. I love the mythology that the author uses to build her world and the unique ways in which she uses it. The realm was traditionally ruled by a single monarch that came from one of the four courts: Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn. The idea is that a rotating court of control keeps power in check. However, things happened in the past that took down three of the four courts and now the last, Summer, is in danger. And it is this history that comes back and threatens to ruin the Fae world.


Many of the characters from the first novel are back in this one, with some surprising twists that truly change everything. I love that Salome grows in this book, coming into her own and not just being there because of love. She takes on the problems of the Summer court and makes them her own in surprising ways. She is faced with decisions that no one should have to make, but she makes them. Even as things seem to be happening to her, unexplainable things, she puts aside her worries in order to be there for her new people. There is a strength in her character that is beautifully written and rather inspiring.


This installment is told from the alternating points of view of Salome and her best friend Kadie. It is almost as much Kadie's book as it is Salome's. Kadie is the epitome of a complex character. It is difficult to get a true reading on her and that is why she is such a realistic character, even in a supernatural world. In realitty there is really no black and white in humanity and Kadie's character embodies this.


There are themes of love and forgiveness, trust and betrayal, sacrifice and second chances, I loved that the strongest theme was that of sacrifice for the greater good, the selflessness that a decision like that requires. This is an important message and it was clear without being at all "preachy."


My Recommendation


I highly recommend this book! It is a beautifully written book with a story that is extremely engaging!

Source: thecaffeinateddivareads.multifacetedmama.com/?p=11432
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review 2015-09-21 07:50
The Summer Marked
Summer Marked - Rebekah L. Purdy

Only now that I reread my review for the first book The Winter People did I remember that I disliked the first book. Apparently the book has grown on me over the last year since I requested the second book anyway. And I'm not disappointed I did.


Salome has agreed to go to Faerie, where there is a war between Summer and Winter ongoing and it soon becomes clear she'll have to make personal sacrifices to help overcome Winter.


This time told in dual POV of both Salome and her friend Kadie, some parts were indeed quite interesting. At least for a while. Surprisingly, this was mostly Kadies part of the story that really seemed to add something and had me waiting for what was going to happen. Although there didn't seem to be that much development in her character (as in for example she still seemed as shocked/surprised to whatever happens as in the beginning) it was better than with Salome. Salome is awesome, and so she's told about every page. She brings life, quite literally, and is a complete special snowflake. Besides some bitching over her, the romance part was a little less than in the first book, but replaced with Salome feeling bad for herself as the Faeries don't like her because she's a human. (She also keeps being surprised by this fact and is incredibly naive at times).


All in all the story was more interesting than last time. I liked that it was taking place in Faerie but Salome especially still was an annoying character. However, now I've read these two books I'll have to know how it's going to end.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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text 2015-08-31 23:15
My August 2015
Created - Peiri Ann
The Shadow Artist - James Grayson
Tabatha - Neil Gibson,Caspar Wijngaard
The Winter People - Rebekah L. Purdy
Summer Marked - Rebekah L. Purdy
Finding Perfect - Kendra C. Highley
Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru - Tera Lynn Childs
Created- 3 stars
The Shadow Artist - 5 stars
Tabatha - 4 stars
The Winter People - 4 stars
Summer Marked - 4 stars
Finding Perfect - 5 stars
Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru - 4 1/2 stars


(I started linking my reviews just click on the name of the book if you want to check them out)


Favorite book(s) of the month: The Shadow Artist, Finding Perfect, and Ten Things...

Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Die Bestimmung: Letzte Entscheidung, Bone Dry, Scintillate, and Shattered Blue


What a month!!!! I basically only read ebooks that I got for free.

Towards the end of the month it just seemed like I can't finish any of my books. Also there's this huge questing if I will ever finish Allegiant (it's like the second or third month I take this book with me.) On Goodreads I finished my reading challenge. Here I have four more books left since I couldn't find the Revolution comics on her that I read last month. Comics count too...sush!!!

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-08-22 13:14
The Summer Marked!!!
Summer Marked - Rebekah L. Purdy

First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.


I really liked this a lot more than the first one, it still got the same rating, cause it's still not enough for me to give it five stars.


I loved how fast-paced this book was compared to the first one. And I also loved that we got Salome's and Kadie's point of view.

I have to say even though I like Salome way more than I like Kadie, I enjoyed Kadie's parts a lot more. Probably because they were so much different. For Kadie everything was painful, she stumbled into this and got right in the middle of a war. I felt so bad for her cause she really went through hell. I have to say that I didn't like how things ended for her, the choices she made towards the end and all that. So I hope things get better for her in the next book.


Salome. I wish the parts about her self would have been more explored than just her being torn between her love for Gareth and how she had to become Nevine's queen, not only to save Gareth's live but also help Nevine and Summer to become more powerful. I mean the first book made you realize that the main focus is definitely the romance element but yeah. There were so many things happening, the fact that Salome has powers, that she could see Darach, that she could help him and that he was kinda anchored to her, and also the fact that she got marked not just by Summer, but also Spring, Autumn and Winter. I just really hope that in the next book that things concentrate more on that stuff. Cause I'm really interested in that.


We got a lot more new character, Etienne (still not sure about this dude), Teodor (absolutely hate him), Darach (love him and loved that we got a bit more insight on Nevine through him), Demetria (it still hurts), and we got more of Grisselle (that one is seriously batshit crazy).

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