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review 2020-03-28 21:50
Xeni - Rebekah Weatherspoon

Not bad, just not that engaging. I think the story was too rushed. I didn't buy the chemistry between Xeni and Mason. I liked Rafe much more because Weatherspoon took time building the chemistry between the two leads before we get into the bedroom. I think we were at 10 percent (if that) before the two leads were naked with each other. The backstory to Xeni's life was too confusing for words and glossed over much too quickly. I also maybe shook my head about the whole "witch" thing. I don't know guys. I am stuck in bed and not able to go hiking so maybe I am just cranky. Anyway, perfectly serviceable, but not something I will re-read in the future.


"Xeni" is the second book in Weatherspoon's "Loose End" series. I loved Rafe, but Xeni kind of left me going ehh. "Xeni" follows Xeni Everly-Wilkins. She was introduced (at least to me) in the prior book. Xeni's aunt has died and she's been charged with dealing with her estate in upstate New York. Xeni has a surprise in store though when she is told the terms of her aunt's will and has a huge family secret revealed to her. Xeni finds out the only way she can collect a sizable inheritance left to her, is to marry a friend of her aunt's, Mason McInroy. Mason has his own secrets and reasons for going along with things.


Sorry, Xeni left me cold throughout this one. With the reveals she gets through this book and how things are dealt with just did not feel very realistic.


Mason though I was more interested in, but once again, we don't get to spend enough time with him either.


I applaud Weatherspoon for featuring two romantic leads who are bisexual, but besides that, this book just didn't do a thing for me.


The secondary characters were not developed very well. And I have to say the terms to the will read as something that would not eve be legally binding. I just think that the whole story-line was too rushed and you don't get a chance to really get invested in the relationship.


The writing/dialogue just felt off in some way. The flow was really bad. I think I got whiplash with how the story developed after the two leads knew each other maybe 3 days in. I am all for hot sex scenes, it just read as fan-fic to me after a while. Or at least something I would read on literoritca when the two people just meet and decide, cool let's have sex. 

The ending felt rushed too. We just skip several months and then we get a resolution. 

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review 2020-01-14 17:44
Rafe - Rebekah Weatherspoon

Fans self. Seriously. This book was ridiculously hot. I loved Rafe and I loved Sloan. I am so going to track down the books in the rest of this series. Thank you for hot male nannies with tatoos who also can comb little girls hair.

"Rafe" I thought was really good, there are some odds and ends that I would usually ding a book for, but the love scenes more than made up for it. I loved that the main character was a black woman, top of her field (heart surgeon) dealing with two 6 year old twin girls. Sloan has already let herself be ruled by a man before (her ex) so when she interviews Rafe as a nanny, she's thrown when he admits he is attracted to her and she admits she is attracted to him.

I loved the character of Sloan and her phone conversations and texts with her bestie. I was cracking up. I will agree with other reviewers though that Sloan and Rafe are not that deep. They just want to have sex with each other. I didn't really get a sense of character/relationship development. I think it's because this was on the shorter side and Weatherspoon just didn't have time to work that in. I did think that on their own the characters were developed very well. I hope that makes sense. For example, I got what made both of them tick, I loved their families, I also felt for them when you realize what went on in both of their lives before. I just wish that I got more intimacy outside of a bedroom with them.

The setting of the book is mostly Sloan's home and Rafe's parents home. We don't get a sense of Los Angeles. I read something the other day that most movies and tv shows get LA wrong and just show the usual crap. I do think that some books are able to capture LA like the Bosch series written by Michael Connelly. I wish more writers would incorporate the city the book is in more. I think if it's not New York, most don't worry about it.

The ending was a surprise (a time jump) and things are left on an unusual note, but seems a set-up for the next book in the series.

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review 2019-01-08 00:00
The Fling
The Fling - Rebekah Weatherspoon Sexy times. More sexy times. And then some more. But surprisingly, a lot of romance too. With almost every other scene being a sex scene, it would be difficult to imagine that there is any space left for attraction, romance and backstories. But Weatherspoon manages to pack it all in.

Read the full review @https://www.bestlesficreviews.com/2019/01/the-fling-by-rebekah-weatherspoon.html
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review 2018-12-20 00:00
At Her Feet
At Her Feet - Rebekah Weatherspoon Sometimes we like to jump headlong into books, often without even reading the synopsis. That way we feel we can be completely open to the book; a blank slate so to say, willing to absorb the story and character without any preconceived notions. At Her Feet was a book that we picked up because its cover looked like a sassy, urban romance which would have fun dialogues. We were stunned that this turned out to be a BDSM (more dominant-submissive than bondage and sadomasochism) book! BDSM is not a genre that we are drawn to in any way but we also like to finish a book that we’ve started. This one is about a Domme-Sub, with a mommy-little girl kink/fetish added on.

Read the full review @https://www.bestlesficreviews.com/2019/01/at-her-feet-by-rebekah-weatherspoon.html
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text 2017-06-19 17:00
What I Bought!
Haven (Beards & Bondage) (Volume 1) - Rebekah Weatherspoon

A week-long getaway...
City girl Claudia Cade's carefree life is plunged into chaos when a camping trip with her brother in the national forests of Northern California turns into a deadly dash for her survival.

A solitary world turned upside down...
Nature photographer Shepard Olsen has resigned himself to a quiet existence, with only his dog by his side, until a woman in need of his protection shows up on his doorstep and throws his universe into disarray.

Two lives linked by tragedy...
Claudia is desperate to heal from her traumatic loss, but can’t stop thinking about her run-in with evil….or the grizzled mountain man whose quick thinking and good aim saved her life. When she shows up on Shep's doorstep again, she finds she isn't the only one who can't move on.

… saved by bliss.
The two begin an intense, passionate relationship of Dominance and submission, pleasure and pain, but with dark memories haunting them and decisions about the future rapidly approaching, Claudia can’t help but wonder...how long can they be each other's haven?

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