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review 2018-07-10 17:15
Deus Ex BS
Relentless - Dean Koontz

I am still shocked Koontz wrote this terrible book where he takes potshots at his literary critics in book form. And we get a special dog, kid, and a super wife. I feel like there should be a Koontz bingo card and you can start marking off all of the things that he always does in his books and at the end you get a beer. Or maybe three beers.


"Relentless" was one of the worst Koontz books I have ever read. I hoped my re-read would have some saving grace to it, but nope. Still among the worst. I didn't care at all about the characters, but the whole thing with the mysterious and evil critic (whose name was Shearman Waxx) made zero sense and had me ready to fight. The plot made no sense and then we go sliding into a whatever the hell that was ending.


"Relentess" is about successful author Cubby Greenwich. Cubby apparently writes books that can stop wars and shit like that. Oh wait, that was the plot to "Lady in the Water". Either way, Cubby's book has attracted the attention of a critic that everyone fears named Shearman Waxx. Well Waxx ends up uttering a word and then Cubby and his whole damn family is on the run. Maybe I could have made allowances for this stupid book if the rest of the characters had been fleshed out, but nothing doing. Besides Cubby, we have Cubby's wife Penny who is also a successful children's author. And they have a precocious son named Milo who would make Einstein apparently look stupid. It was just too much in this book to even deal with at once.


Koontz does that thing where the main characters past is hidden from readers for reasons until revealed. We have Penny being a super woman with a family with a damn stronghold and of course her ability to shoot any type of freaking weapon. Milo and his dog...I can't even right now. Koontz pulls a deus ex machina out of his ass in this one with the kid and the dog and I freaking booed after having more wine and trying not to scream about still having no kitchen or basement.


Waxx is hilariously terrible as a character. I cannot even get into the why behind this character and why he is after Cubby.


The dialogue is typical new Koontz a la no one speaks like actual human beings but fortune cookies that are somehow sentient.


The flow was awful and as other reviewers have noted there are some Easter eggs in this one if you have read Koontz's backlist before. The story that Cubby writes that angers Waxx so much is an alternate title to a prior Koontz book. He (Cubby) talks shit about critics and I think that was much of Koontz shouting down his critics to his newest works.


The ending when it comes will not be a relief. It was just terrible and beyond stupid. I am still mad about it.

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review 2018-06-21 12:09
Relentless (Somerton Security #2) by Elizabeth Dyer
Relentless (Somerton Security #2) - Elizabeth Dyer

Relentless is the second book in the Somerton Security series, and this time we are dealing with the big boss man himself, Ethan Somerton. This book does follow on from book one, so I would definitely recommend you read them in order, just so you get the most enjoyment out of them!


Ethan has a hard job to do - he needs to go undercover for a cartel, which could (most likely) get him killed. However, he is prepared to do that if it means he is giving a friend he thinks of like a brother a chance at living. They may have a friend on the inside though, as someone has been leaving tips for the various security forces, trying to help. Parker's program says one person, but Ethan is convinced it is someone else. Someone who sets his blood on fire, but has more walls than he does, and with very good reason. With a little bit of stubbornness and luck, they may just have a way forward.

This book is raw and gritty, and makes no bones about it. Ethan and Natalia have a hard time of it, both of them needing to trust the other, when trust is the hardest commodity to come by. I loved catching up with Parker and Georgia, and seeing how they are making it work, even when they are so different. Ethan is a tough man, but he certainly has found his match in Natalia. She has gone through things no one should, and survived.


With no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow, this book was a brilliant read, and I certainly look forward to reading more in this series. I really need to know what happened at a certain time with a certain someone ;) If you like #Romance #Suspense, then I can pretty much guarantee you will love this series. Absolutely recommended by me.


* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *



Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!


Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2018/05/07/Somerton-Security-1-2-by-Elizabeth-Dyer
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review 2018-06-14 00:00
Relentless (Somerton Security #2)
Relentless (Somerton Security #2) - Elizabeth Dyer

Relentless is book 2 in the series and, after the first chapter, it really is a stand alone. I had to think back to what happened in book 1 because it is referenced. However, its not critical to the story of Relentless so it isn't really an issue.

Ethan is the leader of the security team and is carrying a huge burden. He is determined to save a fellow soldier from a drug cartel. First, he has to infiltrate the cartel! Natalia is the niece of the cartel leader. She has been forced into a life she does not want. She has to do awful things for her uncle in order to protect her younger sister. Sparks fly when these two meet and instantly they recognize that the other isn't who they say they are. They form an uneasy alliance-Ethan needs an in and Natalia and her sister need out!

I liked both Ethan and Natalia. They are hardened due to the things they have experienced and it fit in well with the plot. I thought the action was good and really keeps the story moving! Overall, if you like romantic suspense, Relentless is a great pick! Good characters, solid action, strong heroine!

  • POV: 3rd
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: secret identity
  • Triggers: Natalia is forced to do some things for her uncle that might upset readers (non consensual sex is alluded to but not explicit)
  • Series/Standalone: series
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes

...then you will probably like Relentless!





See full review on The Book Disciple
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review 2017-10-30 10:00
Release Day Review! Relentless (Vampires in America 11.5) by D. B. Reynolds
Relentless: A Cyn and Raphael Novella (Vampires in America 11.5) - D. B. Reynolds



TREACHERY . . . Something the powerful Vampire Lord Raphael has seen far too much of lately. 

RAGE . . . An emotion that, left unchecked, can burn like the fires of hell.

REVENGE . . . A dish that philosophers claim is best served cold.

It’s been months since the powerful French vampire Mathilde used Raphael’s arrogance against him and nearly succeeded in taking his life. His fury has grown stronger with every day since, fed by new bloody incursions onto North American soil by the Europeans, while vampire politicking has forced him to wait. But no longer. Someone has attacked his home, killing vampires, threatening Cyn. They’ve taken it one step too far, and Raphael’s tired of waiting. His enemies are about to discover that revenge can taste damn good when it’s hot, too.






Smokin’ Hot! Cyn & Raphael is once again heating up the pages while shaking up the vampire population. I can never get enough of Cyn & Raphael, these characters easily pull readers into their lives and get you hooked because not only is there never a dull moment, but readers get some red hot sex scenes that have me melting into a puddle as I read them.  The action scenes are just as intense and thrilling as the sex scenes are hot which keeps readers glued to every page.


I love how the author keeps giving readers these shorter novellas in between the main books of the series, not only because it allows me to keep in touch with Cyn & Raphael but it always ties things up nice and neat, connecting things that you might not have connected before. My only complaint is I really hate putting the books down and having to wait for the next one, which I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for, Quinn needs to hurry up on his take-over of Ireland, so I can get to reading his book.




Relentless is # 11.5 in the Vampires in America Series


Relentless is available in ebook at:

Amazon.com   Kobo   iBooks   GPlay     


D.B. Reynolds can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   Facebook   Twitter

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review 2017-08-29 02:59
Relentless Heart
Relentless Heart: A Novella (The Reed Family Book 3) - Tyora Moody

Title:  Relentless Heart

Author:  Tyora Moody

Publisher:  Tymm Publishing LLC

Series:  The Reed Family Book 3

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Relentless Heart" by Tyora Moody


My Thoughts....


Another good read where we see the Assistant District Attorney Asia Reed is still at her job 'fighting a losing battle in the faith department.'  Now why is that...not being married at almost forty and also with no little ones. Has Asia's life career taken over her life?  Will she find that someone that is just for her.  Well, as her life goes on for some reason Asia receives a phone call from a former boyfriend who wanted to share something with her.  Are things looking up for her?  Well, not so fast for in this read Asia will have another case soon before her where she will have to come out front and center to get all the details out to bring the one guilty to justice.  Who is this new detective that is now working with Asia?  How will these two work together and will they be able  to bring this killer to justice? With all of Asia's brassiness  "Will Asia's persistence put her in the path of a killer?"  To get all of these answers and so much more answered  you will have to pick up this good Christian, mystery-thriller with suspense to see how well this author brings this well written story told so well to the readers.


Thank you to the author for a early read and my providing my honest opinion of the novel "Relentless Heart."  

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