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review 2017-05-21 01:33
Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding - My Thoughts
Retribution Falls - Chris Wooding

Have you been missing Firefly and Captain Mal and his crew?  If so, give Retribution Falls a try!  Mind you, Captain Frey is somewhat grungier and somewhat less um... scrupulous and savoury.  :)

So we have pirates, we have air ships - rust buckets and sleek cruisers and huge frigates, we have pirate towns, we have manors, we have out of the way religious abbeys, we have cutlasses and guns and daemons and golems and so many diverse and wonderful things!

The crew of the Ketty Jay is the very definition of motley, down to Slag, the ship's feline.  All of them have something in their past that has made them outcasts of some sort or another and throughout the book, we get to learn their stories one by one.  In between the space battles, heists, and breakouts they all get fleshed out and we come to appreciate both the good things about them and the flaws.

Retribution Falls is a rollicking steampunky adventure peopled with cool and interesting characters, a social system in upheaval and enough magic to make it fun.  :)  It reads like watching a TV show - like Firefly! - and I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the next of the Ketty Jay tales.

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review 2017-05-15 07:59
Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding
Retribution Falls - Chris Wooding

An entertaining, swashbuckling fantasy/light steam-punk adventure tale involving daemonists, golems, airships, pirates, guns, loot, political plots and the motley crew of the Ketty Jay.  The book starts off slowly, but picks up pace nicely.


This book would be suitable for teenagers.  There isn't anything particularly graphic in terms of sex or violence.



NOTE:  This is book 1 of 4 of the Tales of the Ketty Jay (complete series).  This book can be read as a standalone novel (i.e. it has a beginning, middle and end).

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review 2015-12-06 00:00
Retribution Falls (Tales of the Ketty Jay 1)
Retribution Falls (Tales of the Ketty Jay 1) - Chris Wooding You can't take the sky from me...

This steampunk/fantasy story starts with the captain of flying ship Ketty Jay and one of his passengers being politely interrogated about the launch code to operate his ship. A gun against the head of one of the people in question makes a very convincing argument for cooperation; all in all, not a very good beginning for the captain and people that ended up on his ship. It only gets worse - much worse.

If somebody asked me to describe the book in as few words as possible, I would say it is Firefly in steampunk settings. You do not have to read more than the first couple of pages to convince yourself this is the case: the first scene comes straight from that TV show, wisecracking and all. So does the next one.

Here comes the first problem of the book. Firefly managed to have excellent fleshed out characters.
The guys and girls here and stereotypical and not that exciting. They do get better by the end, but still not good enough for me to care about any one of them.

Complete predictability was another big problem for me. The moment it was clear what is going on - somewhere around the first POV switch - I realized how this book would end. To my complete but expected disappointment I was right. A bunch of misfits which overcame all the odds and became a real crew? Look at practically any movie about modern military life for an example.

Do not get me wrong, other than these two biggies everything else was fine. The action was good and entertaining (although I thought too many people were killed to call this a mindless entertainment). The resident cat of Ketty Jay was an excellent character - the guy drinks rum for crying out loud.
This also speaks volumes about the quality of human characters, by the way.

The final rating is 3.5 stars rounding down. I will most definitely read the next book the moment I need something light to read, or my buddy readers decide it is time to proceed with the series.
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text 2015-01-30 04:25
Reading progress update: I've read 57 out of 475 pages.
Retribution Falls - Chris Wooding

Just got a bit of the Firefly vibe this is said to have - easy way to make me love a book (unless it is poorly written).

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review 2014-10-13 00:00
Retribution Falls
Retribution Falls - Chris Wooding It was okay but the protagonist was one of the biggest assholes I've met in a long time, so NOPE!
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