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review 2018-09-10 05:32
I Want To Be Friends With the BFG
The BFG - Roald Dahl,Quentin Blake

I LOVE Roald Dahl's, The BFG. Otherwise known as: the Big Friendly Giant. This was the first chapter book I truly enjoyed as I child, and I am currently reading my worn and tattered childhood copy aloud to my son every night. He always begs for me to read one more chapter, reminding me of the same love I had of the story growing up. The BFG centers around a young girl named Sofie, who is scooped up by the giant out of her bed one night. Terrified, because she believes the giant is going to eat her, she soon learns that the BFG is different from normal giants. He is friendly and caring and doesn't eat "human beans" at all. The BFG is full of humor and his silly, jumbled form of language will make any child laugh.


The BFG opens the doors for many lessons and activities including:

  • A lesson on character traits, both physical and inner
  • A discussion about the BFG's gobblefunk glossary, prompting students to create some made-up words of their own
  • Have students create a dream jar like the ones described in the book
  • Have students write about their dream(s)


Recommended for Ages: 8-12

Lexile Level: 720L

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review 2018-09-10 03:47
The BFG - Roald Dahl,Quentin Blake

What will happen to Sophie now that she is stuck with the BFG? They will work together to stop the other giants, of course! One night the BFG snatches Sophie in the middle of the night to save her from being eaten by the other giants and takes her to his home. There, Sophie learns a lot about the BFG and how he is not like the other giants at all! They decide to create a plan to capture the other giants so that they will not eat anymore children! They even get some help from the Queen of England! I would use this book to work on comprehension and beginning, middle and end. The students could even create their own dreams or combine dreams from the story.

Lexile: 720L

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review 2018-09-10 00:35
Matilda by Roald Dahl
Matilda - Roald Dahl,Quentin Blake

Matilda is a level S on the Fountas and Pinnell reading level scale. Matilda is about a young girl who has an incredible gift, her intelligence. She is the top of her class even though her parents don't support her, but she doesn't need their support because she has her teacher, Miss Honey, to show her her real potential. Matilda finds out that she is telekinetic by knocking over a glass with her mind when she was angry at the evil headmistress, Trunchbull. Once she finds out that Miss Honey had been taken advantage of by Trunchbull, Matilda comes up with a plan to get revenge. She writes on the chalkboard with a piece of chalk WITH HER MIND that if Trunchbull does not give back everything she took from Miss Honey or else. Which worked! Miss Honey got everything back and decided to move back home, but Matilda finds out that her terrible parents are moving to Spain, and she doesn't want to go. Therefore, Matilda moves in with Miss Honey and she lives happily ever after. I think this a great book to read to your students and have them write about a time they stood up for a friend of their's that was not being treated right like how Matilda stood up for Miss Honey. They could also write about what kind of super power would they want. 

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review 2018-09-09 22:39
Boy: Tales of Childhood
Boy: Tales of Childhood - Roald Dahl,Quentin Blake

Lexile Level: 1020L

In this book, the popular children's author Roald Dahl describes his own childhood in a whimsical, descriptive style. Teachers could introduce this book as an example of autobiography. Students could enjoy learning about the author of so many popular and imaginative stories. Students could read this book as a class, responding to different elements of the story while reading, before they begin writing their own narratives. They could use this text as an exceptional example of narrative to guide their writing. Students could also use their knowledge of the author gained from this reading this book to help them analyze and respond to Roald Dahl's other works. 

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review 2018-09-09 19:38
James and the Giant Peach - Roald Dahl,Quentin Blake

James lost his parents at a young age and now lives with his two horrid aunts. They make him work all day and never let him play. But one day a mysterious visit gives him some magical green crystals with the promise that these crystals will help him escape his life. Unfortunately before James can use the crystals he spills them on the old dead peach tree in the yard. The next day a giant peach has begun to grow on the long dead tree until it becomes so big it begins to attract a crowd. One day, after his aunts have cruelly locked him outside James finds a hole in the peach and crawls in. Inside he meets a plethora of new friends and then the peach begins to roll. The peach rolls all the way to the ocean and James' real adventure begins. 


A great book for students to read independently or in literature circles. Activities and novel studies are widely available online. Dahl's use of imagery and figurative language makes James a great book to use in the classroom. 


Lexile: 790L

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