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review 2016-12-16 22:03
Harley has to save everyone
Suicide Squad (2016-) #8 - Rob Williams,Alex Sinclair,Scott Williams,Sandra Hope,Francesco Mattina,Jim Lee,Giuseppe Camuncoli

Good luck she's sane again!   And that she can get at least a couple of the others on board, like Flag who's willing to stab himself to let the pain distract him from the Zod-Energy.   


Still, it's not going to be easy.   Everyone else is rampaging.  Or indulging in the post-coital glow.  


This also feels like an oversized set up to Suicide Squad vs. Justice League, although I'm okay with that: even with minimal Deadshot, I'm enjoying so much of this line.   Harley and Croc are the other highlights for me.   


Not sure I'll pick up the VS, but so far I'm enjoying this series.   

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review 2016-11-18 18:10
So that happened
Suicide Squad (2016-) #6 - Rob Williams,Alex Sinclair,Scott Williams,Carlos D'Anda,Sandra Hope,Jim Lee

I'm a little stunned.   The Black Vault is making weird noise that is driving everyone insane - with one notable exception.   And when I say insane, I mean murderous for no reason.   Waller and Flag are trying to kill each other, and Killer Croc is suddenly hungry for the one person he's refused to eat before, June Moon.   


Someone else is putting on their adult - and rational - pants and trying to figure a way out of this.  Can they go up against the wrath of the Suicide Squad alone?   And what about Zod who was being kept unconscious by the light of a red sun?   When the switch is flipped, and he's powered up by the yellow sun, he gets up and I bet he doesn't act anymore rationally than anyone else.   With that one exception. 


That being said, a switch guys?   Really?   There's no more than a switch keeping him under?   That seems like lazy writing, and you have enough going on to keep me interested that I didn't need Zod on top of everything else.   


Then again, it didn't bug me enough to notice it when I was reading or to think about it until I wrote the sentence mentioning the switch and twitched a little that there wasn't more high tech stuff keeping him under. 


The backstory was one I was waiting for: Killer Croc.   It's as heartbreaking as I suspected, and I kinda love the character even more for all that happened to him.   Everyone assumed he was a monster due to a medical condition that gave him tough skin that made him, yes, look like a crocodile.   His family was awful, and then dead, and his aunt was just as awful to him. 


No wonder he lashed out in the end.   I can't say I like him a guy: he's mean, he's psychotic, he's murderous.   But I started to like him when he made a connection to June, and this backstory certainly makes me sympathize with him.   (And yes, I'd read up a little on it and had a notion of how bad this was, but there's something more heartbreaking about reading this story.)


This is why I love the backstories.   This is one of the best of them.

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review 2016-09-18 22:51
Loving this series...
Suicide Squad (2016-) #2 - Rob Williams,Alex Sinclair,Scott Williams,Jim Lee

I'm enjoying this series, as the dynamics between Waller and the Squad as well as between Squad members themselves are more fully explored.   It's fun, it's got some morbid humor going for it, and it's unflinching in how it treats civilians: if they must be sacrificed for the greater good, so be it.   It's a little chilling, but that's what I like about the Squad. 


Jim Lee's art is fantastic, as usual, and while I expected to be disappointed by the origin story at the end for Captain Boomerang, I actually found it more of an exploration for why he is the way is than I expected.   It was loud and brash as he is, and then there were a couple moments that cut through all his bravado and shed light on his insecurities.   


I'm not sure how I feel about this.   He's a great character, one I like more than in the original series, where he let his misogyny hang out for everyone to see.   He was ruder, and less culturally sensitive - a phrase that is used in his origin story in this issue to great effect, by the way - but he was that character you loved to hate.   He worked to show that as awful as the rest of the Squad were, at least they weren't totally pigs.   His nastiness was charming as a foil to the rest, all antisocial, all insecure in their own ways, all hateful but not quite as hateful as Boomerang.   Their sneering postures couldn't quite match the streak of vileness in Boomerang.   It was hard to make them look better than they were, but, hey, at least they weren't quite on Boomerang's level. 


Boomerang legit made me feel like this: 



That needs a GIF and I can't find one of it so I quickly slapped this together because I spent enough time looking for the GIF and finding hilarious ones of Galavant.   Boomerang no longer makes me feel like I need to bath in alcohol then drink it all because he's so gross.  I don't know whether or not I'm relieved or saddened that the group lost this brilliant foil. 


That being said, I still adored this issue, so I'm not sure it matters.   He's changed, the group dynamic is still wonderful despite this, and I'll continue to read this series.s 

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review 2015-01-02 15:36
Dance With The Enemy
Dance With The Enemy - Rob Sinclair

Author: Rob Sinclair

Published: May 2014 by Clink Street Publishing

Category: Crime/Mystery/Suspense


Carl Logan was the perfect agent. A loner, with no real friends or family, he was trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency, devoid of emotion. But Logan isn’t the man he used to be, or the asset he once was.

My thanks to Rob Sinclair for sending me a copy of his book for review purposes. 

Dance With The Enemy introduces Carl Logan, a covert operative for a British/USA Joint Intelligence Agency, who is on medical leave and in recovery after a life changing ordeal. Before his recuperation is complete he’s called in by his boss, Charles McCabe, when US Attorney General Frank Modena is abducted. When Logan learns Youseff Selim, the brutal terrorist who left him for dead five months ago could be involved with the kidnapping, he recognises a chance for revenge as his brief is to rescue Modena. The question is, is Logan ready for this new assignment? Most of the agency members don’t think so, only Mackie, Logan’s boss, is in his corner. Logan himself isn’t totally sure he’s up to this job. His previous assignment has had a profound effect on him, he’s lost the ability to contain and ignore the emotions he was trained to hold in check for the most part of his adult life.

Until five months ago. When everything had changed.

Now he could feel emotions once again. But he was filled with so much angst, anger, regret, shame – so many feelings coming to the fore that he didn’t know how to control. And sometimes he wished he was still the zombie he had been for the last eighteen years – almost half of his life.

As Logan follows the trail which he hopes will lead to Modena and more importantly to Selim, he reluctantly teams up with FBI Agent Angela Grainger. Each is wary of the other and although they are working together, Logan is pursuing his own agenda. It seems he’s not the only one. The deeper Logan and Grainger delve and the more the case evolves and the less straightforward it becomes. The layers of deceit and lies need to be peeled back one by one to find the motives and the real mastermind behind the conspiracy.


The writing is extremely well done and very descriptive with easy, genuine dialogue and realistic scenarios. Carl Logan is an intriguing character, complex and although he is recovering from the physical and mental damage he sustained he has the odd lapse, which makes him more human and realistic. He prefers to work alone and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He’s circumspect when it comes to his job but has an emotional sensitivity giving his personality a balanced quality. His back story is revealed little by little throughout the story. I like that, although he’s determined and strong-willed, he can be unsure of himself and sensitive at times. 


The action scenes are exciting, tense and cleverly devised. A great cast of characters, Mackie especially and there’s good interaction between him and Logan. The pace is maintained from the beginning with a fast-moving story and the twist at the end is totally unexpected. A strong, dramatic and enjoyable debut novel. 

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