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review 2014-10-27 06:38
The Wedding List: A London Christian romance (Love In Store Book 1) - Autumn Macarthur

I liked the premise of this book and I also liked both of the protagonists. However I felt that Beth talked a little too much about how much she didn't deserve James. I know that this problem was the driving force of the novel and the root of her problems, but still, I didn't think it needed to be mentioned quite that frequently.

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review 2014-05-30 09:36
No, thanks.
The Marriage List (Signet Regency Romance) - Dorothy McFalls

I nealry finished this one. 

But somewhere along the way it became just too silly.


It is no real regency romance. At least it doesn't have the feel to it.

I would recommend to do some research before writing a novel set in a different time. Culture changes, you know.


And it might be a small detail, but irked me nonetheless: in Regency/Victorian/Bel epoque what ever times, it would have been considered highly improper for a gentleman to touch a young and unmarried lady's face in public. A time when you had to leave a door open and be in plain sight if you talked to a person of the other gender.

In this novel the hero constantly touches not only the heroine but also his supposed to be affianced.


The feel was more a contemporary. And not an especially good one.


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review 2014-03-10 12:12
The Hookup List By Dakota Madison
The Hookup List: A New Adult Romance - Dakota Madison



* A free eCopy was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


The fact that I didn't agree with most of Ana's (heroine's) decisions ruined the book for me. The beginning and middle was amazing. I loved how the story was narrated, I liked that Ana didn't take sh*t from anyone and I loved when Christopher spouted random quotes of Shakespeare. 


Ana comes from a brazilian family. Though she is described as having an athletic body, I can tell you now that that's not possible. I was born in Brazil and have resided here for the last 6 years. I can tell you that you will not find one fully brazilian girl who doesn't have an *ss. Other then that I loved her personality and her being considered "weird" was just a bonus.


Well aren't you Miss She's-Got-It-All.


Though towards the end of the novel I was very unhappy with her actions. After finding out about Paulo (her boyfriend of TWO years) she simply became "friends" with him again and then less then a day later fell into bed with Chris. I mean, really? They kissed TWO times. Her actions with Bethany kind of got back a little of the respect she lost from me, but it still doesn't make it go away. Either she's too forgiving or I'm not forgiving enough.


He really was a good looking guy - too bad he knew it.


Christopher is not perfect. He was very romantic with the poetry spouting, very considerate and all around nice guy. Like every other human being he had made mistakes in his past and even though I love plot twists I don't agree with what happened to Bethany. The author had a chance to complicate their relationship even more and go to a next book, but she settled for a miracle. I very much dislike miracles. 


If it wasn't for that ending I'd have liked this book way more. But then again, there isn't such a thing as a PERFECT book. This book was enjoyable and a quick read. I recommend it! Just be warned of the ending C:


Favorite Quotes:


"My mom says the shag bag can help turn the walk of shame into a stride of pride."


"Now I found myself in a stranger in a strange land not fitting in and failing miserably at trying."


"We all have to deal with the consequences to our actions."

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review 2012-01-11 00:00
Because of the List - Amy Knupp I really, really loved this. I could totally relate to Taylor's shyness and her deelings of not fitting in. And could sympathize with Alex's feelings of guilt. Both for the Quinn's dealth and for messing around with his best friend's sister. I loved how he treated her so beautifully, aside from hos bonehead stubbornness,which had nothing to do with Taylor and everything to do with him.

I also liked the relationships forged with his brother and sister and how the friendship grew between Taylor and Vienna.

Lovely story.
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