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review 2018-07-28 17:27
Desperate Woman Gets Housekeeping Job at a Brothel
Room Service - Mindy Wilde

Genre: Erotic Romance

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Word Count: 17,530 words


After getting conned and dumped by a traveling guitar player, Lucy is struggling to make ends meet and things only get worse when she’s laid off from her waitressing job. Her last customer– a sexy, mysterious man wearing clothes that cost five times her annual salary– leaves her a $1,000 tip out of sympathy, but that money will only last so long.

But when she gets offered a job as a housekeeper at a brothel, things are looking up. Cleaning up after sex isn’t her usual line of work, but at least she won’t have to struggle financially anymore. When she literally runs into her heavy tipper at the brothel, however, things might get a little more complicated, especially when just looking at him is enough to fill her fantasies.


Source: loversquarrelreviews.com/2018/07/23/desperate-woman-gets-housekeeping-job-at-a-brothel
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review 2014-05-10 00:00
Room Service
Room Service - Nikka Michaels 4.5 Stars ~ Review by Brandilyn

Everyone needs a sexy little snack once in a while, right? Room Service and Lip Service, Erotic M/M Shorts by Nikka Michaels, provide just that in a compact but powerful package. To me the sign of a good short story is that I get to the end, and I want more. I do not mean that I get to the end, and I am unfulfilled; I mean I get to the end I want to know what is next for the characters. I want to know where the characters came from. I want to visit them again. Seth and Carson are two such characters. I fell in love with Seth and Carson in just a few short pages.

These two shorts are well written, tight, and exhibit a depth often lacking in short snippets of a character’s life. I love that she brought the characters back for another round. I hope this is not the last I see of Seth and Carson...

Read more at Prism Book Alliance
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review 2014-04-16 16:40
Short but oh so Hot
Lip Service - Nikka Michaels
‘Lip Service’ is the sequel to ‘Room Service’ and gives us the opportunity to spend a little bit more time with Dr. Seth Campbell and Carson Randall. While it is possible to read this book before turning to Room Service, I would advise against it. There’s a delicious twist in Room Service that won’t come as a surprise if you read Lip Service first.
Seth and Carson are busy men, happy to concentrate on their individual careers even if it means spending too little time together. When they do meet up they more than make up for lost time and us readers are very fortunate to be given this second opportunity to look on as they get very hot and bothered together.
What I love about these stories is that while they are short (and boy would I have loved more time with Seth and Carson) both give us an insight into the characters and the way they interact as well as a hot, sexy, and oh so romantic encounter.
Rumour has it that there might be a prequel on the way. I can only hope that will turn out to be true (Cobblestone Press are you listening?), finding out what happened between Seth and Carson when they first met is very high on my wish list.
Anybody who’s in the mood for a well written, exciting, hot and quick read about two fascinating men should just rush over to the publisher’s website and treat themselves. You won’t regret it.
“He chuckled, the low throaty sound sending blood pooling between my hips.”
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review 2014-01-04 18:43
I really lack in origianl titles...:(
Did Someone Order Room Service? - Charlotte Phillips

As can be seen on : The Accidental Reader


So here is the deal- 


This one is just another romance novella, like many others written before and after. 


Plot-wise, it does not stand as unique. 


Fun-wise, it's good, but once I finished it I moved on without a single though. 


I can say now, 2 months after I read it, that I hardly remember reading it. it did not affect me at any way. 


Maybe I'm harsh. Maybe not. 


I love romance books and novels very much, and I expect them to invoke some sort of feelings from me. Be it 'it was bloody aewful' or 'I freakking loved it'. Here? No such luck. All I can say is that it's okay. 


So why 3 stars? simply because I'm on the fence here. Sometimes I give 3 stars because a book had equally  frustrated me and delighted me. Here it's simply because I felt nothing though the quality is good. 


One thing I loved about this book? The writing. I find it really hard to read a book in the third person. It tends to annoy me. Not here. 


Which actually says alot. 


to summerise: Good writing, Nice sex, Normal story. 


*Review copy was kindly provided by HarperImpulse through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


Root over :P



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text SPOILER ALERT! 2013-11-23 21:25
Page 376 — the end.
Room Service & Shadow Hawk - Jill Shalvis

No, I'm not dead — though I very much feel that way. After forever of unemployment I'm working again and my body is taking its sweet time to catch up. I basically work and sleep now, reading has taken a back seat. =(


But, of course, what little I get to has to piss me off. At this point in this book I just read the most gratuitous, non-sensical sex scene I have ever read. 


Why do romance authors think that there must be a sex scene (or more) in every. single. book? Why? This book was a great opportunity for a compelling story without genital bumping. It looked like the primary couple, Abby and Hawk, weren't going to have sex because of something that happened to Abby the year prior. But in the middle of an intimate scene between the two the book cuts to completely random side couple Logan and Callen, whose part of this book came out of nowhere. They have known each other all of eight hours, if that, most of which Logan has been passed out. She is his nurse on the medical transport after he was knocked off a roof. She's drawn to him so she stays with him. After scant conversation suddenly they're having sex in his hospital bed because they have this feeling that they're "the one" or whatever. Never mind that his life is in danger on top of his injuries. Oh, did I forget to mention he has a concussion, like three fractured ribs, a fractured hip, and broken leg? And until this point he had been refusing his pain meds? But he feels nothing but pleasure as she is bouncing up and down on his dick because no other body parts are involved in this activity. Right. Gratuitous and non-sensical. 


At least the slow, intimate moments with Abby and Hawk advanced the story somewhat as they had been the couple we were heading toward from the beginning and they kept discussing the plot. Logan and Callen brought the entire book to a grinding halt. I just cannot understand the authorial choice to put any of that in this book. It irritated me so much I put the book down and walked away. Then, in the end, Abby and Hawk did have sex. The scene of theirs that was cut off resumes after the Logan and Callen interlude and they take it the whole way. So, again, what in the hell was the point? Either way it was unnecessary, but even more so since it wasn't needed to interject sex into the book since every damn romance must have some because apparently love does not exist without sex anymore.


The Logan and Callen scene ruined the Abby and Hawk scene for me. First of all, I hate when some rando side couple who just met beats the primary couple to having sexytimes. It's a total pet peeve of mine. And I was so irritated and bewildered by those other two existing at all and doing what they did that I just couldn't get into what Abby and Hawk were doing. Even though theirs was sweet and had a nice history. Although, that said, I would have preferred it if they didn't have sex. If they worked toward it by making Abby feel comfortable but didnt quite get there it would have been a much stronger story. 


And, again, it skimped out on the suspense part of romantic suspense, so that wasted sex scene is even more annoying as that space could have been used to better wrap up the suspense plot. It's disappointing because I was so into the action in the beginning of the book (though it did get to be confused with all the jumping around).



Lost post meltdown (screaming and offensive words):


(spoiler show)
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