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text 2020-07-02 04:59
Many advantages over traditional lighting

Our 39 subsidiary companies operate through more than 130 distribution centers across the nation. The Value Energy Solutions team thoroughly reviewed the energy use of the existing lighting program. Value Energy Solutions presented a comprehensive lighting solution that replaces their lighting with new more energy efficient T5 lighting. In total, GMS and its subsidiary companies distribute over 10,000 unique products. Value Energy Solutions, one of the largest lighting installation and lighting retrofit companies in the nation, recently was awarded an energy efficient lighting retrofit project for Colonial Materials which is a distributor of drywall and other building products for commercial and residential construction products. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia GMS began operation in 1971 and is the largest independent distributor of drywall products in the United States. Metal Halide lumen loss is about 35%. * Energy Efficiency - Typical 54 watt T5 lamp produces 5000 lumens * Lower Lumen Depreciation - only 5-6% lumen output loss between the rated initial and maintained lumens. The project also incorporated LED wall packs & spotlights for exterior applications. GMS is also a leading distributor of acoustical products including ceiling tile, grid, and FRP panels used in commercial applications. The Value Energy Solutions lighting retrofit programs are offered for all commercial building types including, Warehouse/Industrial Buildings, Educational Facilities, Parking Garages, Hotels, Retail Chains, Apartments and Office Buildings. The company also offers National Account energy-retrofitting services for TBG Energy and provides energy efficiency services for solar, refrigeration units and/motors through our established business partners. In addition to the energy savings, Colonial Materials will dramatically reduce their maintenance costs due to the extended life of the new T-5 lighting fixtures..335. Distributorships and sales opportunities are available nationwide. (GMS) is the largest independent distributor of drywall, acoustical and other specialty building materials in the United States. About Value Energy Solutions Value Energy Solutions is one of the largest energy efficient lighting retrofitting companies in the United States. Realizing the need for building owners, property managers and facility engineers to find ways to conserve energy and cut their operating costs, Value Energy Solutions provides improved energy efficient lighting products as replacements for existing higher wattage fixtures.T5 Lamps are the most energy efficient technology in the fluorescent lighting industry for the cost. * Instant Startup and Restrike - T5 fluorescent lamps start and restrike instantly unlike HID sources which can take several minutes to restrike. * Higher Quality Lighting - T5 lamps have a color rendering Index of 85 while metal halide lamps have a CRI of 65-70. To request more information please email or call Value Energy Solutions, Director of Sales - Chris Owens: chriso@valueenergysolutions. Vapor Tight Reflector T5 units were also used in 2 of the warehouses. In addition to wallboard and acoustical products, GMS distributes metal framing, insulation, ready-mix joint compound, and various other related interior construction products. One of the concerning expenses they faced in their Washington, DC location was the cost of lighting their warehouse space. Value Energy Solutions recommended upgrading the lighting fixtures to 4 & 6 LampT5 (54w) The T5 High Bay fluorescent fixtures have many advantages over traditional lighting. Value Energy Solutions is located at LED Plant Light Factory 1110 Allgood Industrial Court, Marietta, GA 30066. Colonial Materials, a subsidiary of Gypsum Management and Supply, contacted Chris Owens from Value Energy Solutions to help reduce their lighting energy costs.

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review 2020-06-29 19:24
Cheerleader The Second Evil
The Second Evil - R.L. Stine

Ahh, I do love returning to Fear Street. A place that I still say is the inspiration for the Hellmouth on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "The Second Evil" I found to be too short and also it doesn't give you a chance to mourn any characters that we lose. Of course the ending leaves open another book (which I am so reading).


"The Second Evil" follows some months after the events in the first book. Corky is left mourning her sister Bobbi who was murdered. She's left the cheerleading squad and is now dating Chip. Yeah that Chip. Chip who has gone from dating another member of the squad (Kimberly) and then Bobbi and now Corki. I was not a fan of Chip. When Corky starts seeing things and one of the squad keeps intoning the evil has returned, she starts to worry that what they all did a few months ago didn't vanquish the evil for good. And she's right to worry.


Corky is definitely a MC you can root for. I do miss Bobbi, but Corky has more of an investigative spirit I thought. She starts trying to run down leads with Chip and then some of the girls on the squad. I have to say though there's not much development of anyone else really in this one besides us getting more information on Sara Fear. I definitely loved the more information on the Fear family and wanted to know even more about them. When I was a pre-teen and later teen reading these books I would get so freaked out about the whole idea behind Fear Street. A few blocks down from my home was a cemetery that sat besides the railroad tracks. We would go down there during the summer and picnic and play touch football or tag, but we were always taught to be respectful of the graves and people visiting. In the daylight there was never anything that was too scary about the place, but as soon as dusk came around 7, 8, or 9 (depending on the time of year) the place felt lonesome and you felt like someone was out there wanting to touch you. Stine at times makes me recall how I felt the first time as a pre-teen reading this (I was 12 when this book was published) and that alone was enough for me to give this 4 stars.


The writing was solid, but there's not a lot of scares (at least for me) in this one. We do get some gruesome scenes here and there, but Stine quickly moves along as if he is afraid of freaking out his readers. The flow is a bit stop and start in a few places too, but since this is a fairly short book (180 pages) it doesn't hamper things.


The setting of Shadyside and Fear Street still resonate with me and I so wish that Netflix or someone else would consider picking up this series. You can easily update these books and I think would be a fun horror series to sink your teeth into.


cheerleaders gifs Page 2 | WiffleGif

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text 2020-06-26 07:53
All You Need to Know about Shockwave Therapy



Sports injuries often cause a lot of stress, as the bone problems or soft tissue trouble they bring will often leave you feeling debilitated. These are conditions that can affect your quality of life, and make it impossible to exercise or execute movements. One possible solution to this kind of trouble is shockwave therapy


This is an innovative method for treating pain in the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. It is non-invasive, meaning that you can have it delivered on an out-patient basis, and it is well-known to treat pain. In the following guide, you will be able to find out more about the treatment and how you can benefit from it. 


Shockwave therapy 

Another name for the treatment is Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy and also Radial Shockwave Therapy. It is not a new form of treatment, although experts have started using it for treating muscles and joints only recently. Originally, shockwave therapy was used to treat kidney stones in the late 1990s, whereas now doctors recommend it for some musculoskeletal conditions. Without any side effects, the therapy is vastly approved for pain relief in many hospitals and clinics across the UK. 


What is the treatment good for? 

In general, shockwave therapy is good for people with joint and bone conditions, as well as those that have pain in their soft tissues – ligaments, tendons and muscles. As such, it is ideal for sports injuries or those that are of overuse. It works well as a complementary treatment for people undergoing physiotherapy. If you have any of the following conditions, you make for a great candidate for shockwave therapy: 


  • Plantar fasciitis (painful underside of the foot)
  • Achilles tendinopathy (pain in the tendon connecting the calf muscles with the back of the foot)
  • Golfers elbow (painful inner side of the elbow)
  • Bony heel spurs 
  • Patellofemoral syndrome (runner’s knee)


How does it treat all this? 

Shockwave therapy is a direct method, which delivers the treatment onto the skin that covers the affected area. It then utilises acoustic waves or low energy sound, which penetrate the skin and go into the affected muscle as a shockwave. This is what makes it a targeted type of therapy, which works on the injured and affected areas only. 


During the therapy session, a doctor will use a handheld device, which works to turn compressed air into sound waves. By applying gentle pressure, they will move this device over the affected area. Before that, they will apply ultrasound gel, to help the shockwaves, transmit more easily. It is normal to see a small area of localised inflammation, which the body will naturally heal in the following days. That is when damaged tissues will also begin to heal. Shockwave therapy also works to break down thick scar tissue, potentially helping surrounding tissues with mobility. 


Is this kind of therapy suitable for you? 

Shockwave therapy is indeed generally safe, as long as it is carried out by a professional. That said, there are a few cases in which it might not be a good idea to resort to shockwave therapy: 

  • If you are pregnant 
  • If you have some kind of nerve disorder 
  • If you have bone cancer 
  • If you have metal pins in or near the area that requires treatment 
  • You have had a steroid injection for treating the same problem in the last 12 weeks 

In these cases, it is best to consult with your doctor for some other kind of therapy. 


© West 1 Physiotherapy and Pilates


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text 2020-06-25 08:13
Tacos in Albuquerque Area

Tacos in Albuquerque Area


Food is as essential as the air we breathe. The importance of a restaurant that serves good recipes cannot be over-emphasized. Acapulco Tao is a restaurant in Albuquerque that offers the best tacos in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our menu list features the best taco recipes. Whatever your recipe choice is, you can be sure we have it on our taco menu list. Come and have a taste of the best taco seasoning in Albuquerque.


Best Tacos & Burritos


Do you want your lunch served as a light taco snack? Or a larger burrito meal? We got you covered. At Acapulco Tao, we serve the best taco lunch in Albuquerque. All our taco recipes are affordable. We also offer an excellent burrito recipe if you prefer something filling. Contact us today for your best taco lunch.


Authentic Street Tacos


You might have tasted a lot of taco recipes, but you can be assured that you'll have the best taco experience with us. At Acapulco Tao, we make authentic street tacos. You can have access to any of our taco menu ranging from chicken tinga to beef taco, tortilla shells and many more. Contact us today for your taco soup in Albuquerque.


Hard Shell Tacos Made of Corn Flour 


Do you prefer a hard shell taco made of corn flour for lunch? Visit our restaurants in Albuquerque for the best hard-shell taco meal. We are experts in turning corn tortillas into a taco shell. We are exploring new and unique flavour combinations to ensure that our customers are served with the best taco near me.


International District has the Best Tacos.

Are you a resident of New Mexico? Or you're visiting for the first time, and you're wondering where you can get the best taco near me, don't look further. International district has the best tacos. This neighbourhood in southeast Albuquerque boasts of having the best taco places in New Mexico. Acapulco Tao is the best restaurant in this neighbourhood that serves the best taco chicken, beef tacos, pork tacos. We are always available for orders and deliveries anywhere in Albuquerque.



Source: www.acapulcotaco.com
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text 2020-06-22 04:18
Professional hydroponics gardener

The latter is a better option because there are a wide variety of products to choose from. These two can easily be purchased from a hobby store or one can browse for it online. Having decided to take up hydroponic gardening you should commence by purchasing a glow tent and a glow light. Light and environment are arguably two of the most important elements when it comes to plant growth. Likewise by customizing the settings within glow tent it is possible to create an environment within which is conducive for proper growth of plants. There are many different ways of growing plants the hydroponic way in Leicester, England. Therefore, right from the time the seeds are germinating one has to ensure that the plants get optimum light. When combined with glow tent, such lights enable plants to grow even in the coldest conditions. Not only does the size of the glow light make a difference but even the colour affects the plant. If you want your plants to grow faster then make use of a glow tent. This method of growing plants does not require exposure to sunlight, soil or even a large area for the plants to grow in. There are different kinds of glow light available in the market like lamps with High Pressure Sodium (HPS), fluorescent lamps, LED lights, Metal Halide (MH) lamps and incandescent lamps. Glow light and glow tent plays an extremely important role when it comes to making one's plant healthy. Plant lighting is a particularly important factor because it directly affects the amount of produce when the growing period comes to an end. The most common colours used for glow lights are red and blue nuances. However, almost all of them require the implementation of two of the most important hydroponics accessories namely glow light and glow tent. These control the root zone temperature and the humidity levels and make them suitable for the plant. Additionally, glow light may also be fitted inside the glow tent in order to provide the plants with warmth and heat. It is however advisable to make purchases only from reputed and reliable LED Driver Suppliers websites otherwise you would be wasting your money purchasing something that is either harmful or of no use at all. Also, conduct some research in this context to pick up tips from hydroponic enthusiasts. Blue lights are associated with spring and encourage vegetative growth while red lights are associated with autumn and encourage flower production. Nowadays the hydroponics method of gardening is gaining much-deserved popularity all over the world because more and more people are being drawn towards it due to its ease of management and many advantages. Whether you are a professional hydroponics gardener or a hobbyist, you would certainly not want to see your plants growing in miserable conditions and producing below-par fruits. In case of hydroponics farming or gardening choosing the right glow tent and glow light is of utmost importance. When you have these two important hydroponic accessories in place, you will find that the plants will grow effortlessly and you won't have to spend too much time on their maintenance as well. This is because without the provision of an environment that is conducive for growth the plant would not be able to survive and without light it would not be able to make food, thus its growth being stunted. While growing plants the hydroponic way the two mandatory elements are light and environment and provision of the former is made by acquiring glow lightr equipment. While the sun may look like a yellow sphere, the sunlight emanated by it actually features a wide spectrum of colours and the plants react to them in different ways. Depending on the quality, the type and the manufacturer, the prices of grow tents may vary.

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