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review 2022-03-14 16:22
Saving Ruby King: a novel by Catherine Adel West
Saving Ruby King: a novel - Catherine Adel West

The evidence the officials discover, labeled the crime a home invasion.  Ruby’s mother lied dead at the scene.  In this Chicago black community, this was just another crime committed and marked in the books.  Yet, some individuals knew exactly what had occurred behind the doors of this house throughout the years.  They knew the truth.  The abuse that had been silenced and buried for years was finally over and Alice was finally free from her husband, Lebanon.  Ruby knew it too for she lived it, day in and day out.  Alone now with her father, Ruby faces the reality that it’s just her and her abusive father.


Layla is Ruby’s friend and what a great friend she is.  Although Layla was told by her father Jackson, to stay-out-of-it, Layla can’t.  Jackson, a pastor of this community’s church and some members of the congregation know what Lebanon is capable of but their actions and voices are silent.  Layla steps up to help Ruby providing much more than I realized she had in her. 


Crossing timelines and hearing from multi-viewpoints, it took me a while to get into the flow of this book. I liked how Layla kept at Ruby, she never gave up and she questioned Ruby and didn’t preach at her constantly.  I thought having all the different characters and viewpoints was interesting and made for a more-rounded book, although keeping them separate took some work, on my part.  Set in Chicago, the book addresses many issues such as domestic violence, race, a church community, family and friendship.   I received this book from NetGalley and Park Row in exchange for an honest opinion (a few years ago). 

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url 2020-06-29 07:49
AWS SDK Tutorial - Types of SDK's & Developer Tools - DataFlair

What is AWS SDK-Types of SDK, AWS Developer Tools, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS Java SDK, AWS PHP SDK, AWS SDK Ruby,

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review 2020-06-12 09:48
Curvy and the Canid: A Wolf Shifter Fairy Tale Retelling by Ruby Sirois
Curvy and the Canid: A Wolf Shifter Fairy Tale Retelling - Ruby Sirois

@Archaeolibrary, #Adult#Paranormal#Romance#Mythology#Norse#FairyTaleRetelling 4 out of 5 (very good)


Curvy and the Canid is a wolf shifter story set in Sweden involving the Norse gods. From that alone, I wanted to read this story!

Told from multiple points of view and in the present tense, this story explains about Saskia and Einar. She is a BBW in a country where most are 'skinny-minnies' (big generalisation there from me). She is successful in her chosen career but lacks the confidence to go it alone as an artist. Einar is the Missing Duke and we find out his story too. Together, these two have to overcome a curse and prove that true love can heal all wounds.

This is only a novella and yet it packs a punch. I'm not too keen on novellas as I prefer my stories to have a bit more to them. However, I have to say, with this one, the story is all there! There is nothing missing from this tale and each character is fully developed. You get the side characters who obviously aren't as big as the main ones but they are still three-dimensional.

I loved the setting for this story and can only hope we see more of this setting in future books. Einar and Saskia make a great couple, good for each other in so many ways. With sexy times and lots of love, this was a brilliant story and I can't wait to read more.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/post/curvy-and-the-canid-a-wolf-shifter-fairy-tale-retelling-by-ruby-sirois
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text 2019-12-06 07:34
King of Gemstones: Style Your Rubies Like a Pro

The hardest, coloured gemstones in intense red colour, Rubies are indeed the “King of Gemstones” and also the most sought after gemstones too. They signify passion and are truly elegant. Red is the colour of love and rubies perfectly symbolize this intense emotion. The different hues of rubies are as fascinating and exquisite as this colourful gemstone is. If you love colourful gemstone jewellery, then we are sure, rubies must be your first love. Since ancient times, this precious gemstone has been considered a symbol of power and status. Ladies love it and the love is never going to fade for it one of the most magnificent gemstones. Styling rubies is indeed an art you should know and we have brought you some styling tips so that you can integrate rubies in your styling like a pro!

You can effortlessly rev up your style with ruby jewellery by styling it according to the event or occasion you are heading to. A ruby solitaire ring set in 925 sterling silver can work best for any casual event. While vintage ruby designs like the victorian style with diamonds encircling it can be best suited for any wedding or informal occasion if you don’t want to go overboard on jewellery. If you wish to just opt for a simple yet royal look, you can buy silver earrings online with rubies in the form of studs or danglers, so that you can keep it minimal.

For workwear, rubies are an excellent choice but keeping them simple is what you need at your workplace. Simple small-size, delicate ruby studs in 925 Sterling Silver are best to pair with your workwear outfit if you want a dash of colour too. A silver chain with a classic round ruby solitaire looks elegant and can go well with any of your workplace outfit or business suit. The best way to integrate ruby in your styling is by pairing the ruby with solid colours like black, blue, yellow and white or even pastels with which it can create a contrast. With contrasting colours, rubies come out beautifully and you are bound to turn heads.

Weddings and prom nights are the perfect occasions to flaunt your favourite gemstone. Ruby necklace with studs looks perfect when teamed together for such informal occasions and you are going to look incredibly ravishing. For Indian attires like Anarkalis or maxi dresses, ditch your watch and wear a ruby bangle for a graceful look. Rubies are evergreen and you can steal the show by pairing them with the right outfit in the right manner. For Indian attires, you can buy silver earrings online with rubies studded in them and wear them as statement pieces to jazz up your look.

If you have a warm skin tone, rubies are going to make you look breathtaking, so why give a second thought ladies? Just follow these tips and get ready to rock the party! For different styles and to save your time, buy rubies online from a trusted jewellery brand.

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url 2019-11-25 11:53
Hire Expert Ruby on Rail Develoepr

Looking for comprehensive Ruby on Rails development Company for your business development? then rely on expert Ruby on Rails developer team from iGlobsyn Technologies, dedicated to offering complete custom RoR development solution with Agile development, great communication, and 24*7 assistance.

Some of Custom RoR Development Services offers by iGlobsyn are:

  • Web application development services
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  • RoR web portal development
  • RoR support and maintenance services


have any project in mind, let's buckle up: mail at - info@iglobsyn.com

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