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review 2017-08-09 08:26
Devil's Pact (The Devil's Playground #1) by Samantha Cruise






Author: Samantha Cruise

Title: Devil's Pact

Series: The Devil's Playground

Cover Rating:

Book Rating:

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Epitome of pure evil, born without a heart, soul, or conscience...even his parents did not claim him. He is an outlaw who takes what he wants...

The moment Devin Spawn stumbles upon the exquisite beauty bathing alone in a river, he wants her. Morality non-existent, yet he struggles to keep his distance. His sexual excesses and massive proportions would be too much for the tiny girl who appears more waifish and innocent than womanly. She is a widow with so much to give...

The instant Megan Spawn feels his heated touch and potent sensuality, her flesh burns with wanton desires. It matters little he is the devilishly handsome outlaw known as the Devil's Spawn, the most feared, lethal gunslinger in the West-and her stepson.

Together they risk everything in the devil's playground... Where sexuality is as untamed as the bloodthirsty savages roaming the western frontier, and childhood sweetheart Caleb Walker is guilty as sin, the dark side of lust and passionate surrender comes at a hefty price when you forge a Devil's Pact.





This book is a reviewers inappropriate gif posters dream. It covers every possible gif and meme that would have you rolling on the floor if it wouldn't get you reported. So I'll keep it clean but damn, I'm really tempted.

So I actually got this book as a gift from another book reader who just had to pass it on.

The sexual encounters between the characters in this book just aren't to be believed.

I think this is the only Erotica I've read that makes such an effort to detail repeatedly the mental image of trying to fit five hundred pounds of sugar in a five pound bag.

Spawn is loaded.


Readers are unable to forget it because the drastic difference between child-like bodied Megan is often very thoroughly detailed repeatedly over and over during the sex scenes between her and her step son every time his massive cannon comes out to play to invade her tiny body. 

Really, its hard to imagine a man's member being so big it could split you in two.

Devil's Pact is one of the most uncomfortable and bizarrely comedic Erotica to love to laugh at because its just so out there that you can't take it seriously at all. A few eye rolls later the threesome comes in to add more cheese and sperm to the mix.

There could be a story here if the sex wasn't so left field extreme and dominant but nothing in this book is actual plot. From the start its mostly established that its just a few small snippets of scenes to give the readers a brief second to turn the page before the next sex scene starts up again.

Devils Pact is weird, its dramatic, and its highly pornographic. Read at your own risk and keep an oxygen mask on hand.




Until next time book lovers...



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All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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text 2013-12-29 08:06
Will it never end?
Devil's Pact - Samantha Cruise

Dear God, will this book never end? I don't even know how far I am through this because of the weird formatting. I only read this when I'm feeling particularly masochistic.

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review 2010-12-11 00:00
Devil's Pact - Samantha Cruise I don't even know where to begin when describing what was wrong with this book...to start off, it could easily have been at least 100 pages short, if an editor had looked at it and I say that because it rambled, it was disjointed and it was like the author was aiming for a word count and didn't really care how she got there...it was like a bad porno movie gone wrong...the heroine (if you can call her that) is Megan a 4'11" 22 year old (or in that general age vicinity)...now i'm 5'3" (and readily admit i'm short), so I know exactly how tall she is supposed to be and Devin, one of the heros, is described as being 6'8" (ish)...that height difference about blows my mind...i can't even imagine it...that's nearly a 2 ft difference in their sized...it just don't work...honestly, if I could have given this book negative stars I probably would have...I DNF'd it the first time I started to read it, and the only reason I finished it this time was because I had it slotted into about 4 different challenges...I know for sure, i won't be seeking this author out in the future...
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review 2010-12-08 00:00
Devil's Pact - Samantha Cruise I’ve read a lot of different books. Some with even questionable topics such as rape, slavery, etc. While I had read each book, I found something in the story that I could relate too, something that made me accept the book. That didn’t happen in this book. First, the book is permanent ménage and anyone who knows my style, knows that I don’t like that. So why did I buy the book? Honestly, at the time, I bought the book b/c I was still willing to give anything a chance and plus every one was talking about the cannon. Who wouldn’t want to read a hot book about a large penis? LOL! But as time progressed, I did realize that I didn’t like PMs as much as I had hoped. Needless to say, the book was already mine and I had to read it. The truly sad part about the book is that when you break it down in parts, you can find some of everything that you like. But together as a whole it was a hot mess! I don’t recommend this book to anyone. In fact, I have put this author on alert. I will proceed with caution when trying to buy anything from her. In all honestly, I’m still thinking that she was up late one night, talking to her girlfriend(s) and they were laughing and joking and decided to play a joke and write a really horrible book. The author herself could not tell me that this was not a spoof. How could I take this seriously? I didn’t connect with any of the characters. In fact, I had found myself wishing them dead at certain parts of the book. First, there was whorish Megan. Out of all the characters, I disliked her the most. Who in their right mind meets a stranger down by the river and have sex with him and then learns that he is her husband’s son. I would be mortified. She claimed she was. She kept spouting (internally) about sin and carnal desires and all this yadda but I knew she was a whore. After her husband dies, Devin decides to stay on. They eventually go on with their affair. Meanwhile, she keeps thinking about this one man that she loves and how she had wanted to marry him but she can’t stop having sex with this Devin. OK!!!Poor Caleb! I didn’t care for him because he reminded me of a stick figure just in the background. Why are you waiting for this woman? She kept turning him away, claiming it wasn’t right but she was having sex with the monster son!!! Really??? Really??? Like I’m suppose to think any good about her. Even when Caleb learns that Devin is at the ranch, he still want this woman. Even after finding them in bed together. Are you serious? Because she just told you earlier on, it’s not right to do those things! Ok, so I still push on through this. Devin knows that poor Caleb is in love with her so he offers to share her. Now I don’t know what man is that in love with a woman for this long and never got anywhere with her, accepts that she gives it up to the next man and will take her anyway he can get her? Seriously, was he that hard up? I thought there was this prostitution place in town. Go get some and chill. There was no real plot to this story. There was so much thrown in the mix. After they go on with the ménage, there was no stopping with the sex. I found myself skimming past it and didn’t realize that I was basically done with the book. But she throws in a few bad guys (whom I was hoping kill her and Caleb) and her brother returns. The brother was weird because he was tossed in the mix and then he got creepy when he listens to the sex and stuff. Yuck! Though they have their HEA, I felt like they let stick figure Caleb in just to be polite because he was pining for the whore the whole book. Overall, this story just didn't work for me. I won't even comment about the sex b/c that was painful to read and more painful to think about :(
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review 2009-09-15 00:00
Devil's Pact - Samantha Cruise This book wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's really long and I thought the first 3/4 of the story was very slow going. I thought Devin was a bit of an ass, but he did what he thought was best for Megan. He grew up as an outlaw, so some of his behavior was understandable. Caleb was a sweetie and he'd been in love with Megan for years. Megan was an OK character. She stuck to her guns in some situations, but sometimes I felt she was a bit of a doormat concerning Devin. This book has a lot, and I mean a lot, of sex in it. The sex scenes were hot, but I started skimming them toward the end. I think it's worth a read if you set your expectations low.
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