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review 2014-08-05 00:00
Wings of Redemption
Wings of Redemption - Sarah Gilman This is one of the best free paranormal romances I've read in a while - I'd probably be safe in saying that it's the best one I've read all year.

I know that's not saying much. The bar is set pretty low, after all.

I genuinely liked this story, though. The idea of fallen angels needing to coexist with demons, because poachers kill them for their feathers was a fascinating premise.

Kestrel and Saffron were great together, too. There was a Romeo and Juliet thing going on, where Saffron's father was one of the most notorious collectors of angel feathers, and a lot of the romantic tension in the story came from the two of them trying to overcome their prejudices and understand the other side's story. They judged each other for who they were, not for who their families were.

The writing was clean, and well edited. The world was interesting. The main characters were engaging.

The only real complaint I've got (and it's not so much a complaint as me picking at a plot hole) is the fact that nobody knew that Kestrel was the one who tipped off the Morins.

There is an angel who can read minds, who has been proven to not need permission to enter somebody's mind, who goes on daily flies around the city with Kestrel. An angel who would be absolutely pissed if he knew that Kestrel was the one who spared the Morins. An angel who knows that Kestrel is in love with Saffron, and was hurt by his betrayal of her trust. And yet, Kestrel tells Saffron that nobody knows he was the one who tipped her family off.

Despite the fact that while Saffron's gone, she's all he can think about, and he's got to be thinking about the fact that she left, even after he saved her parents.

And nobody knows that he did it?

I don't buy that for a second.

Like I said, though, I really did enjoy this book. It's books like this that keep me going through the free stuff I find on Amazon.
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review 2014-05-13 00:00
Wings of Redemption
Wings of Redemption - Sarah Gilman Just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saffron is a human in search of her sister, so she goes to the demon colony to ask if they have her. This may not be the brightest move due to her parentage!

Kes is an archangel that lives in the colony, and he can't help but be drawn to her. They develop a lovely relationship but problems are afoot due to her parents!

This is only a novella, and I wanted more when it finished, will have to go check out other books in series.

4 stars.
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text 2014-05-11 23:52
Free Today on Amazon
Wings of Redemption - Sarah Gilman

From Entangled/Macmillan.

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review 2014-02-13 00:00
Deep in Crimson
Deep in Crimson - Sarah Gilman Deep in Crimson really takes paranormal romance to a whole new level. I've read a few PR's with angels but none like Sarah Gilman's. A true tainted redemption read to the fullest I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I absolutely am a new fan, I can't wait to read more of the Return to Sanctuary books.
In Deep in Crimson we follow the journey of Jett who finds out that Archangel Raphael's grand children are being kidnapped. When he investigates another capture of one of the kids he has to team up with the Demon Guardians and the child's sister Lexine. Right from the start Jett and Lex are lit with combustible chemistry, but not everything is as it seems. Jeff starts to learn a few things about his own history that will change things for him forever.
Major applause for Sarah Gilman for doing such a superb job in this novel!

photo 2_zps45e33e0e.jpg
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review 2014-02-06 00:00
Ashes - Sarah Gilman Review: Four stars for Sarah Gilman’s Ashes, a flaming HOT, fascinating read!

ASHES by Sarah Gilman is the first book by this author that I’ve read, but certainly not the last.

The story of the Phoenix, the bird that is reborn time and again from fire, is one that is both fascinating and also the premise of Sarah Gilman’s book. A journalist unknowingly steps into the home of a phoenix who is about to expire. As she leaves, the home explodes and there are some very interesting consequences to her inhaling the ashes.

The phoenix isn’t just any phoenix, but Reece is the king of his species - even if he hasn’t assumed the official role. When he tracks down the journalist, Ambrosia, he discovers that indeed his ashes took root and soon he will be a father.

As the two of them flee a phoenix hunter to the warm Hawaiian Island refuge, they discover that there might be a bit of real passion between the two of them. However humans are considered less than phoenixes in this society and Reece, the king to be, is a pure blood. Certainly there could be no future to find in their mutual passion. Or could there be?

Along the way there’s some inter-phoenix quarrels, some very hot love scenes, and a fascinating look at phoenix culture. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope that there will be subsequent books in a series.

Four solid stars to Sarah Gilman’s ASHES , a passionate love affair that flames true!

Fab Fantasy Fiction

I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.
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