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review 2017-09-07 01:09
I'm totally a softy where Virgo's are concerned...
Scorpio Hates Virgo - Anyta Sunday

I really, really loved 'Leo Loves Aries' and enjoyed the hell out of that book and while I'm not sure that I'd say I loved this one more I definitely loved it every bit as much as 'Leo Loves Aries'. 


Percy's returned home to the cul-de-sac after the funeral of his beloved Aunt and he's determined that he needs to sell the house that was left to him in order to move on with his life. What he hasn't counted on is that maybe the people in this close knit little community...his aunt's neighbors and one neighbor in particular would do their subtle and not so subtle best to make him see that sometimes moving on has more to do with where your heart is than your body.


Within minutes of his return to his aunt's home Percy's confronted by Callaghan Glover his nemisis and verbal sparring partner. 


Percy's got his hands full in this one. He's determined to sell his Aunt's house and move on from the grief that it holds for him. But first he's got to deal with a cousin whose grief is expressed through anger, a neighborhood that's convinced he needs to spruce up his aunt's home and make it his own, his nemesis who seems determined to change the dynamics of their relationship and whose family is starting to feel suspiciously like they need him as much as he needs them. Then there's the neighborhood game of 'Sherlock Gnomes' that's just too tempting to resist add in some eggnog and a few carrot cake muffins with cream cheese frosting and you've got the makings of some fun and yummy times.


I loved how sweet this story was and for as much as I enjoyed seeing Percy and Cal interact and watching their relationship develop and change I also loved all the neighbors and Cal's family...well, except for his dad...sorry, him I just did not understand and I really don't care to try. And I totally want to join in with the Sherlock Gnomes and play Zombie Apocalypse, this just sounds like to much fun to miss out on and hey, Leone, Theo and Jamie were on board for this too.


Percy's so busy with trying to move on that what he almost does't see is that he's building memories and re-starting his life right there in the place he wants to leave...

"...But you brought more inside, Cal. You brought kindness and affection. You brought friendship." Heat pooled behind his eyes and he blinked hard, voice catching. "You brought me family."

'Scorpio Hates Virgo' is a sweet, low angst, fun, enemies to lovers story and I loved the added touch of the compatibility of the different signs of the zodiac. While I'm not someone who checks their horoscope on a daily or even a weekly basis, I can't deny that in general the subject of astrology holds a certain fascination for me and in the case of this book it was just too tempting for me to resist since my son's a Virgo and I was curious to see if I would find any similarities between him and the character of Cal and I did...so needless to say I adored Cal. But, I also loved Percy too for all that he'd been through I found him to be feisty and caring and I loved that in spite of how much he claimed to want to sell the house and move away his heart was never truly into the idea.


I'm curious to see what signs Anyta Sunday has planned next for this series...maybe Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces? There are so many possibilities, I'm definitely looking forward to finding out.



An ARC of 'Scorpio Hates Virgo' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-09-05 17:57
Some bets were never meant to be made...
Leo Tops Aries - Anyta Sunday

When Theo makes a bet with his Aries that he can hold out the longest there are no limits on how far the rules get stretched.


"Leo Tops Aries" is a short, sweet, very entertaining story about a bet between Theo and Jamie and it's got the all the banter, teasing and snark that we got in "Leo Loves Aries" and needless to say I quickly devoured this one as I'm sure did anyone who read "Leo Loves Aries" and loved it. 


This one's definitely worth taking the time to find and read. Enjoy!

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review 2017-01-30 18:18
I think it's time to move on...
Open Case - Mickie B. Ashling

This one actually started out on  a fairly good note for me. I was enjoying it. Some parts were a little bit blasé but I was finding more that I thought was cute and enjoyable. Plus bonus points for the restraint on the terms of endearment, either that or I'm becoming oblivious to them but let's go with a more moderate usage. 


I didn't even mind, that not since the movie 'Home Alone' have I encountered a more moronic villan than Owen. I'm sorry but seriously, he's committed arson x2, assault x2+, fraud, attempted blackmail, sexual assault, uttering death threats, kidnapping and those are just the highlights from the second book, 'Open House'. Yet this idiot is angry because his employer terminated him without getting his side of the story and he doesn't see that he's really done anything wrong because it's not his fault that he's done all these things no, it's Seth's fault...FFS! Are you serious? That's not deranged in my world that's deranged + stupid. Ironically this didn't really bother me because lets face it this happens in the real world, too. People commit crimes all the time that they don't perceive as being their fault. There's always some 'justifiable' (in their minds) reason why they had to do it. I was easily past the 70% mark in this one and it was looking good that this was going to be my favorite of the series and then it happened...I wanted to scream, to rage...ok, maybe I did a little bit, but hubby and the son are use to this...I couldn't stand it and I actually considered doing a dnf! At over 70%? No, I decided this was not going to happen...I would finish this book and I did...so, now you're wondering..."What? Karen, what in the name of all that's holy made you rage and rant? What happened?...well, you see this is where we have a problem because it was the ending...not, the epilogue. I liked it. The epilogue was actually kinda' cute and definitely sexy...there might have been manites involved...but I'm not telling.


No, it was the actual ending to the story the part that involved our TSTL villian named Owen and this is where my problem comes in because I refuse to spoil a book for someone even one that ended up not working for me, so I really can't tell you exactly why but there was a part of the ending that didn't work for me it was just incredibly unbelievable...to the point of irritation and frustration and spoiling what was probably going to be a solid 3.5 star read.


This is my fourth book by this author sadly two of them...not so great and two of them were just ok. I'm not sure that I'm going to go any further with this. Not every author is for every reader and I guess maybe this just isn't the author for me but there are a lot of lovely reviews for her books out there. So check them out what's a miss for me may very well be what makes it a hit for someone else.



An ARC of 'Open Case' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-01-30 17:14
Like a bridge over troubled waters...
Thick & Thin - Charlie Cochet

'Thick & Thin' is the 8th installment in Charlie Cochet's series THIRDS and for me it was more of a bridge linking what's happened to the changes that are about to happen and the new direction that things seem to be going in. 


It wrapped up some things from 'Smoke & Mirrors' the 7th book and it also gives us a peak at the changes that will be happening to Destructive Delta as a team and on an individual level. 


While I liked this and it was nice to get a bit more info to complete the events from 'Smoke & Mirrors' I was a little disappointed at the brevity of the story and it just didn't seem to have the edginess that I've come to expect from this series. 


However, I'm still looking forward to seeing what happens next. One of the things that I've really love about this series is that while each story may focus on one couple...Dex & Sloane, Ash & Cael, Calvin & Hobbs...we also get to see what's happening with the rest of the group as well. I love those little glimpses of the individual members and of their interactions with members of the team other than their partner and I have to admit I'm really, really hoping that with this new change we don't lose that. I love Dex & Sloane but I still want to see Dex & Ash tormenting each other, Dex protecting his little brother, Cael or Sloane & Ash having a beer as Ash complains about Dex or to loose the presence of Letty and Rosa the only consistent strong females in the series or the glimpses of this group as they relax on their downtime and party hard at Bar Dekatria.


'Thick & Thin' for me was a story that served as more of a bridge from what was to what will be...whether it's over troubled waters or not remains to be seen and for now I'm willing to make of show of faith and see what Ms. Cochet has in store for us on the other side of the bridge.



An ARC of 'Thick & Thin' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-01-23 19:39
This one was definitely buddy read material...
Scars and Ruin (Loose Ends Book 2) - Avril Ashton

...so, lucky me I had my girls, Jewel and Ele to rely on. You ladies are awesome. Thanks for taking this crazy adventure with me.


First I'm just going to reiterate what both Jewel & Ele have said in their review 'this book does not read well as a standalone'. I highly recommend reading both 'The Brooklyn Sinners' series and 'Run This Town' as well as the first two stories for this one. I know it sounds like a big commitment but honestly if you really want to take this trip and not feel like you made a left turn when you should have gone right, it'll be worth it.


I've been looking forward to this one because it's Hunter/Dane/Dutch/Savage/? damned if I know this guy's got more monikers than Imelda Marcos has shoes and while there was a reason for it. I can't like it was a bit of an irritant for me. So for now let's just call him Dutch and be done with it.


So this is the story where we find out the history between Dutch and Varun Patel and I've been curious about this one for a while. You see for me, Dutch is a bit of a quandary because mostly I've just wanted him to go up in flames but every once in a while I like him and I've wanted to know more to see him get a bit of happiness. Dutch's happiness is wrapped up in one person and one person only...you guessed it...Varun Patel.


These two men have danced around each other for years and now we get to find out what happens when the music stops. Their's was not a simple relationship and as intense as everything was outside of the bedroom, it was even more so when the clothes finally came off. 


I really enjoy the dynamics between these men. I liked that Dutch was the badass, alpha who scared the hell out of everyone and always seemed to be two steps ahead of it all, I like that Patel was his weakness and he'd do anything to protect him even walk away from him. 


While I was happy to finally get Dutch and Patel's story. I have to admit there were times when certain aspects felt like they were maybe getting over done and I would have enjoyed it if things had been tightened up a bit more.


Sadly I have to admit that the ending for this one still isn't sitting well with me. Things that we had been led to believe were so complex and un-doable suddenly happened with ease in the blink of an eye and that took away a big chunk of the stories overall credibility for me especially in regards to Dutch's character as this big badassed dude that I couldn't decide if I loved to hate him or hated to love him. I liked the larger than life persona that I'd given him and right now it's feeling a little fuzzy around the edges and not so much bigger than life...I'd like the old Dutch back...please?


One of the things that I really, really enjoy about not just this Avril Ashton series but the previous one's that I've read as well is that things like who are the good guys and who are the bad guys aren't always black and white. There's a lot of grey in here. Sometimes it's not a matter of good guys and bad guys but good guys doing bad things and bad guys doing good things and the reasons why.


I think Syren Rua said it best when he told Patel...

“I told you that the actions by men like Dutch and me, that’s how we get judged.” Something flashed in Syren’s eyes. Could have been regret. “Not our intent. Never our intent.”

At the end of it all maybe this one wasn't quite what I had hoped for but I'm still all in on this series, there's Renzo and Low, their stories next and it's looking promising and there's still Kyo and Priest...sweetbabyjebus!!! I want their story. Not to mention somewhere in there we have 'Call the Coroner'...Ele, please tell me you're with me on this one...please?

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