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review 2013-11-10 23:13
If The Shoe Fits by Megan Mulry
If the Shoe Fits - Megan Mulry

In the interest of disclosure, I follow Megan on Twitter and have done since before she was published. (Now that I'm reviewing her books she no doubt regrets that.) The beginning of If The Shoe Fits is brilliant. Then the clock strikes midnight. Well, at least for me. I think many of my issues with Sarah and Devon are unlikely to bother other readers.


Sarah James is a Hermetically Sealed Heroine. And yet, I didn't hate her. She was a believable twenty something virgin instead of an improbable one. Having decided she's ready for a fling, Sarah offers Devon a weekend of no strings sex while they both attend a wedding. The opening chapters are light and fun. Sarah joins the promiscuous world and Devon marvels at the freedom a plain speaking woman holds. I was thinking “I'm going to love, love, love this story” even as I was reading it. Sarah is neither plus size nor thin. She makes casual references to her size without being overly focused on it. As a woman working in fashion, her curvier figure could have been truly annoying (if mishandled) but Mulry wisely leaves it on the sidelines. As the wedding weekend ends, Sarah returns to her everyday life. This is where we start to unravel.


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Source: loveinthemargins.com/2013/10/25/if-the-shoe-fits-by-megan-mulry
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review 2012-01-27 00:00
The Sexual Awakening of a Lady of Class - a Victorian erotic romance adventure
The Sexual Awakening of a Lady of Class ... The Sexual Awakening of a Lady of Class - a Victorian erotic romance adventure - Leslie Midnight A bawdy, naughty freebie read set in 1919 England with a 42 y/o widow, a 20 y/o soldier home from war, and a little bit of ganja smoking.

The isn't a love story with an HEA, but a naughty read about a woman finally getting to experience uninhibited sex. Her marriage offered sex in the dark with little intimacy or pleasure. Her awakening was the best part of this little story. The dialogue was often over-the-top, but it also made it a fun read with the bawdy nature of this May/December relationship.

There were parts of this story that I enjoyed, but oddly it wasn't the sex scenes. The first sex scene was fades out and we are told the details after the fact! In an erotica? WTF? And then the story picks up in present time once again. Odd. They were getting hot and bothered, then all of a sudden the narration changes and says:

And so as the full moon shone into his bedroom and she smoked ganja and drank the best vintage champagne since 1874, he went down on her; his nose, lips and tongue, licking, sucking, kissing and caressing her sex, with his fingers and hand sliding into her most intimate feminine recesses, finger fucking her as his beloved French widow had shown him, until Lady Constance was shuddering, gasping and panting, and clutching the arms of the chair, and using terms of endearment she had never used with her husband, or any man for that matter.

Not all sex scenes were fade to black, so it redeemed itself as an erotica should. Overall, it was a fun quick read and worth the 'free' price tag.

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review 2009-11-26 00:00
The Almond - Nedjma,C. Jane Hunter The review of this book promised a look into the "erotic undercurrents of the Muslim world."Forgive me, but I doubt it. It was certainly erotic in many areas, but as to the realistic look at life in the Arab world, it is completely unbelievable.I am sure there have been women who lived the way the author described, but not very many. And frankly, it was a bore.
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