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review 2014-07-29 12:11
Review - Lover in the Shadows
Lover in the Shadows - Lindsay Longford

My teenaged self loved the Silhouette Shadows line, and I still have a few of them rattling around in my TBR pile. Some of them really are treats, but this one was a little more on the so-so side. On the positive side, the author does a good job of pulling readers into the heroine's claustrophobic world and she also maintains tension well throughout most of the story.

And what is the story? Well, it's basically creepy romantic suspense with a bit of a shapeshifter twist. The heroine, Molly Harris, recently lost her parents and already traumatized from that, Molly wakes up on her floor one morning with a bloody knife and no memory of what has happened. Not surprisingly, Detective John Harlan has some suspicions when he shows up at her door to investigate the recent killing of her maid. Of all the instances involving a hero in a suspense novel tailing the heroine at all times, this one was definitely one of the more believable. After all, Molly does look an awful lot like a suspect.

I enjoyed the story by and large. It's a bit on the dark and creepy side, and the author did keep me guessing about what was happening until close to the very end. While we do get hints of shapeshifters and some Central American lore worked into the text, the author doesn't explore that angle as much as she could have and I found that a bit disappointing. Even so, if you like suspense, shapeshifters and what at times seems like a little bit of homage to Basic Instinct, Lover in the Shadows is definitely a little different than the usual category paranormal.

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review 2013-01-18 00:00
Heart Of The Beast (Silhouette Shadows)
Heart Of The Beast (Silhouette Shadows) - Carla Cassidy A werewolf romance...ah, how sweet! Carla Cassidy took a basic romance story and added a couple twists to better engage her readers. I am not normally a fan of silhouette's romance novels but i guess the shadow books may be alright. This one was at least.The book focuses on a young woman, Bonnie, who just lost her mother and now want the connect witht eh only family she has: her father. She has not seen or heard from him about 20 years. Upon her mothers passing, she tires to reach out to him, only to be rejected. Suddenly she gets a new letter asking her to visit him at the Institute he runs. But not all is as it seems. The first couple days, she learns the townspeople are unhappy or even scared of the Institute and those that are there. Her father is always away in him labs...and then there is Nicholas. A mysterious man she is instantly attracted to. One guess as to what he is....While the story is very predictable, and typical for a standard romance novel, I do have to give the author credit for the slightly darker, mysterious setting. It made for a more interesting read.
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review 2010-11-14 00:00
The Haunting Of Brier Rose (Silhouette Shadows, #17)
The Haunting of Brier Rose - Patricia Simpson It's a Silhouette book so I can't blame it for being predictable but the characters should at least be likeable and they aren't. Not in any of their lives.

The book begins with the need that you already feel empathy for the couple and then when it jumps to present day you have to over look how whiny and annoying they both are.
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review 2008-06-14 00:00
Twilight Phantasies - Maggie Shayne This was definitely before goodreads. I was experiencing a difficult time finding vampire books and new authors to read. Picked this up at Borders (when they were still in business) and thought it was decent. One of the few vampire books I could find.
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