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review 2015-04-10 08:25
Roving Pack - Sassafras Lowrey

Yeesh, what to say about this book.


Okay first of all I liked it, I liked the setting I liked the writing I liked the main character.


However, this book is FUCKING TERRIFYING. In that it romanticises the SHIT out of violent sex acts - with NO prior discussion of them. Ie: surprise violent sex! Romantic, apparently. Not rape. Abusive relationships - romantic apparently. There are a lot of them in this book. Nobody seems to understand or care about consent in the slightest.



Also, the ending is horrible and depressing and leaves you at pretty much the worst time in the protagonist's life when everything has just fallen apart. Like, great, thanks, that wasn't a betrayal of your reader's trust or anything. It's not like I'm sitting here frustrated and unsatisfied and feeling like the whole thing's not ended. L2conclusion&denouement.


(spoiler show)


Oh, and it is in dire need of some editing. There is nothing misspelled, but there are words missing and extra words thrown into places they shouldn't be (like 'a the' when it should be just 'a' or 'the'. etc), and at one point an entire repeated page, that cut into the text at odd times, cutting up sentences either side.




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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-01-15 08:48
Stealing Flowers - Edward St Amant

This book spent the entire first half romanticising the crap out of CoCSA, and the entire second half hurting & killing girls for the sake of the main char's manpain, who keeps complaining about how very unlucky he is, despite becoming a powerful millionaire, because the girls he loves keep getting hurt & killed - like /he/ is the fucking victim there.


It only has the two stars it has because the writing itself was good.



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review 2014-11-30 12:35
Multiple Representation!
Set This House in Order: A Romance of Souls - Matt Ruff



Two characters with DID (well, MPD; the book's old and outdated), one with awareness and having been in therapy for years, one with no idea what's going on.


Incredibly well-written. I don't really know what exactly to say about it or what makes it so well-written but it was just so...normal and relatable and realistic to us it was fucking fantastic.


I love it.


Highly recommend.




(ps it's quite triggery in parts, obviously, csa etc, but extra trigger warning for systems reading this regarding integration. Though it's done quite well, tbh, and is painted as a bad thing/not the ideal outcome of therapy for most systems.)

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review 2014-07-03 14:30
Lucifer's Machine (Ogmios Team Novels) - Steven Savile,Rick Chesler

Racist. Gratuitous female violence/rape threats.

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review 2014-07-03 14:17
Crossed Genres Magazine 2.0 Issue 12: Yo... Crossed Genres Magazine 2.0 Issue 12: Young Adult - Bart R. Leib,Kay T. Holt,Jessi Cole Jackson,Sandra M. Odell,K.C. Norton

Very good writing (and A+ as always for diversity), but unfortunately the stories are mere vignettes - slices of life, rather than actual stories with plots and a beginning and ending. Having read previous crossed genres issues this came as kind of a disappointing surprise. Not what I was expecting. :(



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