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text SPOILER ALERT! 2013-06-18 04:06
Snarknotes: The Boleyn Inheritance (Part I)
Why are all these people such tools? 
All Katherine's meant to do is seduce the king but she's a fucking child who can't even hold her own two feet let alone get a grimy, fat, old, gritty 40 year old man into her bed. Why would any teenager want that, anyhow? That's like... Really disgusting. I mean, forgive my judgmental ways but I am judging her. 
Now let's talk about Jane for a bit. What the fuck is her purpose at court? Is she just there to spy on Katherine (whose also there spying on Anne) and Anne? Or is she just a way for Philippa to fill up pages? Let's talk about their uncle for a bit. He's like the ultimate tools. He's just there controlling these two women who are in turn controlling other people to do their bidding. One's trying to seduce men into her bed, most notably the King; and the other's being forced to get dirt on Anne.
Now, Anne. I feel so bad for this girl you have no idea. She's just there, cruising along, trying to live a happy life away from her total d-bag of a brother who makes Katherine and Jane's uncle look like the Angel Gabriel. And now she has this hormonal teenager trying to steal her husband away from her and this 30 something year old whose brother was beheaded for treason and incest, and let's not forget her husband's a complete douchebag who refuses to sleep with her because she's 'ugly.' Oh, that reminds me: she's also married to the grimy, fat, old, gritty 40 something year old windpipe the hormonal teenager is meant to seduce. 
It's an interesting plot line so far, but I just needed to get all that out of my system.
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