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text 2018-07-16 03:43
at 100 pages, hmmmm
The Witches of Eastwick - John Updike

I thought I'd try something by Mr. Updike that wasn't Rabbit Angstrom-y.


This is the single worst writing from women's point of view that I've ever encountered. These women are the least believable I've ever encountered, and I've read some really bad books. I understand these witches are fantasy, but I can't believe witches would be so ridiculous. Nor can I imagine grown women who complain about getting their periods for a full five (5) days! Or women who think the way these "women" do about their bodies. Men, apparently, believe women are nothing but our bodies and our relationships to men. He gives them interesting professions, then he reduces them to insipid caricatures. 


Dear Male Writers - Woman Have Breasts and Vaginas. I'm going to write a book where the man's balls are all I talk about if I run into this again. Shockingly, our bodies and fear of aging are not the only thing we ever think about.


Argh. I'm very tempted to stop reading this. It's making me irritable. 


However, now the man has entered the picture, so I may try to continue, since I'm almost a third of a way through. But not tonight. I need some female comedy -- on to Netflix!

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review 2018-07-02 14:40
On Borrowed Time
On Borrowed Time - Jenn McKinlay

It is close to Christmas and Lindsey is preparing for the Crafternooners meeting and goes into the conference room and finds her brother, Jack, waiting for her. She agrees to let him sleep in the room and moves the meeting to a different room, saying that the original room is cold. They have their meeting and she comes back to find her brother missing, the window to the room open and a dead man. She calls the police but keeps her brother's appearance and disappearance a secret. 


I borrowed this in two formats, book and audio, listening to the book while driving and knitting and reading when listening wasn't available (too loud). The best part of the audio is that my children (and husband) are listening and they actually have started asking me to turn on books when we are in the car. They giggle and laugh at different parts of the book and love the stories, too. I think the most fun happens when we are close to the ending and arrive at a destination and I turn off the book and they so what happened? Who did it? I have to reply, I don't know, I am at the same place as you are! We have to finish the book. My one child gets out her kindle and finds the book and reads it, and the others ask for me to finish playing the book. 



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review 2018-07-01 22:39
Thank You for Your Service - required reading
Thank You For Your Service - David Finkel

Probably more important than any in-action memoir could be. Indeed I think this book is more important to understand than Finkel's first book about these same soldiers when they were deployed in Iraq. Here we see the real cost of war, very few holds barred. We also see war widows and the wives and families of those who come home forever changed. If I came away with one clear idea, it is that war is never-ending and continues trying to kill you from the day you step foot back "home" until...forever, I suppose.


This book, or a book much like it, should be required reading for every American who hasn't served in one of our wars. 

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text 2018-07-01 21:52
It's not the book, it's me
The Parking Lot Attendant: A Novel - Nafkote Tamirat

I've tried repeatedly to get myself into this book. I could give a brief sketch of what's happening, but I can't seem to get more than an arm's length in terms of caring or even feeling what's going on. Perhaps it's partly due to the structure of this novel (we know where the MC will end up before the story actually begins) but I think it's more just about me at this moment. I'm going to abandon it for now and try again another time. It sounds interesting and like it would be up my lane, but I'm a bit fuzzy these days, and easier reads seem to be where my brain wants to be.


I was going to read A Clockwork Orange next, but I'm now not so sure...

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review 2018-06-29 20:10
Red Dirt Heart 4
Red Dirt Heart 4 - N.R. Walker

Charlie's come a long way in self-acceptance over the last two years and three books. Now we get to see him from Travis's POV and follow their journey into the future as they become a family.


There's little conflict here, and really not much a plot beyond will they/won't they actually get married and there's some talk about what Charlie will do with the ranch in the event he can no longer run it. 


I would have liked if Travis's POV had actually sounded different from Charlie's, but other than that, it was nice to spend a little more time at Sutton Station and seeing more of Trav's family and see the next stage(s) in their lives. But if I hadn't already invested three books in this series and cared about these characters, I probably would've found this a bit on the boring side. I did find the epilogue cute but not really necessary. I would've been happy for the book to end right before that.


So this was fun, cute, very aww-worthy and good for a light read. 

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