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review 2017-06-11 05:44
Badly Executed, But A Journey of Closure Worth Reading...
My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry: A Novel - Fredrik Backman

If there is any thing about Fredrik Backman books that I want to talk about, its his characters he created. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry is filled with colorful characters. Weirdos in their own way, witty to some. And for a time, they are memorable in a simple design. Sadly, I can't say much about the plot. While A Man Called Ove is formulated with a design that is predictable (you can read my previous review), My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry is quite a mess. There is a main plot written, but the chapters on each page is just every where. There are times I have no idea whether the intention of reading is to see how fast a reader can capture the idea between the real world and the imaginary world. Of course, I do understand the reason behind this writing because this is from the perspective of Elsa, the little protagonist of this book but then, there are times I got confuse as to where is Miapolis or Mitabulous and who is Sam, which I later found out int he chapters and the origin of some of the characters weren't clear to me. The weakness of this book is the execution, which I do find it hard to follow. Maybe that's one of the reasons why it took longer time to read it as my interest was no longer the need to follow up but eventually, I finished it today.


Of course, there are some good points. For one - the dialogue. As always, its well written. I did smile from time to time whenever Elsa makes a smart remark. Yes, she is rude but then as a character design, she has part of her grandmother's traits, her mum's compassion and of course, some of her dad's. I can say that this is well-thought of. Whenever she interacts with the characters, its the mind that matters most of what she thinks. That adds a little realism of children today (I know, I taught kids in school and some were rude without realizing they are rude but it was not intentional). Then of course, Fredrik Backman added some other elements like calling a vehicle Taxi or Renault as a name, which adds some thing special to it. I like how kids are given a freedom to think for themselves, maybe because every thing happens in Sweden? I do not know what's it like in Sweden but I believe, as its written, it is how it is. I do not judge it because of how rude she is, but how she does make a point.


As for the rest of the characters, its just as its meant to be. It's a journey of forgiveness and closure. I love how Britt-Marie as a character isn't as what it seems. The things that we say 'no matter how bad people they are, there are some good in them', which I do believe its true. Not many do thought of it this way but I have met some people or children that no matter how much bad they had shown, there are some good in them. What make's this journey in reading is how important it is to have closure, even though the execution of it was not done smoothly, for me that is. This suffer's the rating I have given to this book.

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text 2017-04-03 07:17
Facebook and BookLikes

For the last couple of days BookLikes is experiencing a troublesome relation with Facebook: the login via Facebook and synchronization isn't working as it supposed to. The two features experience hiccups and therefore are unavailable at the moment. The Facebook options will be turned on as soon as we sort the problematic issues out.


If you're using Facebook to log in to BookLikes and you're experiencing login problems at the moment, please follow the steps below to log into your BookLikes to shelve your books and write reviews:


1. Go to BookLikes.com, press log in and then Forgot password link.


2. Type in the e-mail address your BookLikes account is set up on (if you're using Facebook to log in, the e-mail will be the same as for your Fb account)


3. Check your e-mail inbox for the password reset e-mail, open it and press the link.


4. Type in your new password.


5. Log into your BookLikes with your e-mail and a new password and start shelving and posting.



So sorry for any inconvenience. Once we sort the thing out, we'll let you know in the comments below.


In case of any further questions, write in the comment section below or send a message to kate@booklikes.com


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review 2016-09-29 17:19
Sorry, Ihr Hotel ist abgebrannt
Sorry, Ihr Hotel ist abgebrannt: Kurioses aus dem Urlaub - Antje Blinda,Stephan Orth

Gut um Wartezeit zu überbrücken oder zum nebenher schmökern, wenn das Gehirn zur Aufnahme schwererer Kost nicht mehr fähig ist. 

Abwechslungsreicher als der Vorgänger aus dem Flugbetrieb, weil das Themengebiet breiter gefächert ist. Es gibt 14 Kapitel und 13 Infoboxen, dazu ein paar Tagebuchauszüge von viel-reisenden Globetrottern. 


Leid tun mir vor allem die Mitarbeiter der Tourismusbranche ... 


Aus dem Kapitel 8 "Kreuzfahrt kurios": 


Manche Kreuzfahrer scheinen den wesentlichen Zweck ihres Touristendaseins darin zu sehen, am Ende den »Motzbogen« akribisch ausfüllen zu können und den Veranstalter mit seitenlangen unleserlichen Kommentaren wochenlang zu beschäftigen.

Um an Stoff für die mehr oder weniger sinnvollen Stellungnahmen zu gelangen, ist manchem anscheinend jedes Mittel recht.


Einmal fragte eine Passagierin den Kapitän: »Wo kriegen Sie eigentlich jeden Morgen das schöne frische Brot her? Wird das hier an Bord gebacken?«

Der gestandene Seebär erlaubte sich einen Spaß: »Haben Sie noch nie morgens den Versorgungshubschrauber gesehen, der das bringt? Der kommt immer so gegen fünf!« Am nächsten Tag kam prompt die erste Beschwerde. Die Frau war »rechtzeitig« aufgestanden, hatte aber natürlich nichts gesehen.

Auf der Brücke aber spielte man das Spiel weiter: »Hach, ausgerechnet heute war er eine Stunde früher da!«


Am Ende der Kreuzfahrt schrieb die Passagierin in ihre Beurteilung: »Die Kreuzfahrt war schön. Nur dass einen jeden Morgen um fünf der Lärm des Versorgungshubschraubers aus dem Schlaf schreckt, hat mir nicht gefallen.«


(Oliver Schmidt, Velbert)


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review 2016-09-27 13:04
Sorry, wir haben die Landebahn verfehlt
Sorry, wir haben die Landebahn verfehlt - Antje Blinda,Stephan Orth

Amüsant und kurzweilig, auch wenn sich gegen Ende die Anekdoten stark ähneln. Die dazwischen gestreuten Fakten rund um das Thema Luftfahrt sind eine nette Abwechslung. 

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text 2016-07-11 10:16

Sorry for the bulk posting of reviews, but for a long time Booklikes ran too slowly for me to even scroll through everyone's posts, so I kind of gave up on it. Seems to be running a little better for me now though.


And that's it, I promise. I'm up to speed.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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