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review 2016-09-04 17:16
Southern Horror In the Graveyard
The Sinner (The Graveyard Queen) - Amanda Stevens

Memento Mori, remember to die.
Graveyard restoration has never been so dark and creepy. Bring your flashlight, security blanket and a big dog. Trust no one, believe nothing and expect the worst, you are entering the Amelia Grey Zone.
Secret societies, both evil and dangerous surround her. Scarifies, murders and so much more, slowly circle around Amelia. They could be anywhere, be anyone, and they are always watching for someone like her, powerful. She has little control, even of her own mind. Reality is questionable, her emotions may not her own. Her heart is broken and going to be crushed

Working in a new graveyard she takes a walk into the wood when called by something where she finds an moron caged grave. Mortsafes, cages out keep out or to keep in ? It’s a horrific though other way, but one that Amelia must ponder.
This fid starts her on a journey through the dark history of the area one that will change her life forever.
There are a few new players in the graveyard one is the handsome and mysterious
Detective Lucian Kendrick, the local law, he’s intense, handsome, and gives Amelia tingles of desire. He is more, than just a regular man, he can see and feel things. Amalia feels a connection, hopes for something she has never had, but is still in love with her past and fears everyone. I admit I was team Kendrick. Devlin ,well you know what he did if you’ve read the series.

The infamous Darius Goodwine, is back and he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Yeh, I had to use that line. He seeps into her mind alters her reality, to the point she’s not sure what is really happening an what is his doing

I had one serious question, where did the kitten end up ? Oh I have a lot more questions then that but it was a kitten ! So is Devlin really a jerk ? Will the promise to help fid the keep be kept ? Will these societies be outed ? I hope Ms. Stevens is at home writing the next book right now. I am ready for it. The book ending was fantastic, ending with a right hook POW BAM POW. I loved it, loved the book. It was just right for this reader. Add this to your halloween reading list !

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review 2015-06-14 21:18
Southern Fried Peach Flavored Second Chance at Love
From Scratch - Rachel S Goodman

A Down Home Southern Second Chance at Love Romantic Tale with all the Fixin’s
Lillie lived in a small community in the Dallas area. She was raised in a dinner her father owned and loved cooking and developing recipes. She had loved the boy next door almost all her life, and he loved her till something tore them apart. She left her friends, her family, her roots and headed to Chicago where she suffered alone and slowly grabbed at pieces of happiness. She moved on, found a place of comfort. One day she got an emergency call, and five years later was forced to head home and face some truths and traumas.
Nick was the golden boy, from a long line of surgeons. He loves to hang out at Lillie’s house, he was almost like one of the family. Lillie was his first love, and were headed down the path to forever together. Designated to be a great doctor, pressured by his family to accomplish his degree he heads to medical school. While in school he and Lillie struggle to stay together until the war is lost and Lillie is gone. Five years later she comes back into town and finds Nick had gone on with his life as well.
I really enjoyed the story, loved the characters, and drooled over the food. You can gain weight just from reading this book. The pacing was realistic, the emotions honest and believable, the ending was wonderful. I was cheering for more than one couple here, good people belong together. If you are looking for some good down home, romantic, peach cobbler and ice tea, second chance romance adventure this is your book. A romantic foodies dream read.

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review 2014-09-27 14:41
Southern Death, Society and One Floppy Eared Hero Tic Hound
Buried Bones - Carolyn Haines

Twisted ! 

When local world traveling author/artist Lawrence comes home stirs the pot with his tell all book that he has written. He warns about secrets that are all going to come out and the people should prepare. Worried stares, whispers and scrambling surround his pressence. When he goes belly up at after his whoop to do dinner party the fun begins.

Sarah Booth is paid by her electric dance teacher and friend to find the murder. The players all peek their heads into her view. The quirky, jerky, sexual, smooth and bitchy, that make up this small town are almost all suspects. She wanders into something so deep her boots may not save her from getting touched by the muck. Her life once again my be ended early with her inability to stick her nose in her own business only.

Her love life is still a mess. The man who has been a perfect gentleman has sipped into something ugly. He gives her a sweet cuddly puppy one minute and completely shuts her off another. He can go from hot to freezing so fast even I got whiplash. Yes, here is another man who could use a basic class in communication 101. His lack of ability to share might just cost him any chance with Sarah Booth. Then there is the fact that even his is a suspect.

Sweetie Pie was the hero of this story. She wore her super dog cape and wore it well, so well the 4 legged male population visited her regularly. It's tough being a sex symbol an hero at the same time. 


I had a good time reading this second book in the series.  I love the quirky side characters they each hold so much attention they could go off on their own stories. I've already ordered the next book and can't wait to see where the ending went. I can't tell you without spoilers but Sarah Booth was in a very happy moment in the arms of....

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review 2014-08-28 17:46
A Southern Woman with Brains
Them Bones - Carolyn Haines

Sarah Booth was raised in the South as a Daddy's Girl. She was to be a wife, a society player, a pretty arm piece for her husband. You don't always end out on the same path you start on, and Sarah Booth's life took a sharp left turn. Her parents died early, her finances cut short she is reduced to poverty and the possible loss of her family estate if she can't find some major cash soon. Her ghostly advisor comes up with an idea to dognap one of her old rich acquaintances little dog Chablis. This devious act starts Sarah Booth on a road that will make her or kill her, at the least it will stir up a lot of trouble for this small town.

What did I like a out this story- 

1) Sarah Booth, a Daddy's Girl who thinks, she manipulates, she considers her options, and this girl is willing to kick a bad guy when he's down and do it again because she wants to make sure he's down ! (about dang time a character did that)

2) Chablis- a vicious ball or fur that maybe weighs two pounds but the heart of a Lion.

3) The dim witted Southern Belles, who weren't as dim witted as they pretended to be.

4) Jitty- the ghost with the most fun. She has the best lines and knows how to whip her words into action.

5) the mystery, well thought out, interesting, I did not see it coming


What I didn't like

1) Womb

2) womb

3) womb

4) womb

omg my womb tingled, my womb twinges, my womb wanted something..... just not working for me. Enough wight he "womb" What is up with this authors obsession with this term ?

That was my only issue, I can't wait to get book 2.

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review 2014-07-16 16:26
BookadayUK 16 Favorite Book to Take to the Beach
When a Man Loves a Weapon (Bobbie Faye, Book 3) - Toni McGee Causey
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