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review 2015-09-30 04:51
Review: When Somebody Loves You by Shirley Jump
When Somebody Loves You (The Southern Belle Book Club) - Shirley Jump



Love can heal almost any wound in When Somebody Loves You. Shirley Jump’s first Southern Belle Book Club novel is a story of taking a leap of faith and risking your heart.

In a bid to live a vastly different life than her mother, Elizabeth Palmer has always played by the rules. When she finally can’t take her grey, responsible life anymore, she goes after her dream of being a writer and travels from New Jersey to Georgia to write an article on quarter horse breeder Hunter McCoy. Hunter also likes routine, and since the death of his fiancée, his ranch has become his world. Elizabeth’s arrival upsets his orderly life and the two of them find their worlds turned upside down by an attraction neither expected. It’s easy to like Elizabeth and Hunter – they are smart, hardworking people who each have vulnerabilities that tug on the heartstrings. They fit one another like lock and key, and though there is some arguing and sexual tension, it’s clear these two are made for one another. Indeed, there’s nothing to dislike about When Somebody Loves You, but I found myself wanting more. Everything is a bit too perfect and orderly, which is surprising since this is a story where the hero and heroine have to throw caution to the wind and risk their hearts for a chance at love. The story felt a bit too obviously structured, and though Elizabeth and Hunter were well developed, the supporting cast was largely two-dimensional. When Somebody Loves You has a lot of possibility, but the story never truly grabbed me and I wish it had a bit more depth. That being said, there are some sentimental moments that are truly touching and the story is enjoyable overall.

When Somebody Loves You is the first book in the Southern Belle Book Club series, but don’t expect to see much of said book club. This was a bit disappointing because I wanted to learn more about the book club members. Perhaps future books in the series will flesh out the secondary characters more. I enjoy Shirley Jump’s writing and though I had issues with When Somebody Loves You, it was a sweet, breezy read and I look forward to enjoying the next Southern Belle Book Club book.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2015/09/review-when-somebody-loves-you-by.html
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review 2015-03-23 12:00
Review: The Southern Belle's Guide to Witchcraft by Loribelle Hunt
The Southern Belle's Guide to Witchcraft - Loribelle Hunt

The Southern Belle's Guide to Witchcraft
Author: Loribelle Hunt
Series: Southern Magic #1
Publisher: Etopia Press
Published on: February 27, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werewolves
Format: 230 pages, eARC
Provided by: Manic Readers
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There’s a new evil in town, and it’s gunning for Scarlet...

Scarlet Burke isn’t an ordinary witch. She comes from a long line of Burke witches, whose job it is to protect the good folks of Purgatory, Alabama from things that go bump in the night—and things that might slip through the portal in Fool’s Wood. Normally, it’s an easy gig that doesn’t take much time from her day job. Until her ex-husband turns up dead in a ritualistic killing no one recognizes. William, a mundane, had high-tailed it out of town years ago after getting Scarlet’s baby sister pregnant. So why had he come back? Better yet, who (besides Scarlet) had wanted him dead badly enough to lure him to the forest, stake him, skin him, and drain his blood? It wasn’t a vampire kill, but she was damned if she could determine what it was.

Werewolf Jake Mills, the bossy and possessive chief of police, can’t believe anyone in his town could commit such a brutal crime. And Scarlet can’t believe she’s still trying to avoid his advances. Jake has been chasing her for years, and if he wasn’t so charming—and so drop dead sexy—she might try harder to outrun him. Or at least summon a bit of self-control. But the man simply refuses to stay in the “Just Friends” box she’s placed him in.

But when the killer targets Scarlet’s family, ghouls, demons, and dark fae all come under suspicion. And when her daughters become the targets of an ancient dark ritual, Scarlet and Jake are forced to make an impossible choice. Fight evil with evil, or watch Scarlet’s daughters die...

Yummy Alpha Hot! Hot! Paranormal


This book’s blurb had fun written all over it, and there’s nothing sexier than a werewolf with handcuffs, so Loribelle Hunt made an easy sale with THE SOUTHERN BELLE’S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT. I surmised that this story would be light on intrigue, and heavy on passion, but it was actually fully loaded with both which really worked in SOUTHERN MAGIC’s favour because what originally started out as an lazy Sunday fling now has the potential of being a lengthy affair. The Burke witches have pizazz!

Paranormal Romances routinely only incorporate enough world-building to put the plot into context, thus I was delightfully amazed by the amount of detail that the author opted to include. This series’ universe was lush and vast; from its affluence of supes, to the lore encompassing the Earthly & Terran plains, to the deeply rooted history of the Burke family. Hunt also made future installments hugely appealing with her simple yet efficient set-up, and by getting readers to rally to her secondary characters.

Witches are an acquired taste that I haven’t managed to completely adopt, however Scarlet and her relatives are definitely on the right track. It helped that she wasn’t merely a magic practitioner, but also a capable Guardian, and an all-around stand-up human being. One would have to be in order to take in her deceased sister / cheating ex-husband’s children. The extremes Burke goes to in order defend her town, and kin were enough to make anyone love her, including this witch-y naysayer.

The romance was understated, yet impossible to overlook; for one, the chief of police presented an imposing, but tasty figure, and two, they never had sex in a bed! The hood of a car scored big points, however first place goes to the lunchtime hook-up they had on his desk AT the station. It’s good to be alpha! I liked that these scenes didn’t drag on as they are wont to do in this genre, although Scarlet’s chain insta-O’s were a little too rapid fire to be convincing, but that’s par for the course in PNR.

THE SOUTHERN BELLE’S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT was deep fried fiction at its finest.

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Source: rabidreads.ca/2015/03/review-the-southern-belles-guide-to-witchcraft-by-loribelle-hunt.html
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text 2015-03-16 20:35
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
The Southern Belle's Guide to Witchcraft - Loribelle Hunt

I downloaded this book because I had a Sunday afternoon to kill, and was in the mood for werewolves & cute. Loribelle Hunt delivered on both counts along with an unexpectedly rich world, a one-sit read worthy plot, and a romance that left me sighing with contentment. <b>Full review to follow. 

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text 2015-03-16 01:12
Reading progress update: I've read 75%.
The Southern Belle's Guide to Witchcraft - Loribelle Hunt
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text 2015-03-15 22:15
Reading progress update: I've read 53%.
The Southern Belle's Guide to Witchcraft - Loribelle Hunt

Sex on the Chief of police's desk—HAWT.

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